Title: Rise of the Dark Angel
Chapter: 2: Reevaluations: The Golden Boy Image
Settings: AU after OOP. It's canon up to the beginning of the battle at the DOM when they are in the veil room, after that, it's AU and mine.
Chapter 2 Summary: Harry re-evaluates Ron and Hermione; speaks with an unexpected source; shows his true appearance to his family.
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Pairings: HP/DM; LV/SS; LM/RL; RL/BL (Rudolphus and Bellatrix); NL/LL
Warnings: This story will contain mentions of Violence, Child Abuse, Alcohol Use, Adult Language, Slash/Het Sexual situations. Please discontinue reading if such scenes or themes are offensive to you.

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Too terrified to say anything, all Vernon and Petunia could do was nod.

"Good," Harry said before making his way up the stairs and to his room.

When he was gone, Vernon and Petunia let out a shaky breath. Her eyes wide and fearful, Petunia turned to her husband. "He's back isn't he?"

"Yes Pet," Vernon whispered. "He's back; God help us he's back." For the first time in years, Petunia and Vernon were terrified of their nephew.


When Harry opened the door to his bedroom, he saw that it was still the same. Walking into the room, he closed the door behind him, walked over to the bed, and dropped his trunk near the foot. Hearing a trill from Hedwig, he walked over to the window and opened it. Harry smiled at the slight breeze that caressed his face before he shifted his body to allow Hedwig to move to the ledge; when she did, she closed her eyes for a few seconds before turning to look at her master.

"Things are going to change Hedwig," Harry spoke softly to her. "We're done being the goody two-shoes that everyone wants."

Hedwig shuffled her feathers and trilled at Harry.

"Yes, that means we will look the way we are supposed to." Raising a hand, Harry rubbed Hedwig's head gently. "Sirius grounded us didn't he? Because of him we were thinking of making the change permanent; but no more. They took him from us and I think it's time they knew exactly who we are and what we're capable of."

Excited trills came from the owl as she listened to her master; she knew what he was going to do and she couldn't wait. It was tiresome being in her current form and she missed her true form dearly. She shuffled on her feet and moved closer to Harry with another trill.

"Go on girl," Harry urged her. "Change."

Giving him another trill, Hedwig did as he asked. It took just a few minutes and when she was done, she spread her wings and ruffled her feathers, almost as if she was shaking herself off. She looked up at Harry and felt pleasure go through her at the affection in his eyes.

"You're beautiful Hed," Harry smiled as he held out his arm for her to move to. When she did, he rubbed her breast gently with his knuckles causing her to let out a pleased trill. "Everyone will be shocked when they see you; I wonder if it'll cause any of them to have a heart attack?"

When Hedwig gave a few trills, Harry knew she was laughing at what he had said. She shifted closer and bent down to give him a pick on his arm before giving a few trills.

"Alright, alright," Harry laughed. "I'll change; but you have to get off my arm for it happen."

Trilling once more, Hedwig flew from his arm and landed back on the windowsill.

"Here goes," Harry muttered.

Closing his eyes, he focused on his appearance, on what he really looked like; he waved an arm over his body and said the spell. "Finite Incantatem."

A glow surrounded him for a few minutes and when it faded, a different looking person stood there. Walking over to the mirror, Harry waved his hand and cleared away the muck so that he could see himself clearly.

His messy, jet-black hair was now like Sirius'; it was longer and slightly curled, coming to rest on his shoulders. His eyes, which in the past were referred to as emeralds, now shone as bright as the color of the killing curse, Avada Kedavra. He saw that he was taller, but he knew that he was still a few inches shorter than Ron; since he had taken to exercising every summer after he got his Hogwarts letter, his skinny frame had filled out evenly with muscles. His face had lost the softness and baby fat and was more angular, and his lips were not as thin and dried as they were but slightly full and pouty. In short, in his true form Harry was the epitome of gorgeous.

Hedwig flew from her perch on the windowsill to land on his shoulder; reaching up a hand, he petted her softly before removing his glasses. His eyesight had been corrected since the end of his second year but he had kept the glasses on as a front.

"We make quite the impression don't we?" he asked his faithful companion and she trilled in response; with both his and Hedwig's new looks and her on his shoulder, the two did indeed make an impression. "Alright, now that that's out of the way; we need to figure out what we're going to do. Alright, first things first: the traitors."

