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She stirred from a peaceful dream of her and Tarrant. Her eyes opened, her blue eyes glistening as they met his green ones.

"Hey," she said, starting to wake up a little more. "Is something wrong?"

"No," Tarrant said. "Nothing could be wrong, I'm here with you. I'm just saying I remembered last night. We're still here."

"Oh," Alice said, sleepily and not at first paying much attention. Then, she recalled it. "Oh!" A smile graced Tarrant's face as she discovered he was still holding her. She smiled mischievously, turning in his grasp to face him. He gave her a questioning look. Suddenly, she shoved him by the shoulders, forcing him to roll over onto his back. Her on top of him, she bent her head down and kissed him good morning. He deepened the kiss as he pulled Alice closer, his arms around her waist. He released her unexpectedly, for both of them had plenty of air left. He smiled at her, and pulled her off playfully.

"Ew," he said, over exaggerating. "Morning breath."

"Hey!" Alice exclaimed and she chased him into the next room. She jumped on his back, and he carried her into the bar area, finding no one around. They both glanced at each other, and Hatter let her down on top of the counter. She sat there and he turned to face her. He grabbed two mints from a trey and Alice gave him a look.

"Seriously," he said, putting one in his mouth. She sighed, opening hers. Hatter took the shot and made it in her mouth.

"He shoots, he scores!" Alice said, laughing. Hatter smiled. The mints melted in their mouths, and Tarrant came closer to Alice atop the counter. He climbed onto the counter and she shifted back to give him space.

He kissed her again, his arms back at her waist.

"Better," he said, and he felt Alice smile as he once again deepened the kiss. She leaned back, having bad balance and dragging him with her. Tarrant broke the kiss to come down to her neck.

"Tarrant!" Alice was laughing as she said that.

"What?" he asked, still playful. "We're completely alone."

"Not exactly," a voice said, making both their heads turn to the side. There, in the doorway stood The Black Rabbit.

She was always the first person to arrive. It was early morning, and the restaurant didn't open until eight o'clock.

"Didn't need to see that," she remarked, making both of them blush. "Hey, it's okay. I'm kidding. I've seen worse, but not on the counter. I saw you two were a little tired last night." This made them blush more, their faces almost read. The Black Rabbit laughed, showing she was just playing with them. She looked to Alice, seeing her clothes still around her. Alice made a gesture towards her to give them back.

"No no, you can keep them," she insisted. "I have more clothes."

"Yes, Alice," Hatter added. "Please, don't move."

"Oh do shut up," Alice said, pushing Tarrant off of her. He gave a pouty look, making her and The Black Rabbit laugh. He smiled after a while. He may as well give it up.

"Well," The Black Rabbit said. "I'm here to set up and get the place running. So, I'll leave you two alone again..."

"Wait," Alice said. She turned around.

"Have any tea?" she asked, and Tarrant's eyes lit up.

"Certainly. Come and help yourself, I was just going to the kitchen," The Black Rabbit invited. Alice looked back at Tarrant, and he urged her on. He wouldn't follow her, and instead, he went back to the room. Thank goodness for spring break! It was Monday now, but they didn't have to go back to school.

He had to do something for Alice, now that he could spend more time with her. He thought about making her something, but he thought a hat wouldn't be the best thing. A dress was out of the question; they were...what were they? They had kissed, fallen asleep next to one another... were they boyfriend and girlfriend now? He still didn't think making the dress wasn't appropriate. He would think of something.

Hatter thought about taking Alice back to his home, but he didn't know what his parents would think of that. It would be nice though, to have some company around. Alice made nice conversation and it would be of help when March passed out for no reason he knew of. He looked out the window, seeing the new day. He wondered what March and Nivens were doing.

"Here," The Black Rabbit said, handing Alice a tea pot with water in it. "Just boil it on the stove there. I'll do the rest." She did as she was told and she watched as Susan got the place ready to work for the day. The lights came on and the place came to life before her eyes. Susan sighed in satisfaction, and then another girl walked in.

"Oh, hello," the girl greeted and Alice in return.

