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Chapter 1: Forming Alliances


On Coruscant at the Emperor's headquarters in the main chambers at night time. There is Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious sitting at his throne. There are red suited guards there. Emperor Palpatine: "The rebels have killed Lord Vader. I will soon have a new apprentice." Mara Jade shows up. Mara Jade pulls out her light saber. Emperor Palpatine: "You are not my new apprentice. Luke Skywalker is dead. Yoda is dead. He and Master Windu have never been married. Mace Windu before I killed him scarred me." Mara Jade sends a force push onto the red suited guards banging into a wall. Mara Jade: "It's over Lord Sidious. I will join the jedi and the sith will be extinct just as Han Solo and Chewbacca killed your apprentice. Give up." Mara Jade ignites her light saber. Emperor Palpatine pulls out his light saber. Emperor Palpatine: "Never. I will kill you for your betrayal."

Mara Jade gets into a light saber duel with Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. They swing their swords at each other. They block the blows. Mara Jade swipes at the Emperor's head. He blocks Mara Jade's sword with his. Emperor Palpatine slices Mara Jade in the stomach. Emperor Palpatine next slices off Mara Jade's hand. Darth Sidious puts his light saber away. Emperor Palpatine zaps Mara Jade with force lightning. Mara Jade dies. Grand Admiral Thrawn shows up with the hands of Emperor Palpatine named Sedriss, Nefta, Nist, Vess Kogo, Sa Cuis, Tedryn-Sha, Krdys Mordi and Sarvek Quest. Thrawn: "What happened here?" Emperor Palpatine: "Mara Jade betrayed me. She died for it. I will soon find an apprentice." A worm hole is opening. Emperor Palpatine: "Let's find out what this is." Emperor Palpatine with his hands and Grand Admiral Thrawn go into the worm hole.

At a palace on the Milky Way on the moon. There is present Master Vile. Also there are Rita Repulsa, Lord Zed, Rito, Goldar, Ecliptor, Divatox, Elgar, Rygog, Thrax, Baboo, Squat and a band of putties. Also there is the Machine Empire Queen Machina, King Mondo, Prince Sprocket, Obrus and Klank. There are also Andros and Zhane in disguises. Elgar: "She's Astronema the queen of evil. The power rangers have killed Dark Spectre." Astronema: "I will rule this galaxy." Astronema shows up with blue hair. Everyone gets seated at the large table. They have glasses of drinks with them. Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious with his hands and Grand Admiral Thrawn show up. Emperor Palpatine: "I come from a far away galaxy. I am emperor of that galaxy." Lord Zed: "I am Lord Zed who wants to rule this galaxy." Emperor Palpatine: "You could address me as Darth Sidious dark lord of the sith. I am on the search for a new apprentice. The sith will rule some galaxies."

Astronema goes over to Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Astronema: "I am the queen of evil. Master Vile is the leader of this alliance. I'll join you." Emperor Palpatine: "Become my apprentice. You'll know the ways of the dark side of the force. We'll invade both galaxies." Astronema kneels to Emperor Palpatine. Emperor Palpatine: "You'll address me as Master Sidious. Rise successor to Lord Vader." Astronema rises as the new sith apprentice. The Alliance of evil salutes to Palpatine/Darth Sidious and the galactic empire. Master Vile: "We'll join with you." Emperor Palpatine: "We are called the Galactic Empire." Rita Repulsa: "We'll join your empire." Emperor Palpatine: "My imperial warlords have been killed by the rebel alliance."

Andros and Zhane show themselves as the red and silver space rangers. Goldar: "A spy on us." Astronema: "Get them!" Andros pulls out his spiral saber. Zhane pulls out his super silverizer. Andros and Zhane strike those members of the alliance of evil. Zhane and Andros swing off on their boards flying to Earth. Emperor Palpatine shoots force lightning at them. Emperor Palpatine: "You will Astronema report to me on Coruscant. You'll know the dark side of the force."

The next day on Yavin 4 at the new jedi temple. There is present Princess Leia. Also present are Kam Solusar, Kyle Katarn, Jem Ysanna, Rayf Ysanna, Vima-Da-Boda and K'Kruhk. There are also jedi trainees present. All those jedi have light sabers. Those trainees with Kyle Katarn are being trained. Leia: "I am training others as jedi. I know that some of you were in the old jedi order and survived the jedi purge." K'Kruhk: "The emperor who's also known as Darth Sidious has defeated me a few times. He thinks that I am dead. He could take on a new apprentice. I will try again and maybe this time defeat him." Han Solo and Chewbacca show up. Han Solo: "Chewbacca and I killed Darth Vader after he killed Yoda. Darth Vader has killed Obi-Wan Kenobi. We'll meet up with Senator Mon Mothma."