Hedwig trilled at him before flying off and landing on the headboard of the bed. Harry walked over to his closet, and searched through it for a few minutes before coming back out with one of Dudley's old notebooks in his hands. Harry searched through the room until he found a pen before making his way to the bed; he fixed his pillows against the headboard before settling against them with Hedwig looking over his shoulder.

"Alright," Harry said as he opened the book. "Would you like to know what I came up with when I was on the train?"

Hedwig trilled twice and Harry nodded.

"Ok, let's start with the Weasleys; as far as I know, the Weasleys are a pureblood family and they have never had any muggleborns in their family, if that is true why then did they decided to use the muggle means of getting to Kings Cross Station? Seeing how strict the Ministry is on the muggles not learning of our world, why would Mrs. Weasley be in Muggle London screaming for the whole platform to hear her about Platform 9 ¾? Why was she even in Muggle London in the first place considering their entire family is purebloods?"

Hedwig trilled twice more before leaning down and rubbing her head against his; she knew that he had become extremely angry on the train and she was curious as to what had caused her master to react like that. She wondered if he was still angry about it, but from his tone, all he sounded to her was amused and curious. She butted her head against his once more to let him know he could continue.

"This is what I think," Harry said as he reached a hand up and rubbed his owl before letting fall back to rest on his leg.

"I think that it was a set up from the start; since I was new to the Wizarding World, the Old Man needed me under his control from the very beginning and who better to make sure that happened, than the Weasleys who follow his every command? They're the only Light Family Dumbledore knows will never question anything he says or does. Since I was so "mistreated" by my family, I would see the Weasleys as my surrogate family; becoming best friends with their son who was my age and falling in love and marrying the younger sister, thus have me blindly following Dumbledore like they do."

Harry shook his head. "Molly is too overbearing, Arthur bows to Molly too much considering he's supposed to be the Head of the House, Ron is a jealous git who thinks that everything should be handed to him and can't stand the idea of someone doing better than him; and Ginny, well Ginny is just too much of a Boy-Who-Lived fan and she creeps me the fuck out; always staring at me when she thinks I'm not looking."

Hedwig shifted on the headboard before letting out a few trills.

"Good question," Harry nodded. "I'm not too sure about them, but I guess I will have to find out; although, they do seem to be different from the entire family don't they?"

His faithful owl gave the equivalent of a nod.

"Ok; who's next in line? Ahhh, the Mudblood Hermione Granger: you know what Hed? Something she said in our first meeting struck me as odd. She said that she had been practicing spells during the summer and from what I know, she never got an owl from the Ministry for it. Why didn't she get one and I did for what Dobby did?"

Hedwig gave a trill as if to say she didn't know either.

"Moving on; the thing I hate about her is that she believes that she is always right and unless it's in a book, then it can't be true or real. Remember how she treated Luna just because she was different? And when she refused to believe me when I told her about the Thestrals the first time I saw them?"

Hedwig trilled in indignation; she had always been angry the bushy-haired when Harry had told her about it and she had never got over it. She herself had lived there her entire life and she was appalled by how the witch seemed to think she knew more about her world that the purebloods did.

"I know Hed," Harry soothed her. "And when she had started S.P.E.W?" Harry laughed. "For someone who is so passionate about learning, you would think she would've researched the way the Elves were before she even thought of starting S.P.E.W."

Harry snorted with laughed when he remembered the looks on both Dobby and Kreacher's faces whenever Hermione mentioned being free; Hedwig's trills sounded like she was laughing along with her wizard.

"I mean," Harry said. "How is it that someone who's never been to the Wizarding World until she was twelve, believe she knows more about it than the people that have lived there their entire lives…people that have generations and generations of family roots there. I can't believe she thinks she actually knows better than the ones that live there. I don't know how she can be referred to as the brightest witch of her age when she's monumentally stupid when it comes some of the Wizarding customs."

Turning his head, he looked at his familiar. "Do you know that she and Ron are a couple? Ron, the guy that made her cry from day one is the one she wants to be with; just goes to show how stupid she really is. I'm going to have a lot of fun knocking her off her high horse."

Hedwig ruffled her feathers and shook her head with a trill.

"And you can eat the cat of hers," Harry chuckled. "I swear the thing is just like its owner; walking around as if it knows everything. You know, the only difference between Hermione and Draco is their blood; Hermione is just as prejudiced and judgmental as he is and she walks around acting as if she knows better...that she is better. But we're going to fix that, aren't we?"

