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Tie 10: New beginning

Two days left to the big anniversary…

Kaito informed the HA of their 'perfume' being quite effective on purebloods so they would rest assured waiting for the day. A lot of powerful hunters and vampires had arrived to make their appearance in this big event. Yagari secretly contacted his old friends, who were loyal and trustworthy, to explain his real intention and ask them to help keeping things in control on that day. Zero followed his mentor to participate in those meetings, trying to persuade them, and making detailed plans to cope with all possibilities which might happen. Each night he came home after twelve but his spouse wouldn't be back until sun started rising. As a matter of fact, Kaname had lied to Kaito about their side inventing a similar solution which would work on hunters. He then gave the vial Zero was keeping to Aido, asking the noble to analyze its ingredients and how they were combined together to make its effect. Being a genius, Aido found out this solution would really work on hunters if adding some other elements. After that, Kaname had a discussion with his close friends, who then decided to advocate him for truly peaceful co-existence.

All things needed to be done had almost been done. A secret meeting between Yagari and Kaname had reached an agreement, their loyal medical scientists worked together to produce a colorless, odorless gas, which was mixed and spread easily in the air, to dissipate all vampire and hunter powers once and for all. Kaito and Takuma volunteered to test it and became the first ones of their kinds who had their powers stripped permanently off.

Each night, Zero kept light in his bedroom on, though utterly tired, dozing off in bed, waking up from time to time, checking the clock until feeling his beloved pureblood snuggling up to him, giving a soft kiss on his lips, then Zero would fall into deep slumber with that pleasant feeling… A few hours later, he would wake up, finding Kaname by his side with arms around him, sleeping soundly. The pureblood seemed to be more slender and looked quite exhausted from all pressures. It was their first time in ten years they had had very little time together. Zero would like to talk to him, but thought sleep was more necessary to his spouse right now. They hadn't eaten with each other for a week and just made love once. He wanted to feed on Kaname badly, yet afraid of waking him up. Resigning himself to blood tablets, all he did to his beloved was a tender kiss on his cheek before quietly leaving their bed. Kaname needed to rest as much as possible to be ready for the anniversary, at least Zero could be assured that his spouse was back to be as powerful as a Kuran should be.

Kaname was signing many types of papers in his office when a pureblood sense stroked him. Easy to figure out whose it was after being so close to her many times. It's over 10:00PM, nobody else staying around, the floor was quiet and pretty dim, his room soundproof with all windows looked into the outside. Seiren was away for a fifteen-minute dinner. Everything seemed to be perfect for a crime.

Sara pushed the door open, smiling sweetly, finding her prey sitting alone behind his desk, brows knitting on some paper full of words, a hand rubbing his forehead. There's not much time to waste, yet she would like to play with him a little.

"You're hard working, dear!"

Kaname looked up, his face was calm but pale, not the normal paleness of vampires, he looked worn out, though confidence and arrogance still glinting in his claret eyes. Sara amusingly scanned the room which had just been re-designed a few days ago to make it look cool, serene, and somehow inactiven No surprise that her heart-reading ability wasn't working here. This design combining with a specific spell would create a charm to prevent such power.

"You've come without notice again!" Kaname huffed.

"Well, I'd like to check if your plan is still up. I have a feeling that this tenth anniversary will be very interesting." Sara smirked.

"It will. And I'll let you know my detailed plan after." Kaname glanced at his cell phone which was unfortunately lying on a small meeting table faraway from him as if intending to send an alert. His unpolished lie just proved that her presence was putting him in danger, calm expression was only a thin mask. When it's too obvious, she didn't need her heart-reading ability to find out.

Seeing Kaname going to stand up to collect his phone, Sara immediately raised her voice "Don't move!", then walked close to his chair, turning it to face her, a hand pressed on his stomach "I heard you're pregnant. Is it true?" All she wanted was to see the pureblood's reaction toward her words, answer wasn't necessary as his appearance and the room design had already confirmed her suspicion.

"How did you know?" No panic as she expected, Kaname simply laughed.

