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Dan's Leah and her secrets

With a 10 year age gap between me and Dan many people assumed that we would be practically strangers especially when we had spent 10 years living in different countries. This assumption may have been right for most brothers and sisters in our situation but not for me and Dan.

For as long as I can remember Dan has been my hero, we have always been closer than most brothers and sisters that I know even when the only contact we had was over the phone. My Grandmother once told me it was because I was a child of nature but I refused to believe her, she was usually right when it came to my powers -I get the impression that she studied the rose book before passing it onto me- but this was one time she was wrong. Dan and I would have been just as close if I had never been a child of nature I am sure of it.

Dan is a literature professor he specializes in myths and legends. That's what bought Dan to La Push, he was researching the Quileute legends when he met Leah, he fell in love with her and never got around to leaving.

It didn't take me long to decide that I was going to love Leah Clearwater. She was warm, witty and sarcastic I learnt all of this on the way to La Push I also learnt she was hiding something.

It was as Leah slid into the back seat next to me that I first noticed how abnormally warm she was. I could feel the heat radiating off her and I couldn't help but worry.

"Leah are you feeling alright?" I asked her feeling genuinely concerned for the woman who obviously made my brother very happy

"I fine" she reassured me "Why?" she asked

"You're burning up" I told her leaning over to place my hand on her forehead.

"Oh that" she said waving me off "Don't worry about it"

"Don't worry! Leah you must be at least a hundred degrees" I exclaimed

"A hundred and eight actually" she told me with a smile

"Cora don't worry" Dan said from the driver's seat using his most soothing big brother voice

"Leah has a hereditary condition, one of the side effects is that she constantly runs a temperature" he explained

"Really?" I asked Leah, I had never doubted anything that Dan had told me before but that sounded pretty unbelievable to me

"Yeah really" Leah agreed after hesitating for just a second. That second was all it took to confirm my suspicion that Dan had just lied to me.

"Actually a few of the guys on the reservation have it" Dan told me

"You will probably meet most of them in the next few days" he concluded.

Dan was silent for the rest of the drive while me and Leah didn't stop talking

By the time we reached La Push Leah had filled me in on who I could trust implicitly – Seth, Quill, Embry and Jacob- who could be incredibly annoying at times but were basically harmless – Jared, Collin and Brady- and who I should avoid whenever possible –Sam and Paul-. I felt like I knew each of the men already she had described them to me so clearly.

When we reached the house that Leah and Dan shared there was a young man with a huge smile waiting for us.

"You must be Seth" I guessed as I approached him

"And you must be my new big sister Cora" he countered pulling me into a big hug. As I hugged him back I noticed two things one was that he was just as warm as Leah and the other was that it was ridicules for this man mountain to refer to me as his big sister when he was a least a foot taller than me.

That night I had the most fun I had had since getting my powers. Leah showed me my new room; she and I unpacked my belongings and made the bed lighting and gossiping the whole time. I even shared some of Dan's most embarrassing stories with her. It was such a nice change to talk to a woman that wasn't 50 years my senor.

Seth and I spent the rest of the night playing video games. He was shocked to discover that I had never played a computer game before, when I explained that my Grandmother didn't approve of them he laughed and promised he would teach me everything he knew.

Seth clamed I was a natural when half way thought the night I began to beat him but I had a sneaky suspicion that he was letting me win so I wouldn't feel bad.

I had such a good time that by the time I crawled into my bed I had forgotten all about Dan and Leah's lie in the car, that is until I heard a wolf's howl in the woods outside. I loved wolves and had always dreamed of seeing a real wolf in the wild so I raced to the window in hopes of catching a glimpse of one but instead what I saw was Leah, Dan and three huge guys not far from the house I strained my ears to hear what they were saying.

"Guy's you are going to love her" Leah said I could only assume she meant me "She is sweet and smart and she can hold her own if she needs to" she told them

"Seth already loves her" Dan put in

"Seth imprinted on her" one of the huge guys asked

"No, no not that kind of love" Dan said quickly "But he likes her enough to let her win a few games" he explained

"Look as nice as she sounds can we trust her?" asked one of the guys

"Yes" Dan answered "I promise you that you can trust her"

"What if she freaks out and tells someone" asked one of the other guys

"It would take much more than you guys to freak my sister out trust me" Dan told them with a sad undertone in his voice. He had always hated the fact that I got no say in whether I was a child of nature or not, sometimes I think he wanted a normal life for me more than I wanted it for myself.

"What aren't you telling us?" Leah asked him

"Something that I can't tell you" Dan said sadly I knew he was keeping not just their secret but mine as well and could tell he didn't like it.

No one pushed Dan for more of an answer but Leah's stance changed she stood strong and tall I could tell she had made a decision and she was determined to stick to it.

"I'm going to have to tell her before the wedding" She said "She deserves to know, she has to know" she concluded.

"But until she knows the truth if she asks any of you why you are so warm It's a side effect of a hereditary condition" Dan told them, All three of the giants burst out laughing

"Did you come up with that one Danny boy" one of them asked him

"It was the best I could do, I've never lied to her before" Dan defended himself quietly

All of them sobered

"And you won't have to lie to her again, at least not for us" Leah reassured him "I'm going to tell her tomorrow" she said confidently and no one argued

The huge guys turned towards the woods and I knew that the meeting must be over; I scrambled back into my bed before anyone saw me at the window.

My last thoughts before sleep clamed me was that tomorrow there would be no more secrets or lies Leah was going to share hers with me and I would share mine with her.

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