When Hedwig trilled, Harry chuckled again. "Yes we are."

The two were quiet after that; just enjoying each other's presence and taking comfort in it. Because of his warning to his family earlier, they left Harry alone; the sun was setting when he shifted on the bed. He turned and brought Hedwig to stand on his lap.

"We're going to need help before we do anything," he told her. "And there are some questions that I have and as crazy as it may sound, there's only one person I trust to actually give me the correct answer."

Hedwig trilled; she knew exactly whom her master was talking about and she knew that he was right; the man would be the one to tell him what he needed to know.

"Yes him," Harry nodded. "You up to deliver a letter?"

She gave a squawk, as if to say she couldn't believe he would ask that and Harry chuckled. "Sorry girl, of course you are."

Turning to a clean page, Harry started on his letter; when he was done, he folded it and placed it in Hedwig's beak. "You know who to take this to; make sure him and only him gets this letter and stay with him until he's ready to talk or send a reply. Knowing him, I'm sure it'll be a few days at the most."

Hedwig trilled a few times and then she rubbed her head against Harry's chin before disappearing. After she left, Harry turned back to his room.

"Well," he mused. "Since I'm no longer the Golden Boy, I think it's time my living arrangements change."

With a wave of his hand, his bed expanded to a King size which was already made; his mirror expanded enough to see just above his waist; the broken table was turned into a desk with a chair behind it. He turned to the far wall and concentrated; focusing on his magic, he allowed it to do what he wanted and a door appeared. Walking over, he opened the door and gave a satisfied smile when he saw a bathroom and it was exactly how he wanted it; a large size tub, double tap sink and a toilet. Closing the door, he glanced at his walls waved his hands once more, turning the colors from the dull, boring peach color to a vibrant green. When he was done, his stomach growled.

"Forgot doing this always makes me hungry," he chuckled softly. He left his room and headed down the stairs; ignoring uncle who was watching TV, he went to the kitchen where his aunt was.

"Oh my," Petunia's hand flew to her mouth as she took in her nephew's true appearance. Her eyes roamed his entire body before meeting his eyes only to see a smirk on his face.

"If we weren't family Aunt Petunia," Harry said. "I'd wonder why you were just checking me out." He laughed when he saw the slight blush on her face.

"I see you were serious about that boy being gone," Petunia said; she kept the sneer out of her voice, as she did not want to suffer the consequences from him.

"Did you think I was lying?" Harry asked as he started to make some dinner. "That boy is gone Petunia; I'm no longer you're slave, whatever you want, you'll do it yourself. You won't be able to tell me what to do anymore and if you or that walrus of a husband and that whale of a son of yours think that they can put their hands on me or order me to do anything…well, let's just say that you wouldn't have to buy any more fertilizer from the store."

Petunia gulped as her nephew's words washed over her; she knew that he meant every word and she cursed the magical world for being the reason he was back. She shivered slightly as she remembered what he was like as a child; the trouble he caused, the way he took pleasure in other people's pain, and the damage that he did, especially after he learned how to control his magic. Without saying anything, she left the kitchen.

"I can tell this will be the most exciting and pleasurable summer yet," Harry chuckled.

As he finished what he was making, his thoughts drifted to his cousin. "Hmm, Dudders has yet to be home and I have no doubt he will try and cause his usual ruckus; well, what better way to reacquaint myself with my past." Harry let out a dark chuckle as he left the kitchen and headed back to his room.

Back in the living, Petunia turned fearful eyes to her husband. "What are we going to do Vernon?

Vernon was silent as he thought on his wife's question. "We could go visit Marge?"

"Yeah," Petunia nodded. "We could."

The couple was silent as they absently watched the TV; they knew that with Harry back to the way he was, things would change as well and they knew that if they valued their life, which they did, they would have to be careful of how they acted around him. They still had nightmares sometimes about his time as a child, when he had gained enough control of his magic to punish them for the abuse that they had done to him.

They were jerked out of their thoughts by the footsteps on the stairs; turning around, they saw Harry walking down with a smirk on his face and a dark look in his eyes. It confused and terrified them and they wondered what had caused it. Their answer came when the front door opened and they watched as their son came through the door.


Harry smiled and laughed silently to himself as he remembered the look in his aunt's eyes. It thrilled him to know that he had put it there and that she was absolutely terrified of him and what he could do.

