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Tie 3: Behind your back

Sara Shirabuki owned one of the best strolling gardens in Japan. She's very proud of it and often received friends there. It's interesting that vampires just enjoy their beautiful gardens at night when the sun was on the other side of the world. That's why they're very creative in designing light for their sparkling gardens. Kaname was waiting for Sara, while she's checking her make-up and dress. Regardless of him being the vampire leader, she didn't find it inappropriate to leave him alone in a while. They had engaged to each other before the pact of peace happened, though they had never been in love. The female pureblood was disappointed at not being queened.

Finally, she appeared in a low-cut dress which seducingly showed her pale, smooth neck and a part of her heaving breasts. Her necklace with a pendant of a drop-shaped ruby made her more inviting. She's an ambitious and dissolute woman, who had shared the bed with plenty of noble vampires, however, vampires didn't hold the others in contemn for their licentious life.

"Kaname, what brought you back here to visit your ex-fiancée?" She whispered sweetly, complaining about him not paying private visits to her after his marriage contract. They only met and exchanged some courtesies in the upper-classed vampire parties since.

"I'm afraid you don't want to see me anymore." Kaname coaxed. In fact, he knew she wasn't his right type as he's too possessive to accept such a wife. In their society, the ones who liked having a lot of lovers still considered getting married for many reasons. They tended to marry the same type and concurrently had extramarital relations. Kaname would still have had to marry Sara if the pact hadn't happened, but gladly it did.

"I don't care about your dummy spouse, but jealous of the ones have warmed your bed for the last ten years." Well, there's only one person during those years and Kaname was the one who warmed that person's bed, not vice versa. She put a hand on his heart, tilting her head a little to give him an amorous look of her neck. "Why not me? We're a perfect match to each other."

"I'm sorry I couldn't make you my queen." He grabbed her hand, pulling it off his chest, giving it a gentle squeeze before letting it go "You're special to me, always will."

"Why are you here, Kaname?" She asked, and was going to hold him, but he quickly took a few steps away to avoid her, still feeling sensitive from his session with Zero a couple of hours ago and didn't want to be embraced by anyone else. He sent Sara a letter yesterday, suggesting a visit at her home. Of course, she accepted it.

"I'm reported that you've enslaved three celebrities and keeping them here to entertain you." They were two movie actors and one singer who had announced their retirement recently. The truth was they had been turned into level D vampires by Sara and living with her since.

"Are you jealous?" she teased, already knowing the purpose of his visit from the beginning.

"You're breaking our pact. Do you know how it can result in?" His face got stiffened.

"Do you really respect it?" She challenged "I heard that you're working on some shady plan." Turning three humans into vampires was only a test to see his response. Sara wanted to become the queen and everyone knew she didn't agree with the idea of co-existence. But appealing other vampires to overthrow the current leader wasn't her first scheme. She would like to co-operate with Kaname and rule the vampire world together, especially after hearing about his secret plan. That's why she wanted to find out how he would react to her breach. His coming to meet her in person pleased her so much.

"I suggest you getting rid of them to eliminate the evidence." He ordered, but his voice was still soft. He had ignored her for ten years because he didn't like her personality, plus, Zero would doubt if he's close to the vampires who directly showed their hostile attitude to their pact. Another important reason was he's completely content with what he's having with the hunter. "Stop doing it until I can extirpate that Association!"

Both of them knew which association it was – The Hunter Association. It had been the pain in the ass to all vampires for thousands of years. Not many ex-humans and only a few purebloods left was the firm proof that the Association had gotten stronger with time. They might physically be less strong than pureblood vampires when both were in their best conditions, but all vampires had limitations during the day while hunters could fight anytime. Kaname wanted his kind to hold important roles in human society and he would rule the vampire world by himself, not getting any judgement, interference, agreement or disagreement from anyone else. He had pretended to support the idea of co-existence when he was a child because he didn't want to live with Ichiou, who was his official guardian. Studying in a boarding school was a good idea and Cross Academy was the best because its headmaster - Kaien Cross was a famous ex-hunter. Kaname had to agree with Cross to be accepted there. It's also given him a chance to recognize which vampire families supported him and let their children follow and protect him there.