"Stop acting! We both know you're hoping your underling would come in time for rescue. But I'm not interested in finding out how she would save the day." Lifting his chin up, Sara said in an exciting mood "Listen, I have a better plan for us. Let me drink from you and become you, then we'll see how to resolve things together." The female pureblood possessed a special power of her line, an ability to shapeshift into the person whom she had drunk from. She couldn't dream about taking her ex-fiance's blood before, however, their situation was different now. Last week her followers reported that Kaname had been pregnant, which resulted in powerlessness.

All of a sudden, her victim-to-be grabbed her wrist, giving a squeeze which almost got it broken. As soon as being pushed away, Sara intended to use her powers to start a fight. Strangely, nothing happened, the unhealed wrist kept hurting like hell.

"It's a trap, Sara! I purposely let you know about my pregnancy, accepted your spy into my house, re-designed this room, and Seiren leaving for fifteen minutes every night. All of them just to lure you in." Kaname approached her triumphantly, holding her beautiful face in his hands "Don't you want to know my plan? Strip all hunters' and vampires' powers off, it is. We've invented the solution, now we need a pureblood to test it."

Sara managed in vain to break his grip. Something was wrong, her powers had disappeared, though no weird feeling, pain from those struggles overwhelming her body. The idea of turning weak as human scared her to death, her beautiful eyes flashed angry glares "What have you done to me?"

"This solution is absorbed through respiration. All elevators… are full of its smell-less essence." Kaname whispered "I wanted your powers. Unfortunately, your blood is useless now."

She kept thrashing about, but his grip was too strong. The more she struggled, the more painful her body got.

"Relax! I don't want to break your neck by accident."

In fact, there's another plan in case the solution didn't work. A fire charm was set in his room which would explode as soon as Kaname stepped on a button under the carpet below his desk. At the same time, the floor would be open for his escape. When Sara was chosen for their test, Zero insisted on going with him so that they could fight together if necessary. Kaname protested it, saying he didn't want to fight and got injured before their anniversary, plus, the hunter would make her hesitant to come. However, Kaname asked him for that fire charm. His office room was re-designed, but wasn't combined with the spell, so unable to stop Sara's heart-reading ability as she thought.

As soon as seeing each other, she with a doubt of Kaname being pregnant, he with an awareness of her inhaling that smell-less gas, they determined to verify the other's powerlessness before shortening their distance. The moment Sara couldn't realize his false nervousity, the winner had been decided.


Zero finished buttoning his shirt, leaving the highest ones open, showing a part of his charming tattoo behind the collar. Never in his life had he worn a shirt with all buttons done properly, in spite of how important the event he was going to attend. Even it was their wedding ten years ago or their anniversary tonight. It seemed indifferent, yet his natural attractiveness was still outstanding even among those beautiful vampires. Yagari-sensei said a man was respected for what he did, not how he looked like. His opinion had obviously influenced Zero, however, it didn't stop the younger hunter from adoring beauties. Putting his black jacket on, he turned around to find his beloved pureblood who was standing near the door with admiring eyes. He was what Zero called perfection, tall figure, slender, ideal for such luxurious suits. White shirt, black waistcoat and jacket, all buttoned, neat tie, a warm smile on his gorgeous face. Seeing him once, impossible to forget for a lifetime. Though what people could ever do was only to look at and get crazy about. Because this person was his, that loving smile was just for him. Zero felt happy and confident.

This evening would start a new page of history when two mystical minorities of this world, hunters and vampires, were stripped off their supernatural abilities and became similar to humankind. Dissidence, vengeance, danger would be waiting for them in the near future, he and Kaname might have to change their life, their fate and everything they were having, but their love was one thing that would never be lost. Right in this moment, holding his spouse's hand and looking deep into his claret eyes, Zero strongly believed he had found the meaning of his existence.

"Are you ready?" Kaname asked.


Kaito checked the book of guests' names with a content smile. All they invited had signed in and entered the hall which was full of power-neutralizing gas. The ceremony didn't start yet, but history had already silently recorded their triumph. A world of no vampires and hunters would become true very soon.

Fast and strong footsteps of a small group echoed from a corner, Yagari, Kaname appeared on the first row, Zero, Kaien and their other trustworthy followers were behind. They calmly crossed the threshold, Kaito immediately closed his book, walking after them, and closing the door. It's time…

"Thank you all for your presence here…" Yagari raised his glass of wine, the glass that wasn't supposed to be drunk up tonight. As agreed in their meeting with the hunters, he would declare war instead of giving a speech, and their massacre would begin. Kaname was next to him on the stage. Zero was standing right under, facing the crowd who were surrounding them, being ready to react to any attacks.