"Susan!" the girl called.

"I'm here, Lily!" she called. "Alice, the tea is ready!" The girl named Lily was introduced to Alice by The Black Rabbit and Lily got dishes ready and tables set.

Alice found Hatter staring out the window. She brought two cups of tea for them.

"Tarrant," she said, and he jumped, unaware she had entered.

"Alice," he said, eyes lighting up. He was thinking about something, but Alice wasn't going to ask what. They sat together and enjoyed their tea.

"We should probably go," she said when they finished their cups. "I was just thinking about Nivens and March. We stayed here. Maybe they went back to your place."

"Oh, we can go back there. Yeah, we shouldn't stay," he agreed.

They said their goodbyes to Lily and The Black Rabbit and left the dishes on the countertop.

"Tell The White Rabbit I said hi!" Susan called on their way out. The two of them smiled to each other, both thinking the same thing about those two.

Hatter let her into his house, finding the door unlocked. Leave it to March and Nivens Hatter thought. She entered, finding the living room fairly clean.

"Wow," she said. "Nice place."

"Thanks," Tarrant replied. "I know how to get them up." Alice watched curiously as he put three pots of tea on the stove, and he went upstairs. He entered his room to find Nivens in his bed and March in the guest room. He cracked March's door just a tad, and he went to where Nivens slept. He set the alarm clock for ten minutes.

"Just give it about ten minutes," he said, coming down the stairs to meet Alice. He went over to the tea pots and poured cinnamon into them. It smelt wonderful to Alice and the scent of cinnamon filled the room.

"Where are your parents?" she asked. That was a good question, he hadn't seen them in a while. He knew his parents worked, but they would be home by now.

"I'm not sure," he said. He let the subject go, looking at the clock. "This may be hectic. Make yourself comfortable in the living room over there." She sat on a couch, seeing a bag of Funyuns, still half full.

A few minutes later:

March sniffed the air in bed. "Tea," he said. "tea, tea, tea, tea, wonderful smelling tea...ah tea...you're...late for...tea." He tossed and turned in his bed, the smell entering his room. "It's the...wrong Alice...tick tok...CINNAMON!" He yelled and jolted up in bed. He threw the covers off of him and ran into the door...into.

He fell backwards onto the floor. "Oooooouuuhh," he said. He saw stars in the air. But, that smell...

"TEA!" He stood up like nothing had happened to him, flung the door open and fell down the stairs tripping over his own feet. THUD!

Nivens was fast asleep, dreaming of another Rabbit. Black and White did go together, but an annoying beeping noise rang in his ears. He slowly woke up, smashing the clock next to him, angry it disrupted his dream. The clock fell to the floor, but it didn't shatter. It was durable, and it had to be to wake up Tarrant in the morning. He stared at a clock on the wall that said it was six. He gasped.

"Oh no," he told himself. "I'm LATE!" He jolted up in bed, and threw the covers off of himself. He opened the door, seeing he was in Tarrant's room. The overwhelming smell of cinnamon tea filled the air. He was brought back to reality. He soon remembered it was spring break. He heard a thud, seeing March at the bottom of the stairs. Then, he diverted his eyes to Alice who was on the couch...with the Funyuns.

Those were his Funyuns. They were his favorite.

"No touching the Funyuns!" he yelled, giving Alice a start.

"I wasn't eating them," she reassured him.

"March, Nivens!" Tarrant said joyfully. "Glad to see you two awake. Please, come and have some tea." Nivens gave Hatter a stare...he knew what happened. March didn't have a single idea as he ran into the kitchen after getting up again. He drank the tea in the cup, savoring it a little before chugging it. Hatter had made three pots though, prepared for March.

Nivens sighed, sitting down. Arguing would be useless. A knock at the door silenced everything.

"I'll get it," Tarrant said, looking at Alice. He opened the door, revealing the police.

"Um, Tarrant Hightopp?" the policeman said.

"Yes, it's me," Tarrant responded. "What's happened?"

"I have some news to tell. May I come in?" he asked.

"Sure," he said, moving out of the way to let him in.

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