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The Back Story:

Misty and Gary were an item a few years ago, but they broke up when he returned to Sinnoh. Since then, Misty has been convincing herself to get over him and denying to herself that she still loved him. On the other hand, Gary had gotten together with Dawn until she broke up with him a week prior to May's engagement party.

"Whoa. Misty, you're kidding, right?"

That was what May said when I told her about you. We were at her engagement party, and I couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy. She just looked so..happy, while I was dampening everyone's spirits with my own petty drama. I didn't want to say any more. Knowing her, she would probably worry and end up not enjoying the night. I needed an excuse…one that would distract her. Preferably for the rest of the party.

My rescue came in the form of her fiancé – her former rival, Drew. He hugged her from behind and asked her to dance. The look she flashed at me was long-suffering, but I let her go. I didn't want company. I wanted to think, to wallow… and to reminisce.

I started, seeing you sit down beside me. I hadn't known you were here, although I knew you had been invited. You had changed, I noticed. You looked stressed. Your once-sparkling blue eyes were tired and weary, your easy grin replaced with a grim line. That wasn't the only thing. You were alone. Dawn wasn't here with you. And I almost wanted her to be…because I knew – I knew – that she was the only one who could make you smile the way you used to.

Ash and the gang immediately surrounded you, and I nearly collapsed in relief. I didn't want to make fake, awkward conversation with you. Because I knew your thoughts would always be centered on her. Even though she left you, even though she treated you like crap, even though she was gone from your life, you would still think about her…even when you were talking to me. And I knew I wouldn't be able to stand that.

I watched you laugh with your friends. The sparkle in your eyes had been revived – it was dim, but it was there. Warmth flooded me, overwhelming, almost suffocating… I had kept it at bay long enough. I sighed, a bittersweet smile curling my lips. You just had to come back, didn't you? I thought I'd finally moved on. I thought I'd finally forgotten about you. I thought I could finally give someone else another chance.

But you were like chains, binding me, restricting me...never letting me go. It was almost funny. Because although I'd known, although I'd suspected, I'd never really admitted it until now: There was never going to be anyone else. Many had tried – and many more would – but none would succeed. I would always end up comparing him to you: your piercing blue eyes, your oh-so-casually disarrayed cinnamon spikes, your smug smirk… None of them could ever compare. You were, after all, Gary Oak.

You had me trapped, and all I knew was that no matter how hard I tried to break free… I would always end up coming back to you.

Because...because...I was still in love with you.

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