"All of us have become powerless permanently," Shock was written clearly on each face, especially when Yagari emphasized 'all', he quickly explained their situation "meaning this hall would be flooded by corpses if a battle happened. The gas we used have neutralized both hunter and vampire powers. I believe it is time to enter into a real peaceful co-existence."

While vampires were fussing about such stunning information, hunters felt as being betrayed and got angry. They had armed themselves carefully for a big far as they knew, their solution could only strip vampire powers off in three days and vampire corpses would still disappear if being killed during that time. All of a sudden, Yagari said their powers were also lost. Many of them hastily pulled weapons out. Rage was overwhelmping their mind, nobody had powers, so what? They had never wanted to kill more than this moment, kill everyone, including that betrayed HA president.

"You'll severely injure yourself if trying to use your strength now." Kaname warned "Your bodies are adjusting to their new condition, you had better calm down and be careful of your own well-beings."

It wasn't a false warning, they really felt pain striking arms and legs when moving to get their weapons ready. That neutrolizing gas had obviously got in their systems. Some let hands down as a sign of surrender, some kept weapons up but stood still, a hunter laughed, aiming his gun at Kaname. Fighting was impossible, yet he wanted to destroy the ones who changed their plan. Those two persons on the stage. Even though his arm would be broken after that, it would be fair. He's having a good angle of fire, and Kaname had lost his powers.

Suddenly, an intense blow smashed in his wrist, breaking his grip on the gun. The strength of that hit pushed him backward. Trying to steady his trembling legs, he stared at the attacker, Zero Kiryuu. This hunter hadn't been anywhere close, but managed to get to him as swift as a wind, stopped his intention effectively, and showing no sign of pain from such action.

"You… you…" he stammered. Not only him, everyone else was gazing at Zero in astonishment.

"I've just learned that ex-humans are immune to this gas." The hunter said calmly, knowing they would be suspicious of his statement "That means anti vampire weapons are still my weakness. I won't try to keep it secret. We've already lied and hidden too much." His fierce glare swept around "Now all of us are confused and vulnerable. Please calm yourselves down and talk about a future for all."

"You and Touga have trapped us. We lost our powers, but you don't." A hunter said loudly.

"What's so good about hunter powers?" Zero gazed at him "They don't make your life easier, don't strengthen your immunity, don't lengthen your time. Their only use was to fight against vampires. But vampires don't drink blood anymore, and can't attack humankind in any way different than a human can. Then what's the point to miss your powers?"

"I think we were trapped since the day we were born. Where we live, what we do, who we love, our mission decided those most important decisions of our life. There's not enough freedom to do what we really wanted to. At the end, our only heritage to children were the hunter powers and a dangerous, impossible-to-complete mission. What way would you like to end it? Would you prefer to kill and die all together?" Kaien continued his adopted son's saying "I don't want to fight against each other, I don't want to try non-stop to bridge the gap between two kinds. I want us to be equal and become no threat to the other naturally. I want to go away a few years to see this world. Above all, I want a normal life."

Kaien Cross was a legend in hunter history. Like him or not, his words were worth pondering on. He had lived long enough to witness many hunter generations, how they were born, trained and spent their lives to the very end. His words reminded the hunters in this hall of their teenage dreams and plans. If only they hadn't been born in a hunter family, their lives would have been very different now, might be better, might be worse, but they would have had a chance to experiment, instead of forcing themselves to select the only things which would serve their mission best. All of them were taught to feel proud of their heritage, and had to sacrifice a lot for such pride.

The atmostphere sank in quiet, Yagari took this opportunity to stress his point "We've been under the pact of peace for ten years, yet breaches kept occuring again and again. To resolve this problem once and for all, we've had a summit conference between both sides, and agreed on creating equality and full commitment by making a solution which can be absorbed through respiration to neutralize all of our powers. I believe it's much more moderate and practical than a life and death battle. Now we're all alive, and can never harm each other in supernatural ways again. Our basical contradiction has been completely solved. Any act of revenge or destruction against each other from now on will be treated as human cases and come within the jurisdiction of the government."

