Chapter 2: Battle against the Alliance and Galactic Empire

Somewhere on Earth in Angel Grove. There are present the 6 space rangers. Quantrons show up. The blue, green, yellow, pink and silver rangers draw weapons. Andros goes to the base of Ecliptor on Earth. Andros: "I will go find Astronema. I will change her back to my sister. I will deal with Ecliptor and find Zordon." Those 5 rangers get into battle with the Quantrons. Bulk and Skull show up.

At the base of Ecliptor on Earth. There are Ecliptor and Thrawn present. Astronema shows up with her battle staff. Astronema: "The machine empire is on Naboo." Thrawn: "I shot down a ship killing some jedi. We'll bring the jedi into extinction." Astronema goes into hiding as does Ecliptor. The red space ranger shows up. Astronema's eyes go yellow as she is the dark lady of the sith serving Darth Sidious. Thrawn: "You must be a power ranger."

Thrawn pulls out his blaster. He fires on the red space ranger. The red space ranger strikes Thrawn with his saber. Andros finds Zordon. Zordon: "Andros. Time is running out. The jedi will deal with the emperor. You have to shatter my energy tubes. That's the way to defeat this evil. Astronema maybe will become your sister again." Andros: "What will happen to you?" Zordon: "I will be gone but I will live in all that is good." Andros: "There must be some other way." Zordon: "There isn't. Your enemies are here. This guy with the blue skin serves the emperor of that galaxy." Ecliptor: "You are too late. Lord Sidious will come back to here once he destroys the jedi as he did before."

Andros next strikes Ecliptor with his saber. Thrawn tries to get back up. Andros throws a kick onto Grand Admiral Thrawn. Andros from his saber shoots a laser onto Thrawn killing him. Astronema: "I have joined the sith and I am your sister. I met with Darth Sidious who controlled the galactic senate to start his empire." Andros: "I will stop you and restore my sister." Andros now gets into battle with Astronema the new sith apprentice.

On Eltar the home world of Zordon in the day time somewhere. There are Han Solo, Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian along with Trey the gold zeo ranger. Also there are the alien rangers Delphine a female who's the white ranger, Tideus the yellow alien ranger, Aurico the red alien ranger, Corus the black alien ranger and Cestro the blue alien ranger. Gold Zeo Ranger: "They are from a planet called Aquitar. Zordon is from this world. We had the hunch that this planet will be invaded." Master Vile shows up with Rita, Zed, Rito, Goldar, Baboo, Squatt and a band of putties. Master Vile: "You must be soldiers teaming up with power rangers. You'll die."

The gold zeo ranger pulls out his battle staff. Chewbacca pulls out his crossbow as Lando and Han pull out their blasters. Gold Zeo Ranger: "Those of you fighting against the galactic empire could deal with the putties." Putties come after the rebel alliance members. They shoot down putties. Goldar is shot at by Chewbacca. The gold zeo ranger with the alien rangers get into battle with Rita, Zed, Goldar, Rito, Baboo, Squatt and Master Vile. There are various putties that take on the rebel alliance members. There is hand to hand fighting of the power rangers vs. members of the alliance of evil. Gold Zeo Ranger: "The weak spot is on the z." Han Solo shoots a putty on the Z.

On KO-35 in the day time by a fountain. There are Blue Senturion and Blue Turbo ranger present. Also there are Winter and Nien Nunb of the rebel alliance. Blue Turbo Ranger: "I know of Divatox coming to here. Andros is from that world." Divatox shows up with Elgar, Rygog and a band of piranatrons. Divatox: "You 2 with the power rangers must be with the rebel alliance." Blue Senturion: "You are under arrest." Nien Nunb and Winter get into battle with piranatrons. Justin the blue turbo power ranger takes on Elgar. Blue Senturion takes on Rygog. The rebel alliance gets into battle with piranatrons. They shoot down piranatrons that go after them.

On Yavin 4 at the jedi temple. There are jedi purge survivors Kam Solusar, Jem Ysanna, Rayf Ysanna, Vima-Da-Boda and K'Kruhk along with jedi trainee Kyle Katarn. The emperor's hands Sedriss, Nefta, Nist, Vess Kogo, Sa Cuis, Tedryn-Sha, Krdys Mordi and Sarvek Quest show up. Those on both sides all ignite light sabers. K'Kruhk: "You will Kyle Katarn be a jedi knight if you defeat them. We are back you up." They get into a light saber duel.

At the emperor's base outside. There is Emperor Palpatine with red suited guards present. Princess Leia shows up. Princess Leia sends a force push onto red suited guards. Emperor Palpatine: "Princess Leia. I see that you started a new jedi order. I'll destroy it." Leia: "It's over Emperor Palpatine." Emperor Palpatine and Princess Leia draw light sabers. They ignite them. They get into a light saber duel.

