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A/N: I've enjoyed reading two great stories about Kaname and Zero being in an arranged marriage, which have been posted on this website. They are "Displaced", written by LeaNicolaie and "Marriage Alliance", written by Ebony-Knight. They have inspired me to start this story.

Yuuki is human and 10-year younger than Zero, she isn't close to Kaname. So some events are quite different than in the canon.

Pairing: Zero x Kaname

Warning: yaoi, kinky sex, bad words.

Tie 1: Wedding night

Breaking dawn. The day that marked an age of humans and vampires living peacefully together was starting. There would be no more fighting or killing, a human or a vampire would equally go on trial and get the same sentence for violating the other kind's safety. All humans and vampires' lives were respected and protected.

Both sides had officially agreed on a pact of peace which based on a marriage contract between a highest-leveled hunter and a highest-leveled vampire. Zero Kiryuu was a hunter-turned-into-vampire, who had been able to kill his own 'master', Shizuka Hiou (at least official news confirmed it). He's the only ex-human vampire who was free from the fate of descending to level E, had no limitations in daylight and could get through all security charms to enter the Hunter Association. Kaname Kuran inherited from the purest and strongest pureblood line, he had eradicated the corrupt Vampire Council and become the new vampire leader. Together they vanquished Rido Kuran, Kaname's uncle, who wanted to deprive his position and wage war against the Association. After their joint victory, they signed the marriage contract, for the shake of their pact of peace, to tie to each other as long as they lived, to support and follow each other in poverty as in wealth, in sorrow as in joy, in laughter as in tears from that day onward.

Zero had been unconcerned and unemotional during the ceremony and reception, standing by Kaname, to fulfil his role. He'd had long conversations with his adopted father - Kaien Cross and his mentor - Yagari Touga, who was currently the Hunter Association's president to make up his mind. However, the best thing he could do was to act accordingly to their agreement, he couldn't bring himself to truly and deeply accept his future. Kaname looked more enduring, even though a smile never ghosted on his lips, he calmly received all congratulations and good wishes from their guests, and acted adequately to his position as the vampire leader as well as a pacifist who fully supported the development of blood tablets and wanted peaceful co-existence for both kinds.

Everything had finally done. The couple left for Kuran mansion. Breaking dawn. It's going to be their first day in this new mansion as Zero objected to move in the ancient castle where many generations of the Kurans had lived. Moreover, it was in a remote place which was inconvenient for their daily life. A white Lexus car ran smoothly on the still-quiet street, nobody inside was speaking. Both of them sat silently side by side behind the driver. Kaname understood what Zero was feeling, he's feeling the same, more or less. Even though the hunter was also a vampire, he's the heir of the strongest hunter lineage, which made them too different to combine with each other. They're neither in love nor feasibly fell in love one day, but had to live together and give up all possible chances of pursuing true love, any creatures with a heart would find it completely ruthless. Kaname could feel sympathy with Zero for those reasons, though it's not all bad for himself, considering he could use this marriage to annul a previous engagement which he had no wish to continue. However, there's another reason that disturbed the hunter to his core which didn't really affect the pureblood much. Zero hated being married to another male, he's not gay, he hadn't ever seen himself in a relationship with a guy even in his weirdest dreams. Yet he didn't know all vampires were bisexual, they could appreciate and enjoy the beauty of any gender and fall in love for a personality. Some vampires chose to be faithful in a long-term relationship while the others liked changing a lot of lovers in their long lives. Kaname didn't bother to explain to his new spouse, he didn't care if the hunter, having turned into a vampire, would one day get aroused by another male, because it wouldn't be involved in him.

They quietly walked into the mansion, going upstairs and turning to different directions towards their separate bedrooms. Zero entered his own one, taking a look around. Well-furnished and all brand-new. He didn't have much to bring in, even clothes. His only belongings were the Bloody Rose gun, bullets and some other stuff that a hunter would always bring with him. That's all. He's going to live here for the rest of his life, facing all emptiness until he would get crazy and stop caring where the hell he was.

Zero sluggishly dropped himself on his new bed. The mattress was really soft, smooth satin sheet was tenderly caressing the back of his hands, which were the only bare skin of his body was in contact. Too obsessed with his own thoughts, he couldn't smell the light essence of green tea until now. All were well-prepared for a good sleep. Zero was tired, but there's no way he could sleep now. Sun was rising up outside but the mantle of darkness was falling down his life. I'm not going to be with him in laughter as in tears, he bitterly thought. He had killed two purebloods and wasn't going to retard from killing the third one. If couldn't have the life he wanted, then he'd end the life he didn't. Screw the pact, he would dedicate his life to the Association, but not this way. He wouldn't go by Kaname's side as his spouse ever again. This mansion was full of vampire scent, which continued provoking him. Zero stood up, loading Bloody Rose and storming out of his room.

The hunter kicked in the pureblood's door to force it open, Kaname looked up from his laptop, knitting his brows "What are you doing?". He's wearing a silk night-robe and reading some report at a small desk in his room. It looked like he had showered and decided to work a little before bed. All events of the day didn't seem to cause any emotion to him, he's working hard on taking over his family's businesses from his dead guardian - Ichiou Ichijou. However, his rebellious spouse had another plan for him.