The hunters struggled to acquire what was happening and what they had silently been thinking about. Yagari's friends, who he had managed to talk before the anniversary, started sharing their agreeable opinion to people nearby, spreading acceptance in the crowd.

"Very well. It's easy for hunters to accept it. What they lost isn't really important." A pureblood ghosted a half smile on his lips, getting everyone's attention "On the contrary, we vampires are betrayed and become miserable victims."

"Don't exaggerate your loss." Kaname calmly answered his critism "We've lost our active powers. It's true that we used those powers to fight not only hunters, but also our same kind and whoever we wanted. That's the reason why they should be dispossessed. Blood is the source of our active powers, our blood has been changed, as a result, we no longer need to drink blood. However, our structure is immutable, we're still physically stronger than human, life span and aging are just lightly affected. Now you can go out in daylight as much as you want, anti-vampire weapons and charms won't work on you…" he looked at the better amount of nobles in the hall "…and I hereby release you from all of your responsibilities and obligations to the higher rank and to me. Is it good enough?"

Unlike hunters, vampires didn't want freedom, but to dominate the others, as many as possible, and serve the higher, as less as possible. While a very small number of them, who were purebloods, was quite upset that their goal of competing for the vampire throne had been shattered, all nobles found an interesting, significant meaning of this event. For their whole life, they had always been trying to develop their influence, but no matter how hard their efforts were, they could never outrun a pureblood. From now on, all of them were equal, their life belonged to themselves, their first thoughts would be for their own benefits, nobody could force or manipulate them to do what they didn't want to.

"Kuran, may I ask you a question?" A noble stepped out. It's the first time in his life, also the first time in history a noble addressed a pureblood in such an informal, disrespectful way.

"I'm listening." Kaname said with a smile. Feeling kind of strange, but he realized his words had properly stroked their desire of being on equal terms with purebloods. These nobles were going to accept the new situation for this reason.

"Are you powerless now?" The noble asked.

He had a good reason to be doubtful as Zero still had all of his powers, despite of staying in the same hall with them. There might be a solution to prevent this gas' effect.

"Yes, I am." Kaname affirmed strongly.

"Could you prove it?"

The pureblood smiled, knowing words wouldn't be enough to win their trust. As a matter of fact, they didn't have enough time to research something to counteract this gas. Zero was immune to it just because he was a transition form of hunter and vampire, his altered blood formula wasn't exactly vampire's nor hunter's.

Kaname took his jacket off, undid the cufflink, rolling up a sleeve of his shirt. Aido came to give him one of the knives which were prepared for their party. Yagari was standing on the other side, Zero had returned to his original place which was near the stage, facing the crowd. Kaname made a short, deep cut on his arm, blood started oozing, creating a thin, red stream, and dripping down on the floor. All eyes stuck on his wound. It's not healing, but kept bleeding freely. Kaname turned his arm a bit, crimson liquid falling and being held up in his palm.

Satisfied that the vampire leader's powers had really been lost, the crowd also figured out their acute senses were disappeared, they couldn't tell if his blood was similar to human or not. Yet it dashed straight into Zero's nose, with no doubts, smelling original, not as tempting and delicious as before. He glanced at his spouse, this moment was quite historic, from there it would be his full responsibility to protect Kaname.

"May I taste it?" Another noble asked. Everyone turned to where he was standing. Such request was absolutely a taboo in their society. But tonight all rules were being broken. If Kaname stated that they're equal and pureblood's blood was no better than human one, it shouldn't be a problem to let a lower rank taste it.

Kaname looked at Zero, their eyes met each other tenderly. The pureblood knew what should be done to accomplish their plan, yet his blood not only belonged to himself, but also his spouse, especially when the hunter was still a vampire and would keep drinking from him. So he wanted to get his approval. Zero highly appreciated it and gave him a nod. To share their spouse's blood with someone else wasn't something vampires were willing to. And this would be an exceptional and unrepeatable occasion which the hunter accepted to make concessions.