He sat on his bed and ate his dinner; his mind wondered to Hedwig and the person she delivered the letter to and he smirked when he thought of the shock at seeing Hedwig's new look and the annoyance as they read his letter. He knew that the person would be skeptical to say the least, more than likely angry; but he also knew that their curiosity would get the better of them and they would end up at his place. He finished his food and placed the empty plate on the table. He looked around his room once more and smiled; he knew that he should've gotten a letter from the Ministry for the use of magic, but his control over his powers had allowed the magic to be virtually less than it actually was which wouldn't cause much of a blimp on their records.

Hearing noises outside, he moved to his window and opened it; when he saw who it was, a smirk came over his face. It was Dudley and his friends. He watched as they left and Dudley made his way around the house to the front door. He turned from the window and leaned against it for a few seconds. He thought on his cousin and knew that Dudley would try something this summer, as he always did when he realized that Harry wouldn't retaliate.

"Well," Harry said, "might as well let him know that those days are over."

Grinning, he moved from the window and made his way out of his room. As he was going down the stairs, a smirk came on his face while his eyes held a dark look as he thought on what he would do his cousin; he saw the confused and terrified on his aunt and uncle's face and when the door opened, his smirk got wider.

"Mum, dad," Dudley said as he came in. "I'm home."

He did not see Harry standing on the stairs as he moved to the living room to where his parents were.

"Hey mum, dad, is the freak home yet?" He had been in a hurry to get home all day because he knew that Harry would be there; he had missed his favorite punching bag, especially since Harry had stopped fighting back.

"Dudley," Petunia whimpered at his words; she looked behind him and saw the dark look in her nephew's eyes turn murderous. Before Dudley could answer however, Harry spoke.

"Would you mind repeating that Dudders?" Harry asked; he felt a flare of anger at him at his words, but didn't let it show in his voice.

Dudley turned around, ready to sneer at his cousin, only to lose said sneer as he took in Harry's look. "Wh-wh-what happened to you?"

"Magic," Harry smiled. "Now, I do believe I asked you a question; would you mind repeating what you said when you came in the door?"

"You can't do magic here," Dudley sneered to hide the fear that was going through him. "You're not allowed; that old man said so."

"Yeah well," Harry sneered. "That old man aint here and I'm done doing what they want; which means, I can do this and not care at all." He used his magic to blanket the sound around the house before he pointed his hand Dudley's shoulder and said. "Diffindo."

Dudley screamed as he felt the pain in his shoulder; blood quickly soaked through his shirt, turning the light color dark. Dudley fell to his knees as his other hand flew to his shoulder to try and stop the pain and the bleeding. Petunia screamed while Harry laughed.

"Please stop," Petunia pleaded to her nephew; she knew that they deserved it for the way they treated him over the years and the blind eye they kept when Dudley did the same, but she still tried to get her nephew to stop.

"Give me one reason why I should?" Harry asked before turning back to Dudley. His finger in the air, he used his magic and carved the word freak in big bold letters across Dudley's back. Dudley screamed even more and used his remaining hand to try and tear his shirt off his back.

"Can't take a little pain Dudders?" Harry tsked. "This is nothing compared to the hell I've been through, but I suppose I shouldn't tire out all my fun."

He moved from his spot and walked around Dudley until he was facing his back. "Now hold still Dudders, this is going to hurt."

He moved his hand and he healed the cut on Dudley's shoulder. When he came to the one on his back, he looked at it for a few seconds before he smiled. The darkness in his smile would have made Dudley pissed himself if he saw it.


Dudley screamed as he felt the pain of the fire on his skin while Petunia and Vernon cringed at the smell of the burnt flesh as Harry cauterized the wound.

Looking at the flesh as it burned, Harry whispered another spell. "Occludictus."

When he was satisfied, he cancelled the spells; Dudley had already lost consciousness before he was finished. When he was done, he turned to go back to his room and Petunia and Vernon hurried to their son's side. Harry paused when he was on the second step.

"Just so you know, the word 'FREAK' will never be able to be removed from his body; not even surgery will get it off."

With those words, he left his aunt and uncle crying on the floor over their unconscious son and headed to his room.