"Do whatever a newly married couple is supposed to do." Zero gnashed. Kaname saw the hunter was still in his tuxedo, his violet eyes flaring out, obviously in the mood of fighting, his intrusion was to make trouble.

"Are you crazy?" the pureblood's icy eyes glared at him "Go back to your room!"

Zero knew he had to get him really annoyed to start a fight as Kaname hardly lost his temper. He must do it roughly and fiercely. "Didn't you agree on that fucking contract? I come to collect what's mine. You are mine."

Kaname bet Zero must have cracked his brain, otherwise he wouldn't have such guts to lay claim to him, of all vampires. What did he think he was? He's merely a level D - the lowest rank, and he wanted to put his hand on the venerable leader of the vampire world? Nevertheless, he did have that right, their marriage contract enabled him. As his official spouse, the hunter had all rights to bed him. Kaname shuddered, the idea of being bedded by this low-class vampire cum vampire hunter sent a thrill through his body. It's so humiliating, yet such humiliation stimulated him to his marrow. Despite of his background, Zero was very handsome and extremely ungentle which was exactly the pureblood's taste.

While Kaname still pondering on his spouse's potentials, Zero had pulled him up on his feet in order to drag him to bed. The pureblood flicked a hand at the hunter's chest, pushing him backward. Zero stepped back a little more to keep himself balanced and was glad that Kaname started to counter-attack him. He believed they would fight if he tried some more. With this thought, bloody rose vines developed from his body into a big bundle to encircle the pureblood and throw him on his bed, those vines tore his night-robe in tatters when retreating to Zero. Kaname stared at him in disbelief, he was all naked in comparison with his spouse, who was still full dressed. However, there was no sign of lust from the hunter, even after seeing his naked body, it's really a humiliation. All other vampires would get crazy with just a glance at his perfection, and this certain hunter only wanted to fight.

Kaname used his mind to throw a table lamp to Zero's head. The hunter wasn't quite successful in dodging that blow, his gun furiously pointed at his target. He wanted a real fight, even if the pureblood wasn't serious, he would still do his part properly. He aimed at the pureblood's heart and shot. Kaname quickly ducked, then got out of his bed and moved around to avoid a succession of shootings until the hunter went out of bullets. His room became all messy when everything was out of place. Zero was right, Kaname hardly lost his composure as he didn't fight back after all, and still very alive. In fact, the pureblood found his new spouse's impulse was interesting and unique. No other ex-human would have his gut. Being married to nobody else would make it more exciting. He's suddenly worried that the hunter would get frustrated and leave.

Zero threw his empty gun on the bed, his rage remained on his eyes, bloody rose vines emerged from his body once again, winding up the pureblood, who was standing near the thick window curtains with a look of amusement, willing to be tied and see how far it would go. Thorns from those vines mercilessly punctured all over his naked body, the smell of pureblood imprued the air, dashing into the hunter's nose. Violet eyes expectably turned red when their owner approached the source of that delicious smell step by step. Kaname shivered with anticipation. He knew what's going to happen if he didn't stop it right now. His elevated blood couldn't be shed for no reason, but there's a yearning in him to let this lowest and bravest vampire do whatever he pleased. Maybe it's the chance for him to live out his fantasy, the undeserved vampire was actually the only one who deserved.

Ex-human fangs sinking in his neck gave him a choke, the feeling of his own blood being drawn sent endless waves of arousal throughout his body, he had to lean on the wall to support both of them, his manhood was getting harder. Zero seemed to be feeling the same as all thorns were submerged to their vines, they now moved flirtatiously over his spouse's body, a new vine emerged from his ribcage to roll the pureblood's balls tight before wrapping up his erection. Kaname moaned, pleasure from the blood drawing and down there blew his mind up. Every slightest move of Zero gave a pull to his throbbing flesh.

The hunter stopped after drinking a good amount of pureblood, parting from his spouse, whom he had been leaning on, feeling a heat growing in his own body. His move pulled the stinging part of the other's body towards him, Kaname leaked out a whine. Zero examined his claret eyes which were burning in desires, blood-drunken mind started wanting something else other than fighting. He stepped backward, tugging Kaname with him by their connection. Slowly they were back to the bed, the pureblood managed to lie down on his back with the hunter sitting on his knees beside him. Claret eyes were full of expectations, a slight flush on his cheeks. Zero gazed at him carefully for the first time, a few locks of hair were partially covering his forehead, his juicy lips parting a little, no freckle and scar on his porcelain skin. He's slender and pale compared to the hunter, looked kinda fragile and feeble, though physically stronger, all of his punctured wounds had disappeared. Kaname felt embarrassed being examined, another part of him was excited when his examiner flashed a craving in his violet eyes. His hardness was getting purple from the binding, he squeezed his eyes shut as Zero shifted to settle between his legs, the hunter knew such move caused a lot of discomfort, so he gripped the pureblood's balls and pressed his whole set against his stomach, stretching the vines between them. Kaname whimpered, feeling he could be blown anytime, he was stunned when a tube was suddenly put into his mouth.

