I am actually doing a one shot. :P Anyway, I am in a RobinxRaven mood so don't Flame about the pairing. If you don't like it, don't read ferther!

Raven had her short purple hair in pigtails, some navy blue shorts on and a gray spaghetti shirt with the batman logo on the front and it showed her stomach and at the very bottom is was zigzagging up and down. Raven was heading towards her boyfriends room to say goodnight to him. Raven was walking barefoot down the hallway towards his room. She was thinking about their relationship, how the first time they told the Titans that they were together and the Titans didn't believe them, but then they did and they thought they wouldn't be with each other long. But they both proved them all wrong. They now have been together for 5 years. He had changed his name to something better. Raven was now 21 and her boyfriend was 22. Finally Raven made it to her boyfriend's door, where the big bold letters spelt, NIGHTWING. That is right Raven Roth was a girlfriend to the past boy wonder or boy blunder as she called him, Robin but now the dark almost as mysterious as Raven, Nightwing. Nightwing had told Raven his real name, Richard Grayson and when they were alone, she would call him Rich, Dick, or Richard. She only used Richard when she was serious or something important was happening. Also, Nightwing had showed her his eyes at their 3rd year of dating. Just as the door opened, Raven was scooped up bridal style surprised. Raven grabbed at something but it came off and she realized that it was his mask in her hands he was wearing his old mask. Richard had on some gray sweatpants with no shirt. Raven gasped and said, "Nightwing!"

Richard just chuckled as he swung her in circles. Raven clutched to Richard like it would depend on her life. Finally Richard stopped at set Raven on her feet but she was so dizzy that she was falling backwards but he caught her. Richard stated as he looked at what she was wearing, "I didn't know you had a thing for Batman."

Raven had a light blush sweep her checks but retorted, "Well I didn't know that I was dating a maniac who would spin me around until I got dizzy."

Richard just smiled his cocky smile and helped her back up. Finally, after Raven was steady again, Richard told her, "Raven you know how we have been together for 5 years and tomorrow it would be 6 years. I have a question for you."

Raven looked at him and said, "Go ahead Richard."

Richard took in a deep breath and went on one knee and looked up at Raven and started, "Raven you have always been there for me, and I love you with all my heart. You are my best friend, girlfriend, and the girl who stole my heart."

Raven looked at him and asked a little fearful that he wanted a break up, "Where are you going with this Richard?"

Richard took a deep breath again, and spoke, "You stole my heart, are my girlfriend but I don't want to be your boyfriend anymore."

Raven started tearing up but then Richard continued, "I want to be your husband. Raven, will you marry me?"

Raven started crying tears of joy and started fanning herself to stop from blubbering and said, "Yes. Yes! YES! Yes, Richard, I will marry you!"

Just then the Titans popped out of nowhere cheering while Richard and Raven had a passionate kiss.

I know I know. Crappy ending, but it did it's perpose. I think I spelt that right.