It's been about four days since Harry got back to his family's place and four days since he had attacked his cousin. Dudley had spent the rest of the day unconscious from the wound that he had received from Harry and to the surprise and relief of his parents, had woken up the next morning without any pain or inflammation in the wound; the words however, were still there for everyone to read and they knew that it was punishment for all the times they had called Harry by that name.

Since then, the trio had taken to avoiding him and staying out of his way, which Harry couldn't be happier about it; he had his privacy and he didn't even had to do much to get it.

Stepping out of the shower, Harry wrapped the towel around his waist before opening the door to his room. He walked over to his closet and pulled out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt before throwing them on his bed. He was turning away when he heard the tapping at his window; he looked up and saw Pig, Ron's owl.

"What the hell does that traitor want?" Harry muttered to himself. He debated on whether or not to let the owl in, but in the end, he pulled on his jeans and decided to let the owl in. "Might as well read it and get a laugh."

Walking over to the window, he opened it and watched in distaste as the owl flew hazardously around his room. Seeing that the owl had not one, but two letters and not wanting to deal with the trouble of fighting to catch it, he raised his hand and cast the Summoning spell, bringing the letters to him. He glanced at the writing on the parchment, noting that both were from Ron and Hermione before throwing them on his bed and turning to the owl.

"You can leave now, or if you want, you can stay until Hedwig gets back; and you know how she is when it comes to other owls near me." Harry chuckled silently at that; his Hedwig was very territorial.

With a squawk, the owl flew back through the windows, hurrying out of there not wanting to deal with the enraged owl.

His warning couldn't have been timed more perfectly because seconds later, he felt the rush of familiar magic over and knew that his beloved familiar had returned, and that she had a guest. He turned around fully expecting to see the annoyed and ever present sneer and glare, only to smile at the shocked look on the man's face as he took in Harry's appearance. He held out his arm, allowing Hedwig to land on it before smiling at his guest.

"Hello Severus."

(Four Days Ago)

There are three things that the students and teachers of Hogwarts could tell you about the Potions Master, Severus Snape:

He favored his Slytherin students above the others, he wasn't a polite person to be around, and he held utter contempt for one Harry Potter.

However, the one thing that they did not know, which would shock most to their death, was that he also cared for that same Harry Potter. It was a promise actually, a promise made to a woman he had been in love with; a woman he had unintentionally sentenced to her death…a woman that went by the name Lily Potter, Harry's mother. Though Lily was already dead when Severus had made his promise, it didn't matter; he supposed that he had done it as sort of penance for being the reason, or at least one of the reasons, why she was dead.

Snape sat in his office, his mind on what had happened in the Headmaster's office a few days ago. He had been on his way to talk to Dumbledore and was on the stairway to the office when he felt the power. Stunned, he had hurried up the steps and into the office, only to stop dead when he saw Harry standing there, his magic whirling around him. He had no idea as to what had caused that to happen, but he did the only thing he could have thought of, he had yelled out to Harry. To his surprise, though it hadn't shown, the boy had regained control of his magic and had left the office.

When he had turned to Dumbledore, he had expressed his need to know what had caused the boy to lose control and had not been given an answer, which in all honesty, hadn't surprised him. The words that Phineas had spoken to him had left a sense of foreboding in his mind. Thinking over it now, Severus was deeply troubled by the words.

It was no secret that Phineas held contempt towards Dumbledore. Phineas thought the man was pretending to be something he was not; that he was just as manipulative, perhaps more than Voldemort himself. As a former headmaster, he was privileged to the happenings inside of Dumbledore´s office, which is why his words about Harry finally seeing what he knew, struck a chord inside of Severus.

"What really happened in that office?" Severus asked himself.

As if his questioned was answered, a noise jerked him from his thoughts. Looking up, a retort on his tongue, ready to lay into whoever chose to disturbed him, he stopped short seeing the bird on the back of his couch.

"My word." He got up from his chair and took a few cautious steps until he was standing just a few feet away. "A Phoenix, but I have never seen one this color before."

The bird was white; the tips of its wings were black, as if they had been dipped in black ink, and its feathers were interspersed with black as well. As Severus looked into the eyes of the bird, the soulful amber-colored eyes struck him.

"You are very magnificent," he murmured. "More so than Fawkes, Dumbledore´s own Phoenix."

The phoenix thrilled and puffed its chest out in obvious pride and pleasure.

"But, who do you belong to?" Severus asked the stunning bird.