"Sure." Kaname replied. The noble immediately approached him. Blood had been built up into a small puddle in Kaname's palm, the noble wanted to lift his arm up to his mouth, but blood dripped down when the arm was moved. Even though he had been altered, this blood had been altered, still he would like to drink it up without wasting a drop. Bowing down to adjust himself, holding the bloody hand with both of his own ones, he took a deep breath to savour its scent. Kaname standing with a straight back while the noble inclining in front of him made a perfect image of a master and his underling. Without powers, it seemed he still had his way to be above the others.

Though his blood didn't smell great or excite any vampires as it was supposed to, the noble's tongue greedily protruded to take a big gulp. Unexpected to him, its taste was so terrible that he couldn't get himself to swallow. Spitting out in disgust, eyes opened wide, he used his sleeve to wipe his lips, walking backward to leave the stage. Never in his life had he got scared that much, being a vampire by birth, but he couldn't drink blood anymore, couldn't stand the taste anymore. Everyone observed his reaction carefully, feeling fear inside. They saw blood strains on the corner of his lips and his sleeve, it's blood from a pureblood, but none of them went crazy or got the urge to drink, they were strangely calm, looking at that beautiful red color.

When the noble passed by Zero, a punch hit his face violently all of a sudden, pushing him to fall on the floor. His own blood leaked out from his mouth.

"The drinking didn't strengthen you at all, did it?" Zero sneered "It's a perfect evidence that all of you are powerless and blood has no use to your bodies now." His blow was strong enough to hurt a full-fledged noble, let alone this ex-noble's current situation. He had agreed to let him taste his spouse's blood, not meaning he wouldn't have to pay for it a good price. Aido swiftly ran to Kaname and tied his wound with a handkerchief.

"You've seen it." The pureblood pointed out "We're similar now, no side can be a threat to the other, so I hope we will truly commit ourselves to our pact of peace. I've learnt that the number of vampire-hunter couples have been increasing in the last ten years, it's really a good thing. I look forward to seeing our next generations which are mixed between both kinds." He exchanged a smile with his spouse, openly letting them know about their relationship.

"It's not like we have another choice." A voice from a middle-aged looking pureblood near the stage.

"We don't." Kaname confirmed. They couldn't keep fighting, unless using the methods humans would, but then it wasn't a vampire vs. hunter fighting, and wasn't for the same purpose which they had pursuited four thousands of years.

"Very well. But what is your plan to deal with the sleeping vampires?" That pureblood asked again.

"I've my people check their time of awaking and strip their guards' powers already." Kaname answered "All of them will be waken up within a thousand year. It's our duty to make sure their powers will be stripped off as soon as they leave the coffin."

As his instruction, Kain and Ruka had travelled around to fulfil this important mission. They couldn't neutralize their powers right away, because those ancient vampires' bodies had ceased all functions for a long time, they would be rotten if their powers suddenly disappeared. However, there's a risk that things might get out of control at the time they woke up.

"Knowing their time of awaking is an advantage for us. But you can't be quite sure that your plan will go well. We're not going to put our lives in your hands. Besides, we may confront an E anytime. I believe it's just fair that you'll share the power neutralizing solution and equip us with hunter weapons." The middle-aged looking pureblood easily attained the others' approval.

Yagari and Kaname traded a look. They had already predicted such proposal would be made. The HA president smiled "Your blood starts being altered as soon as you absorb this solution, and the process goes very fast. Once it's done, there's no way you can undo it. Since we need your help to turn other hunters and vampires out there, we gladly provide you the solution and also the formula. You can make more of it and keep wearing it for the rest of your life."

"As for hunter weapons, we don't intend to give them out." Kaname continued "In fact, we're going to revoke them from all hunters. I understand they're considered valuable heirlooms in hunter families. But you've successfully accomplished your mission and started a new page of history. It's inappropriate to keep them at home. We'll build a place like vampire and hunter museum to display them and other things from both sides so that our next generations can learn about our past." This idea hadn't been discussed before, yet Kaname determined to carry it out in the current situation "The arms factory will also be closed to demonstrate our commitment in the pact of peace. We all know that E vampires are afraid of light and crowd. They always lurk and hunt in the dark and deserted places. You know exactly how to avoid confronting them." Before people could oppose, Kaname added "On the other hand, Zero Kiryuu is the only person who is allegic to anti vampire weapons among us. If you persist in keeping your weapons, that means you're planning to harm him or becoming a victim to someone else who wants to steal them. I promise there's no good result for you in either cases."