"Suck, vampire! Only for your own sake!" Zero howled. It's Bloody Rose gun, an empty one in particular. Kaname guessed he wanted to humiliate him by ordering such a thing, he let the gun to be shoved in his mouth and sucked it thoroughly, giving the most mortifying image of a pureblood sucking a hunter weapon to entertain his spouse. Zero looked very pleased with what he's seeing, he took his gun out after a while to check its wetness and moved a little backward to make some space.

"No…" claret eyes were widen, feeling a wet barrel being laid at his entrance. It couldn't be, he wasn't prepared yet, and it was a gun, he couldn't be taken by a hunter gun for his first time "Ahhhhhh…" Kaname cried out in pain as the rough thing dashed into his body pitilessly. To make things worse, his own jerk caused an acute pull to his rigidity. That was why Zero didn't do anything to stop him from moving beforehand. The pureblood chose to stay still, focusing on the pain of his body being torn when that gun was being shoved deeper and deeper.

Zero smiled in content as his enemy completely submitted to him. No plan was made in advance, all those just took place according to his horniness. He'd never paid attention to a male, let alone had sex with one. But after drinking Kaname's blood, arousal rose up, his heat grew stronger seeing the pale, slim body submissively under him, claret eyes were all waiting, inviting and encouraging. He had wanted to take Kaname right away, but afraid of being rejected if he really pulled his pants off and took him. He needed to know whether the pureblood would let him. And what he had witnessed was priceless.

Kaname spread his legs out wide to make it easy for both of them, the gun had reached to his core and was moving in and out now. He's in ecstasy, yet couldn't believe that his wedding night was happening as dreamed. The wrong spouse just turned out to be right all of a sudden. He had known Zero for years, but they had never been friends or treated each other nicely. He knew the hunter had no respect to him, however, breaking in his room and asking to have a claim on him was unimaginable. Even now, he's being fucked mercilessly by that soulless, heartless gun and the hunter was still full dressed. Blood dripping down from his thighs, the pain mixing with pleasure clouded his mind and stopped him from thinking more. A hard thrust shoved the gun deep to his end and ceased, his erection was pulled back and forth painfully again, Kaname opened his eyes, seeing Zero taking his clothes off. He's gonna take me by himself. A thrill flowed over his body.

The hunter took all of his clothes off in a hurry, giving freedom to his own hardness. That's it. He wouldn't wait any longer. He'd learned that vampires were horny creatures. Zero straightened up on his knees and moved backward, dragging the pureblood's legs with him. Finally, he stood up on the floor and settled Kaname at the edge of his bed, stretching his legs widely out. The bed was a little short for his height, he would have to either bent down or lifted the pureblood up. Kaname groaned, being impatient for what's happening. The tip of the vine which was wrapping his manhood suddenly grew longer and rising up the ceiling. A few seconds later, it reached its destination and stuck there steadily, however, it was a bit shorter than the distance from him and the ceiling, causing him to lift his body up to ease the strain. He supported his upper body by his elbows while trying to hold still with his legs stretching and his rear in the air, giving perfect convenience for the hunter to take him. He knew his entrance was invitingly open after such rough preparation, his balls and erection were achingly purple.

Zero wasted no more time, he drove to the end with his first thrust. Kaname stifled a wail while struggling to hold still, seeing his spouse's eyes turned glassy with pleasure for a second before burned in desire again, his body was squeezing him from base to tip. Zero pulled all way out, then drove back home again, feeling incredibly wonderful. Sex was heaven, yet he had never known until now. He started jamming into the pureblood over and over. Kaname's legs trembled unrestrainedly, a jerk to his weeping flesh from the vine part up to the ceiling forced him to try harder when he failed to keep his rear up. Zero seemed to be cramming into him forever, each thrust impacted on the vine part between the hunter's ribcage and his manhood, sending continuous pulls to him. Kaname realized it just got worse if he kept thinking about his own uneasiness, he changed to concentrate on the increasing of his spouse's enjoyment thrust after thrust. His hands were always free to do whatever he wanted, however, he's not going to push Zero away. His best part was tied to him, the hunter could possibly cut it off if he fell down on the floor. Although a pureblood would re-grow a missing part of his body, this case wasn't that simple.

"Ugh… ugh…" Zero shuddered and climaxed inside his body. All the vines also relaxed and withdrew. Kaname dropped down on his bed, quivering legs still stretched wide, his own release on his stomach while the other's passion was soaking the sheet from his slit.

Violet eyes cooled off, then got frightened at what he'd just done. His intent was to end his cursed fate, but… but he ended up… It wasn't a rape, Kaname supported him, but it wasn't a normal sexual intercourse. He hated the pureblood, however, it's not the way he wanted to do to him. He had found extremely and disgustingly excited seeing Kaname in suspense and helpless, savagely and monstrously enjoyed the other's discomfort and pain. It's completely inhuman and unforgivable.

Zero put his boxers on and ran out like a hare, swearing not to come back to that bedroom ever for the rest of his life.

-to be continued-

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