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He ran. Where he was going, he didn't know, but it was dark and it was scary and Hiccup was running with every bit of strength that his small body could muster. In the back of his mind he knew he should have listened; he should have stayed away from the forest or at least kept in sight of the village, but there was so much to see and do and experience that his seven-year-old mind had forgotten the warnings almost as soon as he'd heard them.

Now, with night already fallen and his path lost in the inky darkness he didn't know what else to do. There were more noises here than there were in the village. Things were moving and rustling and slithering all around him, constantly startling him and causing him to stumble. There was no moon tonight, no light leaking through the trees from the village, nothing.

A raised root snagged his foot. Blindly he crashed into a shrub and yelped, somersaulting to land flat on his back. Breathless and stunned, he lay staring upward. The wind blew, rattling the canopy far above him. His breathing slowed and the silence around him grew. No moving or slithering indicated anything coming to grab him while he was down.

Hiccup was not a good Viking, no matter how much he tried to be. There, as he lay on the forest floor completely alone, he did one of the Vikings rarely ever did.

He cried.

Not loudly, not with the painful sobs he felt like voicing, but small silent tears that slid from his eyes and dripped into his ears. He was afraid to break the silence. Noise would give away his position and bring whatever was out there right to him. All he allowed himself to do was silently vent his fear the only way he could think of.

It felt like hours. His vision might have been blurred by his tears, he honestly couldn't tell. Slowly he began to see shapes in the emptiness above his head. There were two of them, round and pale, hanging motionlessly over him. He puzzled over them for several moments before it ocurred to him that these things should frighten him as everything else had.

Somehow, they didn't. Hiccup watched, his tears drying unnoticed on his face as they suddenly disappeared and showed themselves again a second later. Those are...they look like eyes...The thought formed only vaguely in the back of his mind before fading away altogether as the things began to move. Slowly, they drifted toward what Hiccup knew to be the ground. Once they had stopped again the boy shifted and pushed himself into a sitting position. He stared at them.

They stared back.

What's it doing? Hiccup tilted his head. The things shifted and tilted together, as if mimicking him. Suddenly the things moved toward him. Unable to help himself, he jerked in surprise as the things disappeared and he felt the presence of something very large move uncomfortably close to him. A puff of air ghosted across his forehead and an odd purring sound rumbled through the darkness next to him. The things reappeared right in front of his face, causing Hiccup to give another startled jerk.

The instant Hiccup made the movement, the thing dropped and shoved him, knocking him unsteadily to his feet. Hiccup gave a small yelp as he suddenly felt movement against his side. The thing was touching him. He could feel it wriggling against him until it had managed to get its head - yes, he was sure that's what it was - beneath Hiccup's hand. He felt something thick and flexible against his palm and wrapped his fingers around it curiously. At the contact the thing pulled at him. Hiccup didn't move. The thing pulled harder, more insistently, and almost dragged Hiccup off his feet.

"Okay," he whispered into the darkness. The thing pulled again and this time He moved with it. The uneven ground caused Hiccup to stumble a few times, but the thing moved almost silently. The only sound besides Hiccup's own nervous gasps was a deep, airy pulse. I can hear this thing breathing, it must be huge...I wonder where it's taking me? Hiccup didn't dare make more noise than necessary. He was filled with a kind of excitement. The reason he had gotten lost in the forest in the first place was because he had wanted to explore, to see new and unknown things. One of those things was with him now, leading him who-knew-where. He wasn't afraid or nervous. He was fine.

The thing stopped suddenly, and Hiccup walked right into it. It didn't seem to notice and Hiccup looked around, wondering why they had stopped. Light. There was a light up ahead and the steady, comforting roar of the ocean. He stared ahead through the trees, at the little houses and pathways he knew so well.

He was home.

The thing was gone. Hiccup hadn't felt it move, just realized suddenly that it was no longer there. Something flooded through him, disappointment he thought, and he turned to sweep his gaze over the darkness of the forest. The sky in the east was beginning to pale, and in the feeble half-light he could just barely make out a shape among the trunks. It was darker than everything around it and blended in perfectly. The pale things, the eyes, were staring at him again. He took a step toward it, his mouth opening as he suddenly wanted to speak to it.

"Hiccup!" The voice of his mother cut through every other thought in the boy's head, and he turned away from the forest. His mother was threading her way through the trees toward him. He ran to meet her and the night slipped from his mind.

Hiccup awoke to the tickling sensation that came with having someone close to him but not quite touching him. A snort sounded and a puff of warm air caught him full in the face. He opened one eye to see Toothless looking down at him, apparently amusing himself with blowing his human's hair into his eyes to see if he'd wake up. Hiccup closed his eyes again before he thought the dragon noticed. He lay still for several minutes, just in case Toothless suspected he was awake, before popping both eyes open and wrapping his arms around the dragon's snout. Toothless gave a grunt of surprise and shook him off, scowling.

"Aw, come on! " Hiccup called, but Toothless went and sat away from him, glaring back at his human for ruining his fun. When Hiccup began to climb to his feet Toothless moved again, settling under the thick canopy of a conifer and hiding sourly in the tree's shade. "Now really, you can't expect to sneak up on me all the time without me getting you back once in a while, right?" The dragon wouldn't look at him. With a sigh Hiccup walked toward him, slowing to a stop a few feet from the tree. Toothless glanced at him and, seeing his human with a furrowed brow, turned fully toward him. Hiccup could read the question plainly on his face: What is it?

Something about the way Toothless disappeared in the shade, and now the way the dragon was gazing at him curiously stirred in Hiccup's mind. It was familiar. He wondered over it for a moment before pushing it away. "Nothing. It's nothing, buddy." He smiled and ran to his dragon, raising his hands to touch his dark face as he pushed the half-forgotten memory of his childhood to the back of his mind.

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