Revoke hunter weapons, close the arms factory, Zero's heart felt warm that his spouse was trying to protect him. They might reach their agreement tonight, but this peace would only be in the surface. It would take time for them to truly and seriously accept it. Before that, they might try something, crazy and dangerous. If all of them had hunter weapons, he couldn't imagine what would happen.

"It's all clear up." Zero concluded "The reason of our inherited fighting has been eliminated. Hence, the hunter association and the vampire council have fulfiled their missions and will operate as non-political organizations from now on. You're released from all obligations and liabilities to the former superiors of your kind. As regards the sleeping vampires and the E's, we're establishing a new council including both sides to deal with them. We already have a list of their detailed information in hand. If you would like to help, we'll arm you when it's time. Right now, the last order for all hunters is to return your weapons to us."

Silence spread around the hall. Glasses were still full of wine, food was getting cool off. All doors were closed for their big event. Nobody had imagined how this night would turn out. The vampires thought it would be an ordinary party to observe how things were going and develop their influence. The hunters thought it would be a massacre. Kaname, Zero, Yagari and their allies thought they would distribute hunter weapons to everyone along with the solution. They would have done it if Zero wasn't immune to this solution.

A friend of Yagari's stepped up, being the first to put his gun down. Having spent all his life fighting for their great purpose, he believed this was the only way to fulfil it, plus, he believed in his friend and hoped his own action would encourage the rest. Yagari's other friends followed him one by one. Kaito also removed his gun and put down. Other hunters gradually lined up to return their weapons.

This moment would surely be unforgettable in history and to everyone in the hall.


Three of his fingers were buried deep inside his beloved pureblood, moving in and out with a leisure speed while his other hand stroking his own hardness. He was kneeling between his spouse's long, spreading legs; pale, hairless skin and light pink color of that particular area made the view much more graphic and hotter. The erotic hole being stretched to hold those fingers was trying to suck them in deeper, giving him an urge of replacing them with his aching erection. Kaname's arousal was uncomfortably lying on his flat stomach, yearning for attention, two little nipples perking up on their aurora, his arms were being pulled up over head and tied by his tie, his shirt had been ripped off as soon as they reached the room, still lingering on his sides.

Zero looked at him satisfactorily, a smile curved up on his face. It's miraculous that they weren't fleeing after their anniversary, but had decently come back home, and making love to each other. In bed, his pureblood was so gentle, obedient and sensual like a little kitten. Zero licked on his juicy lips, inducing Kaname to part them and invite him to explore more. The lips were skillfully wet with soft, passionate licks and sucks before he put his hot tongue in, his fingers resumed pounding hard into his pureblood's cavern. Kaname squirmed with desire, trying to hold his spouse's tongue in, spreading legs wider, moving waist to push the penetration deeper. The hunter suddenly ended their kiss, feeling his pureblood's body temperature increasing, blush covering his cheeks beautifully.

"Um… Zero…"

"Yes? What would you like me to do, Kaname?" He teased, hot breathes brushed on his spouse's sensitive neck.

"I want you." The pureblood's eyes were flooded with burning lust.

"I'm inside you already, ain't I?" Zero swung his fingers, revolving his hand to push pressure on the rousing tunnel, making it squeeze them tight in response.

"Uhmm…. Uhhmmm…." Kaname closed his legs a little instinctively to such strong stimulation. Pre-cum dripped on his stomach.

Zero's member also stirred in excitement. Though wanting to tease more, his own patience was running out. He changed to the sitting position and pulled Kaname up, whispering "Ride me!" The pureblood threw his tied wrists behind his spouse's neck, lowering his body to engulf the stiff, big shaft inch by inch.

It was a feeling of total fullness after Zero thrusted his whole length in. It usually reached very far, very deep inside the pureblood's passage, bringing an impetuous pleasure as if his body was piercing thoroughly. Kaname swayed his hips to get used to being corked up securely, pushing his arms on the hunter's shoulders as a support to move his body up and down, crushing his spouse's virile flesh out and swallowing it back. Slowly at first, faster later, breathing more rapidly, sweat damping his hot body while pleasure rising up to climax. Zero tightened his embrace to cease the movements, seeking to re-occupy those panting lips, blush had already spread to his pureblood's neck and a part of his chest. Kaname looked so delicious and lustful now.

