I'm running low on things to upload. There are a couple of chapters, but nothing finished yet. Also, I'm working on a new fic. If any of you are Slayers fans keep an eye out for it!

Between Girls

Astrid found Ruffnut hiding in a tree two miles outside the village. She was dusty and scratched from tearing through the forest. One pigtail had been ripped loose after getting snagged on a branch. Kinks of golden hair bobbed against her cheek as she looked sourly down at Astrid. "Here to make me go home like a good little girl?" she asked quietly. Her voice lacked its usual snarl.

"You know that's not why I'm here." Easily, Astrid scaled the large trunk, reaching Ruffnut in a matter of seconds. Ruffnut shifted to make room for her. For several moments they were quiet, listening to the forest around them and staring at their dangling feet.

"I'm sorry," Astrid said, breaking the silence. Ruffnut's head lifted and she glared at her friend.

"What for? S'not like you did anything."

"I know..."

And that better not have been pity." Astrid looke at her. Ruffnut's face had broken into an angry, splotchy shade of red. Astrid forced a laugh to placate her.

"Of course not!"


"Besides," Astrid smiled, trying to offer reassurance. "It's really not that bad, being married."

I can see Ruff stubbornly hiding to avoid this, as well as Astrid being the more level-headed of the two and going to calm her down.