The Way to Learn
By Irene, to Caroline

They say "What do you want to be?"
Why not say "I want to be me"?
But they never ask "Who?"
Who we are mixed with time makes us new

But when they ask me
I'll be ready
The Bible has it all written out
Nine things that it talks about

Love, the pureness of the soul
Love and be loved, that is our goal
Where pure love is, all bitterness will fade
Grudges destroyed, history made

Joy, a happiness beyond comparison
With the Spirit's help, you'll fly, not run
It's bubbles of cheer pop inside your heart
Joy and laughter is never far apart

Peace, not the quiet after a storm
But the presence of God, while being torn
When you're thrown about on a hurricane
Peace changes hail to gentle rain

Patience, so hard to find
But sit still, it will come to mind
Something that needs time to appear
It's calm approach stalls your fear

Kindness, not well remembered
Taken for granted, or condescended
But when you give more than you take
Each day will leave you eager to wake

Goodness, something for which to strive
Caught in few moments while you are alive
You spot it in the innocent laughter of a child
Or the natural song of the wild

Faithfulness, loyalty to what is right
Feared by those who don't know the light
But when you do what He says to do
In front of others He will raise you

Gentleness, the docile hug is better spent,
The raised voice has scared those innocent
To learn this trick, look in the eyes
Of a child who has only been despised

Self-control, when you itch to cause pain
God gave us a temper, but also restrain
Pillows are sometimes there for a cry
But never forget, God hears for your sigh

So there is a way for us to learn
By ourselves we cannot discern
But look to Him, and look to his Word
Your voice can always be heard