"I love you." Zero murmured when their lips still brushing each other.

Kaname pulled out to look into his violet eyes, happiness overflowed his heart hearing those simple words, his body suddenly trembled. He had known the hunter loved him, but it's the first time Zero said it. At last, they had reached to the level when they could express their feelings openly and directly. Kaname wasn't a woman, not meaning he didn't need to hear it from the person he loved.

"One more time, please!" He stuttered.

Zero was surprised to realize those sacred words had just escaped his mouth all of a sudden, feeling rather embarrassed and guilty that his spouse was so happy with such minor thing and he hadn't told him earlier. "I love you."

Kaname leaned himself against the hunter "I love you too."

I know. Zero smiled, slipping his arms down to wrap the pureblood's round cheeks, then adjusting his lower body to stroke his beloved's inside with his thickness.

"Uhhmm….." Kaname moaned, swinging his waist in rhythm with his hunter. "Ahhh…"

Zero smirked, touching the pink edge of his pureblood's stretched hole, thrusting a few more in the same direction.

"Ahh… ahh…. ahhh…." Kaname stuck closely to his spouse, pressing his manhood between their bodies, each time Zero hit his prostate, he almost lost the control to delay orgasm.

"Harder?" Zero teased.

Kaname kissed him for an answer, and contracted his inside muscle to squeeze his spouse. Being sucked passionately in both places at the same time drove Zero crazy, he had to break their kiss to reduce the sensation., then started pumping his spouse's hardness, his thrusts were also resumed and got more intense.

"Ahh… ahhh….. Zero!... ahhhh…...Please…" Kaname cried out in ecstasy "Ahhh….. Please… Ahh….."

"Come for me!" Zero whispered.

"Ahhh….. Zero…." His tied wrists wriggled desperately, his whole body went up and down faster to rush them to orgasm. They couldn't hold long after a plain week. Pleasure blending with happiness overwhelmed their sweaty bodies as Kaname's juice messed both of their stomachs and Zero's passion was shot deep inside him. They contentedly collapsed on the bed, Kaname managed to lie on his back, his skin still red after great pleasure.

When excitement was cool down and soberness returned to take control, Zero got nervous. Kaname was motionless beside him, breathes deep and slow, his skin had never flushed that much. Was it involved in the power neutralizing solution? His powers had just been stripped off and his body was still adjusting. They shouldn't do anything too intense now. For intense things, it's not only fighting, running or carrying heavy stuff, but also…

"Kaname….." Zero hurried to untie him and grabbed his hand, trying to wake him up. His closing eyes somehow scared the hunter badly.

Kaname smiled, wrapping his spouse's hand which was lapping on his "Yes?"

"Are you alright?"

"Absolutely." The pureblood's hand moved up to touch his biceps, rubbing it affectionately before reaching his neck, guiding him down for a kiss.

Zero pulled away and stammered "You shouldn't have seduced me." Yes, Kaname had showed him his bulge with a wicked smile and suggested 'Make love to me!' when they first came back. They hadn't done it for a week, and that was a long week with lots of stresses and pressures. The hunter immediately gave in to such seduction before his mind had enough time to think about a reason that they shouldn't.

"Why not? Today is our wedding anniversary." Kaname sat up, reaching for his spouse's hand again, putting soft kisses on his shoulder "You wanted it too, didn't you?"

"But your body isn't well. You shouldn't indulge me like that." Zero insisted, silently accusing himself for concentrating on his own desire and selfishly forgetting his spouse's conditions. "Now I can't give you my blood to help you heal faster." He uttered in frustration.

"Are you offering your blood? I'll happily accept it." Kaname smiled, licking on his neck.

Zero gasped "What?" What did he mean by saying he still wanted his blood? Was he also immune to the solution? But why? Zero pulled out his arm which had been cut in the anniversary, tearing the sleeve off, Aido's handkerchief was still loosely tied the wound. Kaname slipped it down, exposing smooth, pale skin as if nothing had ever happened there. Didn't he bleed a lot in front of everyone a few hours ago?