Sara smiled satisfactorily, he wouldn't admit it if he didn't want her to take part in. She knew he needed her to support his plan. It wouldn't be advantageous for him if war happened between purebloods while he's dealing with the Association.

"I would love to help you annihilate your marriage." She murmured seducingly, reaching for his hand again.

"Thank you, Sara!" he lifted her hand which was grabbing his and turned the back up, putting a kiss on "You'll be my queen."


Zero walked with vigorous stride through the large hall of the Hunter Association headquarters, going upstairs towards his mentor's office. Everything was totally different from the first time Cross had brought him there as the former president's order. That corrupt man wanted to check if he was useful or not. Zero got all disdainful and suspicious looks from other hunters on him. After a succession of events ten years ago, things started changing. On the hunter side, Zero vanquished Rido, Cross exposed the former president's true face and Yagari took the place. On the vampire side, Kaname got rid of the Vampire Council and became their new leader. Together they formed a pact of peace based on a marriage contract. The young hunter's exploit and role in that marriage contract eventually changed his comrades' behaviors.

"Come in!" Zero heard Yagari's voice behind his door.

"Master!" He bowed to greet his mentor, who was checking the new anti-vampire guns which had just been delivered to his office this morning. "Ah, they're finally here."

"Yes, it took an eternity to accomplish them." The president grumbled "They assume hunters just carrying it as a symbol nowadays, not for fighting anymore."

"Can't blame them, we convinced them to believe it." His disciple smirked, picking one at random "They've actually done a good job."

Yagari agreed with him. He had ordered to have those new guns manufactured for new graduated hunters. Although the pact had been signed for ten years, he insisted that all hunters must practise to preserve their manners and send their children to the Association for training, because their pact would fall down when one of two sides became weak.

"Anything to report?" Yagari asked. The young hunter was responsible to report to him every week on what had happened to the other side that he could find out.

"Not really." Zero put the gun down "Shiki and Rima are here now. They had a get-together at the house last night."

"Were you there?"

"No. I gave Yuuki a ride to the airport. Kaname did inform me about it. They wouldn't choose the house if they're gonna do something fishy." He leaned on his mentor's desk, throwing hands into his trouser pockets.

"But you can't be sure. Vampires are cunning. You should work in his company to watch every move of his." Yagari had a good reason for being unsatisfied "Do you know what he did last night while you're sleeping?"

Zero skipped a heart beat, feeling ashamed about what he had done with the pureblood last night. There's a kind of pleasure which should only be shared between lovers, and he had indulged himself in such feeling with his worst enemy. Being a young man with full of vitality in front of a willing, inviting and fascinating person wasn't a good excuse. It's like he's betraying the Association, his mentor and especially, who he was. But as horrifying as it sounded, he couldn't stop. "What did he do?" his voice was hoarse.

"He met Sara Shirabuki." Yagari informed. "Hachiro (*) saw his car come in and out of her estate."

Zero tried to cool himself down. Hachiro was a hunter who using his day job as a paparazzi to investigate the missing of three celebrities, whom they're suspecting had been turned and kept by Sara. The silver-hair knew about her reputation as Kaname's voluptuous and lascivious ex-fiancée, she usually showed up with different lovers in different parties. What else did men come after her, but sex? Zero reminded himself that it should be a relief or at least no surprise because Kaname's nature was supposed to be untrustworthy. He would rather deal with his spouse's betrayal than faithfulness. Then his wise mind of a hunter prompted that Sara was one of the vampires who opposed to their pact. Kaname gathered with his nobles last night, then met Sara, they must be planning something.

"You should watch him closer. We're not always lucky like that." Yagari continued "Find out what's he doing."