His gaze went over the bird once more, taking in the colors again, before moving up to look into the soulful amber-colored eyes; eyes that seemed very familiar, but he couldn't place where he had seen them before. His gaze went to the parchment that the Phoenix held in its beak and he reached out to take it from the bird. When he did, he noticed that the bird did not leave immediately, which left him to believe that the bird was waiting on a response. He moved to his desk and took a seat in his chair. He opened the letter and as he read, his scowl became more pronounced.

Hello Severus,

I can call you that, can't I? Well it doesn't matter; I'll call you that anyways. The reason for this missive is because I need to talk to you. I have some questions I need answered, and, I know this will come as a surprise to you, but you're the only one I can trust not to lie to me. You're probably scoffing at this right now or calling me an impertinent brat or foolish Gryffindor in your mind, but it is the truth.

I was recently told some information; information that, if it had been given to me sooner, could have created a very different outcome that the one that happened because it was kept from me. Because of that information, and the consequences of it, I find myself shedding my image so to speak and cutting the puppet master's strings or rather, the strings that he thought he had placed on me. The Harry Potter that you know is only an image created to hide the real one. Confusing aint it? Don't worry, everything will be explained…if you want to know the truth. I know that you're curious as to what Dumbledore told me that caused me to have the kind of reaction that I did, just like I know you're also curious about the Phoenix that is sitting on your desk right now…

Snape looked up and true to the words on the paper, the Phoenix was sitting on his desk; scowling at it and the letter, he looked back down and continued reading.

I was right wasn't I? Back on point; I know this because I know the one thing about you that no one else knows, and that is, you care about me. If you truly hated me like you claimed, then you never would've tried to save my life back in first year or all the other times you've helped me; you would have left me alone, but you didn't. The thing is Severus, I'm tired of being who everyone wants me to be and I'm tired of not being who I really am. There are things that I need to do and I am going to need your help to accomplish them; I am not stupid nor am I an idiot, no matter how I acted or what you believed. I'm giving you the chance to know everything and to know the real Harry Potter.

Knowing you like I do, you will fight with yourself on whether or not to reply; so take a few days to think it over. When, that's right, when not if, you make the decision to reply, just say the words "I'm ready" to the Phoenix; she will bring you to me.

See you in a few days Severus.


Oh and could you not tell the Old Man anything? I would appreciate it if he wasn't involved in this. Toodles.

"That impertinent brat," Severus snarled. "How dare he presume to know such things about me? Well he is wrong; I am not that curious as to what Dumbledore told him nor do I want to know the real Harry Potter. I know just who he is and that is a pain in my ass!"

He looked up, the snarl on his lips, as he heard the phoenix let out a thrill…one that gave him the impression that the bird was laughing at him. Cursing, he turned away from her and looked down at the parchment once more.

"I will not," he murmured to himself. "I have no need or desire to."

Ignoring the letter and the Phoenix, he left his rooms. As he stalked through the corridor, the people in the portraits shivered and turned away as they noticed the dark look on his face. He spent the next few hours out of his room, before he returned just after dinner was over. The moment he stepped inside, his eyes were drawn to the letter still lying on his desk. He stalked over to his desk and pulled out his wand, an Incendio on his lips; however, he did not say it as he found himself hesitant to cast it. He turned away and paced, his eyes drifting to the letter now and again, and started muttering to himself, all to the amusement of the Phoenix who was watching him.

"Stupid brat," Severus muttered. "Why didn't I burn the blasted thing? There is nothing, absolutely nothing he has to say that I want to know. I will not be made a fool of! And I will not lower myself to that…that whelp's insistence that he believes he knows me and that he thinks that I will do what he says. Ha! I'll show him." he paused in his pacing and walked over to the desk; picking up the letter, he read it once more before throwing it back on the desk; the Phoenix thrilled in laughter making his scowl even darker.

The three days was a repeat of the same thing; on the fourth day, as he opened the door from his personal rooms and stepped into his office, his eyes once again caught sight of the parchment lying on the desk. Scowling yet again, he took a glance around and saw that the Phoenix was still there and still had that look of amusement in its eyes. He turned away and picked up the letter once more; just as he had done since he got the letter, he took it up and read it once again; unlike before, he didn't throw it back onto his desk, but rather kept a hold of it, his grip tightening ever so slowly. After a few minutes of tense silence, his hand relaxed and he let out a half frustrated, half resigned sigh. The Phoenix, seeming to sense it, flew from her perch to his shoulder.

