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March 25th CE 70

Lagrange 5 in the vicinity of the PLANTs

Heavy caliber rounds flashed around the form of a black GINN as it tore across space in its attempts to escape its pursuers. Following behind was a sky blue CGUE and 3 more GINN's in regular colours. The 4 pursuing machines fired bursts of machinegun fire at their quarry. However the black machine always managed to roll away just in time.

Inside the black machine the pilot cursed violently. "Who the hell are they and why on Gods earth are they trying to kill me?" the pilot asked himself. Pulling the machine up to doge another burst of heavy caliber bullets.

Looking at the radio he sighed. 'Well asking nicely didn't work so lets be a little less politic this time.' He thought, activating the radio he then yelled into the mic.

"OK you trigger happy retards! What do you idiots want with me? It better be something good or you may regret having crossed me!" His outburst and probably his insults got him a response.

"We do not appreciate being insulted by the freak of nature which we're here to exterminate!" came the reply. The cold voice made the pilot of the black machine shiver. It was not enough to stop him smirking at the fact that the insults had worked. 'Being chased because I know too much by a person who hates me because of how I know too much, how cliché.' He thought

"Oh, is that all. I thought you were trying to invite me on a picnic." The pilot spat in reply his voice dripping with sarcasm.

The only response he got was the CGUE began firing at him more that before. 'That worked as expected.' The pilot thought.

Keeping the radio channel open he spoke again. "Now that I know why you're after me I can take you out." His voice contained thinly veiled malice as he spoke the last few words.

"HA! As if you could take us all out Matthias. I've heard that you're good but you're not that good." Said a new voice over the radio obviously one of the GINN pilots.

The pilot of the Black GINN raised an eyebrow at the mention of his name before giving a one word answer "Really!"

Matthias's black GINN drew both its rifle and sword before rolling out the way of another burst of 76mm machine gun fire. Halfway through the maneuver it did a back summersault and boosted forward towards the 4 other machines. The sudden attack caught them off guard and they were unable to do anything as the Black GINN flashed past them. Slashing the gun arm off one of the 3 GINNs as it went.

One of the GINNs turned and attempted to fire its rifle only to have it slashed in half by the Sword of the Black GINN. "How?" the pilot managed to utter before the black GINN raised it's rifle and an blew the cockpit away.

The GINN that lot its arm now charged at it black adversary with its sword raised ready to cut the black GINN in half.

Matthias however had other ideas and dropped his GINN down and leveled his GINNS sword allowing the other machine to impale itself on it. He attempted to kick it off but the impaled GINN's battery detonating taking the Right arm and leg of Matthias's unit with it.

"Shit!" Was all Matthias could say to that. Flaring the boosters Matthias's GINN accelerated away from the 2 remaining units into a small asteroid field. The remaining GINN was about to give chase when the GGUE held him back. "Let him go." The CGUE pilot said in his cold tone. "There is no way he can navigate an asteroid field at those velocities." As if to accentuate the point there was an explosion from inside the asteroid field.

"See." The CGUE pilot hissed, "We can return now. Even if he survived the crash he won't have the oxygen supplies to last more than 2 hours." The GINN nodded in acknowledgement.

Matthias floated slowly over the remains of his black GINN a sad smile playing about his features. "Goodbye old friend. You served magnificently." He whispered. Using his thruster pack to launch himself towards a small one-person shuttle. 'Can't stay in the Earth Alliance, can't stay in the PLANTs. It seems to be time to give Orb a shot.' He though as he lowered himself into his cockpit. Reaching behind the seat he pulled out 4 data disks and sighed. "Looks like I'm gonna need these after all. I'm not going to be able to run forever." He muttered putting the data disks back. "Time to start fighting to end this war." Activating the shuttles thrusters as he spoke. The small craft slowly made its way out of the asteroid field before heading towards the Earth.

January 25th CE 71

Lagrange 2, Island 3 class colony 'Heliopolis'

A harsh beeping drew Matthias out of his world of dreams and memories and into the present. A present where he currently had his face resting rather painfully on his laptop's keyboard. Groaning he slowly sat up rubbing his face to get rid of the pattern that had been imprinted on his face. Yawning he turned to his computer. Closing the blueprints he had been looking over he brought up the application that was responsible for all the noise. The programs purpose was to simply analyze data, however the data was coming from the Heliopolis sensor network. Matthias gave another groan on seeing what had cased the alert.

"Absolutely brilliant. Trust ZAFT to come poking its nose around here when everything is nearly finished." He complained to the computer.

Glancing back at the screen he read the IFF codes of the 2 ZAFT ships the first, a Lurasia class frigate called the Gamow, didn't concern him that much being a support frigate attached to teams on an as need basis though they were sometimes allocated to teams permanently. The second however made his eyes go wide.

"Fuck!" Matthias stated one hand going up into his flat but still unruly blond hair. He typed quickly trying to confirm that it was as program error and slamming his had on the edge of the keyboard when he found it wasn't. On the screen it said IFF confirmation:

Nazca class Vesailius

Commanding officers: Cpt. Adez, Cmdr. Le Creuset

Giving out a large sigh Matthias stated gathering various bit and pieces and placing them in his bag. "Now we're in trouble." He muttered grabbing the bag and shoving his laptop into it before heading out the door. 'By my guess I estimate we have at least an hour before anything happens assuming Mr. Creuset know that they're here.' Was one of the thought running through his head as he proceeded through the busy corridors head down and hand on chin. Scenarios running through his head as he walked trying to figure out his best move. Very few of them ended well. Letting out a big sigh he raised his head getting his bearings.

Smiling in realization he looked at his watch. "I've still got time." he muttered drawing funny looks from the few people close enough to hear. Matthias quickly disappeared down a side corridor before any questions could be raised.