"I will." His disciple promised "But I don't want to wake up in the afternoon and go to bed at breaking dawn." He whispered. Since the vampires wanted to do business with humans, they had to wake up in the early afternoon. Being the president of his own corporation in fashion and entertainment industries, Kaname had no trouble with his special schedule. He could do all meetings in the afternoons and either attend special events or worked in his office till midnight, unless he had some other plans, such as breaking in someone's bedroom.

Yagari sighed, he appreciated that Zero still wanted to keep some human habits after being turned into a vampire. He's sincerely sorry for his dear disciple, who had to abandon his own personal life to be tied to a pureblood. "I hope we'll exterminate all purebloods soon and set you free." That was his goal before leaving his position.

Then I'll have a chance with Yuuki… Zero thought in silence, it sounded too good to be true. Ten years had passed, it might take a few other ten-year's until they accomplished their goal. Yuuki would have already become a happily married woman with grandchildren at that time.


The hunter was working out at the gym in Kuran mansion. He particularly loved this room and had furnished it all by himself, carefully chosen every of the devices and decoration. A side of wall was made of glass which provided a great view to the garden. This mansion had been purchased before their marriage and they worked together for its renovation. Zero suggested building a gym. Of course, Kaname paid for it. He paid for everything, from planes, cars, trips to clothes and food. The hunter didn't care much about that, which meant money had never become a discussion between them. He's wearing a white singlet with thin black stripes along his sides. Drops of perspiration on his forehead made him look quite hot. He's not athletic, but his firm muscles and flat stomach could convince any young girls, probably not only young girls.

The pureblood decided to be polite and knocked on the door before letting himself in. He walked close to his spouse and leaned on the wall beside him, an ankle crossed the other, his hands behind his back "Hey!"

"Get home early?" the hunter kept lifting his weights up and down, but he did take a look at the brunette. Black suit, dark blue tie and a vague scent of perfume. He loved smelling perfume, both on male and female, though never used it. Yagari and Cross would say it's crazy, but he honestly thought Kaname was charming. Maybe opposites attracted each other. Unlike him, he knew the pureblood cared about his appearance.

"Yeah. I want to talk about next week's schedule now." Kaname gazed at his spouse, admiring his tanned and firm muscles. The hunter's odour of perspiration made it harder for him to concentrate. "I'm going out later."

"OK." Zero stopped, grabbing a towel nearby to wipe his forehead. You didn't tell me you're going to meet Sara. As stated in their marriage contract, they're responsible to let each other know what events one was going to attend and the other would consider to accompany if necessary.

Kaname still daydreamed about approaching his spouse and kissing him. At that time he hadn't known the Association would nominate Zero Kiryuu as his partner or this ex-human was unpredictably a sadist. Their relationship couldn't be described as 'happy', yet they had spent ten uneventful, unfluried years of marriage together. Things were actually much better than he had imagined. Nevertheless, the hunter didn't show any gratitude for taking his money, his blood, and even himself as if it's the way it's supposed to be. And Kaname craved to be used like that, only by him. The pureblood might want to terminate their pact, but he wouldn't annihilate his marriage. He would look for a way to keep his spouse with him.

"What?" Zero asked curtly after waiting for a while.

"Ah," Kaname started "We got an invitation from Ouri-sama to his fashion show and party next Saturday." If it was another fashion designer, he might not attend. But Ouri was an old pureblood, who he wanted to show his respect. All other vampires in fashion industry would made their appearance as well.

"Ouri… the old and solitary pureblood?"


Zero heard that vampire had isolated himself from the society for years, and his return was because of Sara Shirabuki. He wanted to meet him in person and get to know more about him. "I'll attend."

"Good." Kaname smiled, his plan needed the hunter's presence. "That's all."

"OK." Zero stood up, planning to take a shower "I don't need you next week.", knowing his pureblood would follow him. Hunters didn't live a luxurious life as high-leveled vampires, they chose the day jobs which could support their hunter career and earn a decent living. Except those formal visits between two sides, Zero didn't need Kaname when he's visiting his mentor, his father, Yuuki, or hanging out with his colleagues.