"I guess I'm going to the brat after all," he said. Looking around, he let out another sigh before tossing the letter into the fireplace. "I'm ready."

The Phoenix thrilled before the two disappeared in a flash of fire. When they cleared, Snape looked up and saw a young man in a pair of jeans only with his back to him. He saw the person was muscled and had shoulder length curly hair. He scowled as he watched the person straighten up. 'Where's Potter and who is this? If this is a trick, that brat will die a slow, painful death.'

As if hearing his thoughts, the person turned around and Severus stood in shock as he saw the familiar green eyes. He watched as Harry held out his arm and the Phoenix flew off his shoulder and landed on his arm before the teen turned to him.

"Hello Severus."

"Potter?" he asked; he knew that he was supposed to be more composed than he was, but he could not move beyond the shock. With some difficulty, he was able to wipe the shock from his face and replaced with his usual blank expression.

"Yep," Harry nodded with a grin. "Like I said in the letter, the Harry Potter you knew was only an illusion."

"Explain yourself," Severus hissed.

"Alright," Harry said. "But first, let me get Hedwig something to eat."

"Hedwig?" Severus' eyes traveled over to the Phoenix. "Are you telling me that that Phoenix is your owl?"

"Yes," Harry said as he moved Hedwig to her perch before securing a dish with water and a box of crackers that he had grabbed from the kitchen earlier. "Here you go girl."

Hedwig trilled as she nipped Harry's fingers; she trilled a few more times in succession, the sound musical, and it caused Harry to laugh.

"Really?" Harry turned to look at Severus. "You'll have to tell me about it later."

She trilled in agreement before settling down, leaving him to talk to Snape. Smiling, Harry rubbed her breast before turning to the man.

"Potter," Severus drawled. "You will explain to me exactly what is going, starting with why your owl is now a Phoenix and why you look that way."

"Alright," Harry nodded before pulling a t-shirt out of his trunk. He moved to his bed before gesturing to the chair at the table. When Severus sat down, Harry made himself comfortable.

"Hedwig was never really an owl; when Hagrid bought her for me I could tell immediately that something was different about her, and she could tell the same about me. When we were alone for the first time, she showed me her true appearance and then told me what she was and I did the same."

"Continue," Snape nodded.

"Apparently Hedwig here is a very special kind of Phoenix," Harry looked over at his bird with affection in his eyes causing her to trill softly.

"She is more powerful than Fawkes is; I think she goes back to the time of Merlin. Apparently, because of her power, witches and wizards have tried to bond her to them to gain access. She got tired of it; the last wizard that tried to forcefully bond to her had an apprentice, one that was angry with his master for wanting to force his magic on her so she asked him to cast a mild curse on her. The nature of the curse was basically to keep her in owl form until she found the wizard she belonged to, the one she was destined to bond with and any wizard or witch that tried to force a bond on her would have a painful experience."

"You were the wizard she was meant to bond with," Snape said.

"Yes," Harry said before he let out a chuckle. He watched as Hedwig flew from her perch to land on his lap, bringing up a hand, he let his knuckles rub her chest gently. "I was confused; I mean, even if I was new to the Wizarding World, I knew enough to know that Phoenixes were creatures of light, so I couldn't understand why her as a Phoenix would want to bond with me."

"What exactly does that mean Mr. Potter?" Snape asked.

"It means Severus," Harry said; the use of his first name caused Snape to scowl. "That I am not the Golden Boy of Gryffindor that everyone believes I am."

"Please," Snape scoffed. "You're a Gryffindor through and through; like your parents."

"Oh really?" Harry mused. "Did you know I was supposed to be a Slytherin? The Sorting Hat told me Slytherin would help me to excel and that I would find what I needed there."

"What?" Once again, Snape was in shock and could not stop it from showing on his face; he found it hard to believe that the Golden Boy of Gryffindor was actually supposed to be a Slytherin Snake.

"Oh yes," Harry smiled. "It's true, but as I didn't want anyone knowing how I really was, I convinced it to put me in Gryffindor."

"And how are you really?" Snape asked.

"I'm as dark as you are," Harry said.

Snape stiffened slightly as his face became paler before he composed himself. "I have no idea what you're talking about and I would appreciate it Mr. Potter if you refrained from making such accusations."