On Naboo somewhere by Theed. There is Captain Millin present with his soldiers. Also there is the Phantom Ranger along with Jar Jar Binks, Queen Kylantha and Senator Pooja Naberrie. King Mondo, Queen Machina, Prince Sprocket, Orbus, Klank and the cogs show up. Captain Millin: "We'll deal with those things." Queen Kylantha and Pooja Naberrie with Captain Millin and his soldiers get into battle with cogs.

Jar Jar Binks has his battle staff. He and the Phantom Ranger get into battle. Cogs fire on the Naboo soldiers with politicians. They fire back shooting down cogs. Jar Jar Binks with his battle staff clobbers Prince Sprocket. The Phantom Ranger with his diamond ruby strikes Klank and Orbus. Captain Millin the battle shoots Queen Machina and King Mondo knocking them down. Phantom Ranger: "Your blaster might not be powerful enough on them." There is the battle of the Royal House of Naboo teaming with the Phantom Ranger vs. the Machine Empire.

Back on Earth at Ecliptor's base. Andros and Astronema bang their weapons into each other's. The red space ranger strikes Astronema with his spiral saber. Astronema falls down to the ground. Andros: "Stay down sister. I'll turn you back." Ecliptor: "It's too late." Andros next strikes Ecliptor with his saber. Andros throws his saber into Zordon's energy tubes. A wave is coming out of Zordon's tubes. This is going into other galaxies.

On Eltar there is the fighting against Rita and Zed's forces going on. Han Solo and Lando Calrissian shoot down some more putties. The gold zeo ranger with the rangers from Aquitar knock down Rita and Zed's minions.

Rita and Zed have their magic wands to use on the rangers and rebel alliance. The wave from Zordon comes onto the planet. The putties with Baboo and Squat are turned into sand. Rito and Goldar turn human. Master Vile turns human next along with Rita and Zed. Gold Zeo Ranger: "I can't see what's gone on here. Maybe Zordon spared you."

Back on Eltar. There are Winter and Nien Nunb fighting alongside the blue turbo power ranger along with Blue Senturion against Divatox and her forces. The wave comes onto Eltar. Divatox is turned to human while Elgar, Rygog and the piranatrons are turned into sand. Blue Ranger Turbo: "This must be Zordon's energy wave. Maybe he wiped out the rest." Divatox: "I am alive."

On Naboo with Naboo people and the Phantom Ranger vs. the machine empire. The battle against the machine empire is going on. The machine empire still standing are all turned to sand. It's a victory. Jar Jar Binks: "Wesa free. Maybe Princess Leia will bring down da emperor Palpatine."

Back on Yavin 4. There are the new jedi vs. dark jedi. The emperor's hands are being killed by jedi purge survivors. Kyle Katarn in the battle kills Sedriss. It's a victory. K'Kruhk: "You could train an apprentice Kyle. Maybe Princess Leia will defeat Darth Sidious."

Back on Earth somewhere in Angel Grove. The battle is going on between the space rangers and Quantrons. The Quantrons are turned to sand. The rangers all go back into civilian form. It's a victory. Zhane: "Andros must have done it."

Back at Ecliptor's base. There is Zordon's energy tube broken. Ecliptor turns to sand. Astronema turns back into Karone. Karone is blonde again. Andros's costume fades off. Karone: "Andros?" Andros: "You were under the influence of evil people. Zordon has spared you. You served as the sith apprentice to an emperor of another galaxy. Maybe we will be killed." Andros goes over to Karone. He hugs her. Andros: "Let's find the others." They go looking for the other space rangers.

Back at the Emperor's headquarters in the day time. There is still Princess Leia fighting Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. They swing their swords at each other. Leia keeps banging her sword onto the emperor's. Princess Leia in the battle stabs the Emperor in the heart. Princess Leia does a force push. Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious falls out of the window to his doom. The emperor's body hits the fiery pits on Coruscant. It's a victory.

Many days later on Naboo in the city of Theed. There is present Mon Mothma. Also present are many members of the rebellion. Also there are the space rangers Andros, Zhane, Ashley, Cassie, TJ and Carlos. Karone the sister of Andros is also present. Bulk and Skull are there was well. Also there are Jar Jar Binks, Lando Calrissian, Queen Kylantha, Winter, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3P0, Alpha 5, Alpha 6, Nein Nunb, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Kyle Katarn, Senator Pooja Naberrie and Captain Millin. Also there are the reformed Rita Repulsa, Master Vile, Lord Zed, Goldar, Rito and Thrax present. They are in human form. There are also the Queen's handmaidens. Jar Jar Binks lifts up the peace globe as he is chancellor of the New Republic. The power rangers along with Karone leave the place with members of the alliance of evil who joined the empire leave back to their galaxy. Han Solo shakes hands with Andros as those Earth people depart back to their home worlds. Han Solo: "We won our freedom of the galaxy. Jar Jar Binks is chancellor of the new republic. You could all go back home. My girlfriend defeated Emperor Palpatine after you Andros defeated others replacing those imperial warlords."