At the Rebel headquarters in the day time later on. There is Mon Mothma present. Also present is rebel general Crix Madine with Admiral Ackbar. Princess Leia is present with those jedi purge survivors. Also there are Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca, Winter, Nien Nunb. Han Solo is present. There are also many rebel soldiers. R2-D2 and C-3P0 are also present. Mon Mothma: "It is believed from another galaxy the Emperor has taken on a new apprentice." Leia: "My brother Luke died on Hoth. I am hope to defeat the Emperor." General Madine: "You rebels will split put." Leia: "I will go face the emperor. I'll send other jedi back to the temple on Yavin 4."

Trey the gold zeo ranger along with The Phantom Ranger the black turbo ranger and Justice the blue turbo ranger along with Blue Centurion show up along with Alpha 5. Alpha 5: "Blue Senturion here is a cop. Those others are power rangers. Astronema who's joined with Rita and Zed along with Divatox is the dark lady of the sith serving a sith lord called Darth Sidious." Gold Zeo Ranger: "I have recently killed Archerina and Gasket of the machine empire. There are others in the machine empire still alive. I'll have 3 of you rebels come with me and we'll met up with the alien rangers." Han Solo: "I will go with you. I will take Lando and Chewie with me." Winter: "I will take Nien Nunb on a rebel mission." Blue Turbo Ranger: "You'll come with us than. We'll search the galaxies for our enemies."

Somewhere on Earth in Angel Grove at a base inside in the day time. There is Zordon present. Also there is Ecliptor. Thrawn shows up. Zordon: "The Power Rangers will stop you. I know that Astronema turned evil by you Ecliptor joined the emperor of another galaxy as the sith apprentice." Thrawn: "The sith come in 2. A master and apprentice. I serve Lord Sidious in his galactic empire." Ecliptor: "I raised Astronema to be evil as she was a power ranger once before. Now she's the queen of evil and will rule this galaxy as the sith apprentice while Lord Sidious rules the other galaxy as the sith master." Zordon: "You'll never get away with this. I have been the jedi from that galaxy."

At the gym and juice bar in Angel Grove in the day time. There are present Bulk and Skull. Also present are TJ, Cassie, Carlos and Ashley. Andros and Zhane show up in civilian form. Andros: "I know of you Carlos, Ashley, TJ and Cassie. You could come with us." Zhane: "I am Zhane and this guy here is Andros." They go over to the 4 turbo rangers. Those 4 leave with Zhane and Andros.

On the delta megaship. Zhane and Andros show up with Cassie, Ashley, TJ and Carlos. Andros: "I was told of Zordon from you after the defeat of Dark Spectre. Before Zordon was taken by the alliance of evil he has found another galaxy. Alpha 5 went to another galaxy with Justin." Zhane: "You are now space rangers more powerful. The other galaxy is ruled by the dark lord of the sith known as Darth Sidious. His real last name is Palpatine. He took on Astronema as his apprentice. She might be Karone Andros's sister." Andros: "Here are your things." The 2 space rangers give the 4 turbo rangers morphers as space rangers. Zhane morphs into the Silver Space Ranger. Andros morphs into the Red Space Ranger. Carlos morphs into the Green Space Ranger. TJ morphs into the Blue Space Ranger. Ashley morphs into the Yellow Space Ranger. Cassie Morphs into the Pink Space Ranger. Gold Space Ranger: "We'll stay on Earth. Astronema could be coming onto there. The others have met with the rebellion in this far away galaxy and we'll team up with us against the galactic empire."

On Naboo by the city of Theed in the day time. There is Astronema present. Also there is the entire machine empire present. There is a swarm of cogs present. Astronema: "The machine empire could rule Naboo. I will go to Earth to destroy it. We'll rule 2 galaxies. King Mondo. You know what to do." Astronema leaves for the emperor's headquarters.

At the palace on Theed. There is Pooja Naberrie a Naboo senator along with Queen Kylantha. Also present is Captain Millin of Naboo security. Jar Jar Binks is also present with Naboo soldiers. Jar Jar Binks: "Mesa turned against da empire in the Naboo Royal to fight for our freedom. Da jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi killed the sith lord who killed Qui-Gon Jinn long ago." The Phantom Ranger shows up. Phantom Ranger: "There might be this alliance of evil in league with the galactic empire. Zordon has been taken by the new sith apprentice. I'll join with you. I am under the impression that the machine empire is here." Queen Kylantha: "I was part of the galactic empire and I saw that they are evil." Pooja Naberrie: "My aunt Padme died of maybe heartbreak. I think that she was killed by Darth Vader who was killed by Han Solo and Chewbacca." The Phantom Ranger shows his power ruby. Phantom Ranger: "I will fight with this thing."

At the emperor's headquarters on Coruscant. There is Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious present in his chambers. Also present are the emperor's hands. There are red suited guards. Also present is Astronema now with pink hair. Astronema: "The machine empire is now invading Naboo." Emperor Palpatine: "I was a senator of Naboo before I was chancellor. I declared myself emperor. I saw that you dyed your hair. You will go to Earth and invade it my lovely apprentice. You hands of mine will kill the jedi who survived my jedi purge. Most of those jedi were killed by Lord Vader himself." The emperor's hands leave the place for the jedi purge survivors. Astronema departs for Earth.