"You do know what I'm talking about," Harry went on, unperturbed. "And they're not accusations; Hedwig is a Phoenix, and like all Phoenixes, she can sense if a person is evil or not. Unlike most Phoenixes however, Hedwig's nature is dark."

"That cannot be," Snape said. "As you have said and as I can see, the bird is a Phoenix and if you're as dark as you say you are, though I doubt that, she would not be bonded with you."

"Unlike popular notion Severus," Harry said. "Phoenixes are neither good nor evil; they bond with a wizard because sometimes it is what they want, other times it is because they are destined to do so. The nature of the bonder does not matter and in rare cases, if the bond is true and deep or strong enough, the Phoenix will take on the nature of its witch or wizard."

Snape was silent as he took in the teen's words; he found it hard to believe that Harry wasn't as pure as everyone thought.

"I know you still don't believe me," Harry interrupted his musings. "So I'll show you; follow me."

He got up off the bed, Hedwig moving from his lap to his shoulder and went to the door. Snape, after thinking for a few seconds, got up and followed him. The two went down the stairs and Snape tensed when he heard the sound of the television. When they were a few steps from the bottom, Snape could see three heads in the couch area and knew they were his family. He went to keep walking, but was stopped by Harry.

"Stay here until I call for you," Harry said. Snape bristled at the command, but did as he was told. Harry continued down the stairs and headed for the living room.

"Hello," he said cheerfully; he smiled as he watched his family freeze before turning around. When they saw that it was really him, they jumped from the couch, which to Harry was impressive considering the size of two of them, and back away.

"What are you doing down here?" Petunia asked. "We did as you said and we stayed out of your way." She hoped he wasn't going to do anything else because she knew she wouldn't be able to handle whatever he did.

"I know," Harry shrugged. "But I was in a mood."

"Wh-wh-what kind of mood?" Dudley stuttered out; his back still held the words Harry had carved there four days ago and he was terrified that Harry was going to do more damage.

"Don't worry Dudders," Harry smiled, which caused their fear to increase. "I won't hurt you; the only thing I want is to see your back; have to make sure my mark is still there." Dudley whimpered.

On the steps, Snape's eyes widened slightly at the fear he could hear in the family's voices; he hadn't believed Harry when he had said he wasn't the Golden Boy, but now, it seemed as if he was telling the truth.

"Severus," Harry called out. "Could you come here please?"

Wondering what the boy was up to, Snape went down the stairs. When he came into the living, the fear in the family went up. Petunia let out a gasp as she recognized him.

"You?" She gasped. "What are you doing here?"

"Aunt Petunia," Harry's voice held an edge to it, one which made Petunia cower in fear. "It is impolite to be rude to my guest."

Dudley's eyes kept darting over to Snape and when the man scowled, he whimpered and shifted closer to his father; he wondered if Harry had called the man to hurt them as well. Seeing the look on his cousin's face, Harry chuckled.

"Don't worry Dudders," He said. "He's not here to torture you; that pleasure is for me alone. I just need to show him something real quick."

Snape hid a look of surprise at Harry's words, keeping a blank expression on his face.

"Turn around Dudley," Harry commanded. Terrified of what Harry would do, Dudley slowly turned. With just a thought, Harry banished his cousin's shirt, causing him to start crying softly and Snape to raise an eyebrow. He turned to Harry to question him but stopped as soon as he noticed the writing on Dudley's back. Looking closer, he saw that the boy's back had the word 'freak' in big letters and it seemed to be cauterized.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Harry snickered. "I did it because he called me a freak when he came home from school four days ago; now he is the one that has the label on him and it can never be removed. My magic placed it there and my magic alone can remove it and I have no intention of ever doing that." With that, he turned and headed back up stairs; after a few moments, Snape followed.

When they got back to Harry's room, Hedwig flew off his shoulder and went back to her perch. Harry took up his place back on his bed while Snape took his place in the chair.

"You have a lot more explaining to do," Snape said.

"I know," Harry smiled. "That's why you're here; things are going to change Severus and like I said in my letter, you're going to help me." He paused for a few seconds before continuing. "I know that you have questions, so you can go ahead and ask; I will answer whatever question you ask and tell you everything you need to know and I expect the same courtesy."

"Alright," Snape nodded after thinking it over for a few minutes.

"So," Harry gestured with his hands. "Ask away."

"How long have you been able to do wandless magic?" Snape asked.

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