Matthias entered Professor Kato lab to greetings from 5 of its 6 occupants.

"Hi Kira, Mir, Tolle, Kuzzy, Sai." He greeted nodding to each one as he spoke their names. "I see you've all met Ms Cagalli here." He continued tilting his head towards the rooms last remaining occupant a mid height figure wearing brown jacket, trousers and a matching beret that hid their hair. The 5 teens who Matthias had just greeted all stopped what they were doing and stared at Cagalli all thinking the same thing though only Kira was foolish enough to voice that though out loud. "You're a Girl!" Kira stated slightly confused.

This obviously annoyed Cagalli who immediately shot back "What did you think I was jackass!" Stepping away from the wall and raising her fist as she yelled. Kira went wide-eyed and took a step back at the violence of her response.

The situation was diffused by a loud snort from Matthias as he tried unsuccessfully to stifle his laughter.

Realizing everyone as either staring or glaring at him Matthias quickly composed himself. "Sorry about that, but you two have just met and already you're arguing like sib… whoaoh" His explanation was cut off when the whole room shook causing him to loose his balance and fall flat on his face.

As soon as the shaking stopped Matthias leapt back to his feet and opened his bag drew out 3 items and closed it again. Looking up he met confused gazes from all the other occupants. "I'd suggest you head to the shelters. You'll find out what's going on on the way." He snapped out slipping into a soldier persona. "Oh and Mir." He said causing the Brown haired girl in question to look at him. "Look after this for me." he said as he tossed his bag at her.

"What about you?" Asked Tolle staring at Matthias as he snapped two of the item he retrieved from his bag on to his wrists. Matthias gave Tolle a hard glare "I" he said raising the third item, a belt, "can handle myself." he continued putting the belt on as he did so part of it caught the light displaying a metal glint to the teens. As soon as the belt was secure Matthias sprinted from the room.

Tolle gulped he didn't know what was on Matthias's belt but he could guess as could the others. "So what do we do now?" he asked glancing around nervously. Sai got up from where he had been seated the whole time. "I think we should do as Matthias or whoever he really is said it made a lot of practical sense." He said in response. All the others nodded in agreement except Cagalli. Sai opened the door and lead them to the stairs.

Matthias was cursing fate and himself as he ran through the outskirts of the factory district. 'I underestimated the Le Creuset I was too complacent. Seems that the commanders reputation is well earned.' He mentally berated himself as he ran.

Bursting out into the light of the central factory district he stopped himself with a handrail. Below him a firefight had broken out and only a few moments ago if the stunned and panicking Morgenroette engineers/ Disguised Earth alliance personnel were anything to go by. 'As I thought ZAFT is after the G weapons. They've created chaos and are taking advantage of it. A simple but effective strategy when well executed.' he thought analyzing the attack automatically. He smiled at his next thought 'Taking advantage of chaos I think I might just do that myself.' He took a brief glance over the railing before leaping over. Despite the 5 story drop to the ground. (A/N one story is about 8-10 feet (2.67 - 3 Meters) making the drop about 40-50 feet (12-15 meters) which is just about the limit of survivable for a modern human I'm assuming that a coordinator would be able to survive even greater drops)

Matthias relished in the rush that was free fall for a few moments before turning his attention the ground and more importantly his landing. 'This is going to hurt' He thought as he maneuvered himself so his forearms and shins would hit the ground first.

As predicted he slammed into the concrete floor which cracked under the impact the suddenness of the impact caused a brief pause in the firefight going on.

Matthias remained as still as possible trying to the pain shooting through his body. 'Yep that hurt. Alot.' He thought, as he played dead. A bullet pinged off the ground next to him alerting him to the fact that even playing dead may not keep him alive for long. 'Oh brilliant.' he mentally complained as he opened his eyes slightly. Selecting a set of crates as his target he braced himself and rolled behind them grimacing as various body parts voiced their complaint at his previous stunt. Now relatively safe Matthias gave himself a once over. 'Multiple sprains, at least 3 cracked ribs, Hairline fracture of the right Humerus, left shoulder dislocated and multiple fractures on both shins. Could have been worse' Smiling at that last thought he closed his eyes and slowly began running his hands over his arms, legs and chest becoming temporarily oblivious to the gun battle going on around him.

Opening his eyes he sighed flexing muscles that moments ago had been burning with pain. Struggling to keep his eyes open from exhaustion he reach down to a pouch on his belt opening it he retrieved a small pale blue stone that seemed to glow in his hand. He closed his hand into a fist engulfing the small stone before releasing it a few moments later now clear and no longer glowing.

Rolling onto his front he peeked over the crates towards a small rarely used side door, his exit, about 150 meters away. A sudden shout made him duck back down hurriedly. "Father I know you've betrayed us all!" bounced around the interior of the factory district. Matthias couldn't help but mentally reprimand the girls' stupidity. 'Is she trying to get herself killed, because she's going the right way about it.'

Taking another glance at his destination. Matthias gave out a deep sigh. "Time to go." he whispered. Leaping over the crates and beginning to sprint toward his objective. Almost immediately rifles from both sides were trained on him and he began to weave randomly left and right every now and then ducking behind cover.

To the astonished soldiers his movements were like he was part of the air changing direction instantly and smoothly he was never still always in motion. None of their bullets came close to him.

Above a ZAFT green carefully aimed his rifle waited a second and fired a single round.

Matthias was just in-front of the door that was his exit when the round slammed into his back between the shoulder blades. The force of the impact spun him around and caused him to fall through the door, which slowly closed to conceal the now limp figure.

You can probably tell already that Matthias is nothing like normal the full extent of how different he is and his true origins will be revealed later. Don't worry I don't plan on killing Matthias off just yet or do I after all there is a supernatural tag on this story.

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