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Full House

"What?" Tarrant said so slowly Alice almost didn't catch what he said.

"I don't think I have to repeat myself," said Alice. Tarrant grasped her hand tighter, pulling her into a hug.

"Wow," was all he said.

"But," Alice said. "I can't look after you as much as I did last time, okay? I'll still be around, duh, but not as frequently next to you." Tarrant let her go and walked up to his room. He just couldn't fathom all this. First, his mother in a car accident and then his father of a heart attack. Life sucks. He sat on his bed, sighing countless times. Alice moved in, good. But, she moved for a reason and that, in a way made, him feel a little more horrible.

March came out of Byron's room after hearing a door shut. He saw Alice downstairs.

"So, ye finally told him?" March asked and Alice nodded.

"I'm gonna miss him," March said and Alice let a tear fall from her eye. They sat together, while Tarrant grieved in his room alone.

A knock at the front door silenced everything later that night. Alice opened it to find Mally.

"Hey, come in," Alice said. "I just told Tarrant hours ago."

"Oh, poor guy," Mally said. Then, her eyes set on March. "And who is this?"

"Mally, this is Hatter's friend, March. March, this is Mally, my friend at the library," Alice introduced them. They shook hands and Mally spent some time talking about what she could do for them.

Alice took Mally shopping the next morning with a grocery list in her hands. March made sure to put tea on the list five different times in five different places so Alice could never forget. When they came home, March was right there on the porch.

"Tarrant wants ya," he told Alice. She put her stuff down inside and Mally had to finish unloading the food with March's help.

Alice made her way up the stairs into Tarrant's room. She knocked at the door.

"Tarrant?" she asked.

"Come in." His voice was weak. She entered his room, finding him on his bed, just sitting there. She sat next to him after closing the door. Almost at once, he took her in his arm and shut his eyes. She leaned into him, figuring it was best to stay with him until he calmed down more. She felt his tears, but didn't hear a single sob. He was handling this one a tad better, but the timing didn't help one bit. She felt he was just grieving more, and that he never grieved twice.

In the next few days, Alice's mother dropped off Alice's larger items like her bedding and dresser. There were some more things, but not too much. March had been talking to Nivens and The Black Rabbit. They both came over and met Mally, who had been helping around when she could. March was there most of the time, and Alice had to go to work with Mally. The Black Rabbit mostly stayed during the day with Nivens when March left.

Then, during the evening, Mally and Alice would return to Tarrant's and Mally would stay for a few hours, sometimes less, for a cup of tea. When she left, it was just Alice and Hatter.

"Hatter, I'm so sorry this happened," Alice said one night. He sighed.

"Not that there was much you could have done. Well, at least Nivens arranged most of the funeral stuff. I could never do that now. I'm glad they'll be buried together." Indeed, that was the plan. Nivens and The Black Rabbit had organized that Byron be buried with his wife. The funeral was a few weeks from tonight.

March had also found a will written and completed. Tarrant inherited everything really, but Byron left some money and the Pishsalver recipe to Alice. Then, later that day, a letter came in the mail. It was a cheek for ten grand for Byron's invention. It had become a huge hit somewhere in the world. This gave Alice hope. Byron had planned this out, and she couldn't argue he didn't from the details in that will.

"I'm just glad I'm not alone," he said, as if to say it to the open air, and whether or not she heard it made no difference.

"No, you're not and don't think you are ever," she said, pulling him into another hug.

"Time is such a nasty fellow," he said. Alice let go of him and told him he should get some sleep.

"Stay," he told her. She stood at the doorway and their eyes locked. She couldn't ignore that.

"Alright, tomorrow is Saturday so why not?" she said, laying next to him. They lay side by side for a few moments until Hatter pulled her into him, her back facing him and put a protective arm around her waist. Alice smiled as he did this. He kissed her neck and turned her around to catch her lips.

"Seems I'll always need you," he said when he let go of her mouth. She smiled.

"It seems you do, but I need you too, Hatter," she said. "If it weren't for you, I'd still be in a basement."

He kissed her again, remembering everything at once, which only made him want her more. His hands found her waist as he came over her and he pushed her down further. Her arms came around his neck, but then to his shoulders. He was at her neck again when she pushed him away.

"Not now," Alice said. "You need sleep, and I'm here to make sure you get it, not lose it." He closed his eyes again, finally agreeing with her. He came off of her, but still held her close. She put one hand on his chest, resting her head between his neck and left shoulder.

"I love you," Hatter said quietly. "I'll keep repeating it because it's true."

"I love you too Tarrant," Alice replied at the same volume. She fell asleep to the sound of the rain that tapped the windows around the room. He fell asleep to her breathing, and dreamt of a tea table.

Everyone was around it. All his friends: Nivens, March, The Black Rabbit, Mally, his father, his mother, and Alice, who sat to his right. He dreamt of all the tea being passed around and the chatter of everyone around him. A cat even joined them at the table. After the tea party, just he and Alice remained. He held her and kissed her, telling her how much he cared for her. She smiled and they sat around the table again. It was just them...just them...

He felt a shift beside him which disrupted his dream. The sun showed itself slightly, but the curtains were down. He saw Alice about to get out of bed. He grabbed her waist.

"No way," he said tiredly.

"Why not?" she asked.

"Because," he replied. "you need to know something."

"What's that?" she asked.

"I had a cool dream, and everyone was there. But, it's like impossible. My mother would have never seen Mally," he said. He was still coming around.

"Yes, well time can funny in dreams, but nothing is impossible," Alice said, waking up slightly.

"How many impossible ideas could there possibly be?" he asked.

"Well, I don't know," Alice said. "But, my father used to believe in six impossible things before breakfast."

"That is an excellent practice," Tarrant said, letting her go. She smiled and made her way downstairs to prepare breakfast, trying to think of six impossible things before she was through:

1. She survived a torture chamber

2. She found a group of friends

3. The house didn't smell like beer

4. Tarrant lost both parents in the same year

5. They received ten grand for an invention Byron made

6. She fell in love with a madman

Alice couldn't complain about that list at all. It was the best thing that had ever happened to her, even if she'd seen the most horrid conditions and torture before her eyes. Only the mad would come to be her best friends and get her out of that place. But, the mad people were the best people. That's what she thought.

They never suffer from insanity, they enjoy every minute of it!

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