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Chapter 2

Shinichi looked around to see the same sight he saw years ago. Excitement ran through his body like race cars on a race track. He couldn't believe it actually happened, it all felt like a dream, being at the amusement park right before he went into the alley, being in his real body, not having to lie to anyone-it was perfect! He pinched his arm.

"Ow," Shinichi whispered so no one could hear while a huge smile played across his face like a child having all that he ever wanted in his young life.

"Sh-Shinichi, what are you doing?" came a tearful yet familiar voice.

Shinichi turned around and standing there was Ran tears streaming her face like raindrops on a window. "Oh nothing it's just….." he trailed off as he saw Vodka slipping into the familiar alley way. Shinichi ran after him.

"Wait! Where are you going?!" yelled Ran running after Shinichi.

"Don't worry, I'll be right back!" He called over his shoulder. He was already in the same place behind the wall where he was caught the first time so he moved to a place behind some bushes where he could actually see the crime transaction better than behind the wall.

Everything was going great until a shadowy figure filled in the spot of Shinichi's old spot. A closer look revealed the shadowy figure to be ….Ran!

"No!" Thought Shinichi, he wanted to call out her name but in doing that he would blow his cover he was trying to avoid Edogawa Conan coming back. So he had to sit there and watch as Gin came from behind and use all his strength to throw a lead pipe into her head.

She let out a cry of pain and hit the ground with a loud thud. Ran could barely hear what was being said between the two men in black standing over her for the pain in her head was taking up to much of her attention. She tried to stand up but was stopped when a hand grabbed her hair and tilted her head back so something small could run down her throat, with some water helping it a long the way.

Shinichi wanted to do something but he couldn't, knowing he would be discovered if he made a single move. So he waited until Gin and Vodka had left and the poison to take affect. Guilt started to up on him again when he saw Ran twitching in pain and steam expelling from her beautiful skin. This wasn't meant for her, she never deserved any of this and it was all his fault and he knew it. He didn't want this to happen so he decided to try and make it up to her or he would die trying (which he was hoping wouldn't happen.)

Fire was coursing through Ran's veins. That, combined with her head wound and the melting feeling in her bones caused her to scream in pain. She could almost see her whole life flashing before her eyes and she wished with all her heart that the pain would some how disappear but instead of doing what she asked the pain increased. She didn't want to die, not yet any way, she wanted to live her life to the fullest, to marry Shinichi after she was completely done with school and raise a family. She stopped, the whole reason she was in this mess was because she was looking for him. She soon was loosing hope of surviving as she quickly slipped into unconsciousness.

Shinichi waited until the steam stopped emitting from the body that lay inside oversized clothes. He approached the tiny figure and couldn't help notice how cute Ran looked despite how horrible he felt about the whole situation. He crouched down and gently lifted the small girl into his arms; he couldn't fight the blushing in his cheeks. He was finally able to hold Ran in his arms but this was not the way he wanted it to be. He wanted her to be her real size and her to be conscious, but he knew he couldn't have everything he wanted not after having his wish granted. That unhappy thought made the extra blood in his cheeks vanish so now there was no blush. After he made sure her clothes were secure and wouldn't fall and her shoes were in his hand, he stood up and made his way home, Ran sleeping peacefully, cradled in his strong arms.

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