"No." the girls chorused.

'Why do I feel like I'm missing something?' Danny thought as he led the girls into the kitchen,

"Are you sure? I'm really if okay if-"

"No!" Paulina said unusually forcefully, then quickly amended it, "I, uh, mean that… We really wouldn't want to keep you from, er, cleaning up your goop. If you'll just give us some directions after the rain stops we can walk there. Okay?"

"Walking? But Paulina! I thought that you said-" Star let out an 'oomph' as Paulina discreetly elbowed her painfully in the ribs,

"What?" Danny said, confusion clearly spread across his face,

"Oh, nothing! Just a silly conversation we were having before we, uh, found our way here! Nothing to worry about, right Star?"

"Yeah, nothing to worry about…" Star grumbled a bit sourly as she rubbed her sore ribs,

"See Danny? We're just fine." Danny looked uncertain, but didn't say anything else about it, 'Now if only the rain holds out long enough…'

"Well, if you need anything, just root around the kitchen for it; but whatever you do, don't open the fridge." Paulina and Star shared uncertain looks before turning to Danny, "I'm going to finish de-ectofying my room okay?"

"Hmm…? Oh, sure Danny, that's just fine."

"Well, okay… Hold on a minute." Danny ran by them to a door near the base of the stairs (A/N: not sure exactly where the door that leads to the lab is…) and took a key out of his pocket. After making sure it was locked he turned back to them, "Uh," he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly for a second, "Well, there's some dangerous stuff down there, and I really don't want you guys to get hurt or something. See ya later then?" With that he ran back up the stars to his room, Paulina heard a door close loudly and waited a moment before talking to Star.

"Hey, Star?"


"What are we going to do?"

"Umm… I don't know? Hey, are you thirsty? 'Cause I am; I'm going to the kitchen to get something."

"Oh, okay then." Paulina watched Star walk out of the room for a minute before turning back to the room in front of her, 'Now if I were a loser - er – Danny, where would I hide something suspicious?' She walked to the coffee table and was about to look under it when she heard Star scream,

"Ahhhhhh! Danny! Paulina! Someone with a really big fork! HELP ME!" Paulina ran to the kitchen to see what had scared her friend, 'Someone with a fork? What scared her? A twinkie monster?' When she rounded the corner she fell backwards, landing on her butt, the fridge was open… and Star was being cornered by…hotdogs (HA! I bet you thought they were going to be twinkie monsters!). Hotdogs with eyes, teeth, and legs; that glowed.

"Star! Why did you open the fridge? Danny told us not to!"

"B-Because I w-wanted something to – AHHH!" just then one of the hotdogs lunged for Star's leg, and she jumped onto the counter to avoid being bitten.

"Uh, uh, it's going to be okay Star! Just hold on for a minute!" Paulina started looking through drawers frantically, 'Come on! They're ghost hunter's for pete's sake! Where's all the anti-ghost gadgets?!' Paulina heard growling and pulled her hand back just in time to avoid her finger being bitten off, she grabbed the closest thing to her and smacked the ghostly food item soundly. With a resounding, squeaky, 'Ahh!' the hotdog flew into the bread-box, which Star promptly closed. The other hotdogs stopped for a minute and turned to Paulina, she held out her weapon in front of her.

"Uh, Paulina? We can't possibly beat them all with a soup thermos!" Paulina looked down and saw that was indeed a soup thermos, 'Well, at least I can stuff some in here before I go down.' The hotdogs shook themselves off and all jumped towards her. Paulina screamed (1) and opened the thermos, pointing it at them, hoping that some of them would be dumb enough to accidentally jump into it. Then something amazing happened; a glowing blue-white beam shot out from it and began sucking up the rabid hotdogs. Star and Paulina stood transfixed as all of the hotdogs were eventually sucked into it before Paulina quickly snapped the lid back on and dumped it into a drawer. She looked up at Star,

"Wow, maybe the Fenton's are actually good for something." Star nodded mutely. "Star? Are- Are you okay?" Star looked up at her and said something that completely threw Paulina off,

"Why didn't Danny come down? We were both screaming, I know it…" Now that Paulina thought about it, they had been screaming their lungs out, but still…no Danny.

"You're right. Come on, I want to see what's so important that he had to ignore us about it!" Star nodded and got down, then followed Paulina as she huffed angrily up the stars. 'Poor Danny, he's in for it now…' They got to the top of the stars and looked around, there were four doors; all closed. They looked at each other before looking at the doors again. One had green splatters that glowed slightly; they stayed well away from it, not knowing whether or not if it was going to come alive too. Two with nothing… And one with a few cracks in it.

"Umm… Maybe it's the one with the cracks in it?" Star asked Paulina,

"O-kay, I guess we can try that one first…" Paulina hesitantly walked up to it and put her hand on the doorknob, she looked at Star nervously before twisting and pulling the door open. She frowned for a moment, it seemed like a wall of silver and green mechanical something's, she poked it… and a wave of Fenton inventions rained down, effectively burying her.

"Paulina! Star shrieked, before diving onto the pile and digging for dear life, "Paulina! Are you okay?" Star reached her hand it and groped around for something warm. "Ah! Found you!" She braced herself and pulled of the hand for all she was worth, the pile shifted a bit before finally releasing its hold on the gasping form of Paulina.

"*gasp* What *gasp* was *gasp* THAT?" Paulina leaned against the wall for a moment before speaking again, "You are totally *gasp* opening *gasp* the next door! *gasp*" Star picked one of the blank doors and tentatively turned the knob, expecting another mountain… but found a lavender room instead.

"Look Paulina! There's nothing here! I guess it must be Jazz's room…" Paulina, huffed, and sensing that the danger was over, opened the other blank door boldly. Only to have neon-green goop rain down on her head, soaking her, and all she was wearing, thoroughly (2). Star bit back a laugh, wanting to live to see the next day. Paulina stood rigid, "I guess that we forgot about Danny's dad's invention exploding in here huh?" Paulina turned to her slowly,

"Yeah, I think we did. Come here Star."

"Uh, okay…" as soon as Star was close enough, Paulina grabbed her and pushed her into the goop-filled room. "Ahh! Argh, bleh!" Star fell face-first into the green mess and slid for another three or four feet before stopping after running into a desk.

"Hmm. I guess its slippery, thanks for the heads-up Star." (3) With that, Paulina daintily picked her way through the goop-clear area where Star had slid.

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