He walked into the shower booth, switching the taps on. A mirror above the basin reflected his spouse, who was leaning on the open door, waiting. Kaname wasn't sure what's he waiting for, their conversation had finished, and it didn't seem like they're going to have sex here. But it's not easy to leave, knowing Zero was being naked in his shower. So he just stood quietly, enjoying being close to him. The steam of hot water covered the mirror little by little.

Zero knew Kaname was there, so he stayed in longer than usual, wondering what the pureblood had met Sara Shirabuki for. If they wanted to team up for some evil plan, the world would be in danger, but he would know what to do in that case, he would fight them to death. What if they just wanted to get laid? It wouldn't affect the safety of this world, but he somehow didn't like it. If only it was Yuuki, he would rest assured that she never cheated on him or did something to hurt him. She's a sweet heart and always true to her words. Unfortunately, she's not for him, who was dispossessed of the right of living as a human and forced to live among vampires. For ten years, he had been married to a pureblood vampire and done anything a married couple did, but love, had become friends with several noble vampires and done anything a friend did, but trust. They're living evidence that humans and vampires could tolerate to live together, if they sincerely wanted to. Regrettably, none of them saw it that way.

At last, the sound of water stopped, Zero dried himself, wrapping the towel around his waist before walking out. Immediately caught a passionate desire in his spouse's claret eyes. Sometimes he wished he would only see him in such affectionate and submissive way. After running back to his own bedroom on that wedding night, he was very remorseful and broken, thinking he would never hurt Kaname again. However, when he met him with his circle next afternoon, the pureblood expressed no emotion to him as if nothing had ever happened between them. Kaname was all high and mighty, except those private moments. Zero was rough to him because he wanted to see his soft, vulnerable look, which had touched his heart since the first time and still remained there since. When Kaname had tears in his eyes and his body trembled with pain and pleasure, Zero would temporarily let his guard off and thought about him as his lover. He hadn't been able to tell which one was the pureblood's true face for many years, until Yuuki grew up to a lovely girl and showed him a truly sweet person was sweet all the time. Then he concluded that Kaname just faked it when it's convenient to him. Didn't his mentor say vampires were cunning? His spouse was the leader of that cunning kind. What could he expect?

Speaking of duty, Zero remembered promising to watch him closer and figure out what he's planning. "Where're you going tonight?"

"Queen bar." The pureblood still had those covetous eyes on him.

Zero never wanted to go to a gay bar. Everyone knew it, that's probably why they decided to have a meeting there. "I'll go with you."

"Afraid I'll take a one-night-stand?" The pureblood certainly knew his intent, but wishing it could be a different reason.

All of a sudden, Zero threw away his singlet which he's going to put back on, and locked Kaname between his hands against the door, hot breathes lingered on the pureblood's face. Despite of how many times he had told himself that he didn't need Kaname's faithfulness and his betrayal would help to make things simpler, the idea of his sleeping with another person still disturbed him profoundly.

Kaname was amazed at Zero's reaction, not thinking his words could get him irritated much. It's so unexpected that he wasn't sure if that's jealousy, but he blushed, treasuring those wordless expressions. He wouldn't expect his spouse to say something one day, because what the hunter had agreed to share with him was enough for his heart to feel happy. Zero still kept hands on each side of his head. Kaname was so badly craving to be that close to him that he wouldn't mind if they would stay still forever. But he knew the hunter would break it and leave him, at any moment. He inclined his head to one side, offering his neck. No vampires was able to decline such an invitation.

Zero stared at him in confusion, but not trying to reject such generous offer, his fangs gently plunged into that pale neck. Kaname shivered with the bite and closed his eyes, throwing his arms around his spouse's bare back. Please stay with me a little longer…

A hand fumbling to unzip him, they moved inside and spanked the door shut.

(*) Hachiro was a minor character that I created for this story.

-to be continued-

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