"Your powers only got… weakened?" Zero guessed. That might explain why his wound couldn't be healed immediately. If so, the same thing could happen to other purebloods too, and that meant their great plan had bitterly gone wrong.

"Don't worry. Our solution worked very well. All of them are powerless." Kaname assured his spouse, knowing exactly what he was thinking about "We just didn't have enough time to research a solution that worked on the vampires with altered blood like you… and me."

"When was your blood altered? Is it why your powers are less strong?" Zero was confused.

"No. They're not mine. Look!" Kaname stretched out his hand which holding his spouse's, a slender, green, thornless vine sprouted from his arm's skin, rolling up their hands together. It's Zero's power, undoubtedly, though much weaker. But…. Kaname couldn't absorb it by drinking from him just once. Zero felt anxious and uncomfortable, not because his spouse still had his powers, or had developed hunter ones, but the oddness of this whole thing.

Kaname guided their hands to press on his still-flat stomach "It's your power, isn't it? Because you're the father." His smile was so sweet and warm, happiness and pride glinted in his claret eyes "I'm really pregnant. Over two weeks."

Zero was speechless. It's obviously, undeniably his power. But Shizuka and her lover…. Two weeks… It meant that night at the school… He told him about his deepest dream… A baby would be conceived when both of the parents wanted it… But Shizuka and her lover couldn't after a lot of efforts… She thought he was sterile… He might have already been sterile as a human… Or he simply didn't want to, but didn't let her know…...

"It's our child's power." Zero mumbled. Not having an argument to disaprove it, yet he's afraid of accepting this news and finding out it's a misunderstanding later.

Kaname nodded "That night both of us wanted a baby, my temperature went down while I got quite worked up." His face blushed again "They're the signs that my body had changed and got ready to conceive."

"So you always knew the temporary solution didn't work on you?" Zero kept his hand still on his spouse's belly with amazement.

"I did think it's the solution's effect as you said you did the test." Kaname shook his head "When I almost lost my consciousness, I suddenly felt strength and warmth growing inside. It's the very first contact I had received. Normally to vampires, it wouldn't come until the forth week. But because I'm having twins and they're very strong…"

"Twins?" A broad smile flashed on Zero's face, he's going to have twins, all worries on the world slipped out of his mind in this moment "Are you sure?"

"Yes, Zero! I can feel very clearly now. They're protecting me." The twins had healed Kaname when he got injured and let him tap into their premature powers "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I didn't want you to get too much worried and didn't let me go out alone to arrange our plan. But I've always been careful. Even if I have to die, I'll make sure they're safe."

Zero put a finger on his lips to stop him from saying such a bad situation. Right! Had he known it, he would have persisted in keeping Kaname at home. Luckily, they had managed to fulfil their plan and finish the night safely. The hunter lied down, putting his spouse's head resting on his shoulder, loosely wrapping his arms around him "I did hide a lot from you too. Let's promise no more secrets between us, okay? It won't be necessary, because I'll always understand and support you in whatever you want to do."

"Me too!" Kaname planted a quick kiss on his chest.

"Did the solution affect our children?"

"No. They're half hunter half vampire. They're absolutely fine."

"Are they boys or girls?"

"I don't know yet. We have to wait a few months later."

"You don't have your powers now?"

"Nope. Three of us will rely on you in the next nine months."

"I'm proud to protect you all till the last minute of my life…, silly!"

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Peaceful co-existence was impossible. It even couldn't exist between humans and humans, or vampires and vampires, because everyone was greedy, selfish, and thought for themselves first. What these two kinds had achieved in the last ten years wasn't perfect, but good enough for them all. Kaname decided to cancel his plan and stabilise their relative peace for his children and other half-breeds from the mixed couples. Unfortunately, the HA's invention hurried them into fighting for their life goal which had been passed from generations to generations. In order to avoid that massacre, Kaname and Yagari managed a no-win situation for both kinds.

On the surface, everyone had arrived at a compromise. But inside, anger and hatred were rising. That's it. Once still alive, difficulties and challenges would keep coming up. A normal life wasn't for anyone, Zero knew he could never achieve it, however, he's holding the heart of the person who loved him more than anything else, and they're going to have twin babies together. He's definitely the happiest man on this world.

-The End?-

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