AN: This is an AU set after Braking dawn. The pack never split. Nessie is in this story but she is aging normally and Jacob never imprinter on her.

Introducing Cora Martin

When I was a teenager I dreamt of escaping normality, I would spend hours reading books filled with magic and mythical creatures longing to be part of the adventure.

Back then if someone had told me that before I was 25 I would be a witch living on an Indian reservation surrounded by werewolves and vampires I would have told them it was impossible and offered them a ride back to whatever mental facility that had escaped from but nothing is impossible.

Now I am 24 years old and a child of nature witch for lack of a better term means I am a witch. I live on the La push reservation with my brother Dan and my sister in law Leah.

Leah is one of the strongest most loving women I have ever met, she is the sister I never had and she is also a werewolf along with my best friend and the guy I have fallen in love with.

As if all that was not enough just down the road in a little town called Forks there lives a family of vampires that feed only on animal blood making them vegetarians and in theory safe but the things they attract most definitely are not.

My name is Cora Martin and once upon a time my life was normal, boring and safe I hated it now I miss it desperately.