"Sasuke," Naruto started to say while staring at the ceiling after another night of hot and sweaty sex.

"Yes?" Sasuke drowsily responded trying to sleep.

'Finally, finally it won't be just sex and lust. Finally ill know what he feels for me' Sasuke thought to himself while waiting for Naruto to continue with the sentence.

"I think…"

'Yes, come on, just a little bit more'

"That we should stop this what ever it is" Naruto finished making sure to keep on staring at the ceiling so not to see Sasuke in the eyes.

Sasuke, now fully awake, pulled himself up placing his face in one of his hands, still laying on the king size bed with black silky sheets facing his 'lover', getting a good look at his best-friends eyes without success.

"What? Why?" Sasuke questioned, seeming heartbroken, not understand why they should stop something that both of them wanted, needed.

"Because you have a girl friend Sasuke. I've seen how you sometimes look at her, and I damn well know that she wants to marry and have kids with you. I can't just ruin all that just because…" Naruto said as he started to pull himself up to a standing position, not caring about his momentary naked form.

It was like if his heart had stopped. He couldn't think, breath. He was totally frozen and most of all he was scared. He was scared of what was going to happen now, scared of the feeling that would take hold of him later on, scared of being alone for real this time.

For all this time he thought that Naruto would never be able to say "no", he thought naruto had some sort of feelings for him too, and yet, right now, here in this room where time seemed frozen leaving the two young boys be, naruto had said "no" putting a stop to their secret meetings.

'What do I say now? I'm not suppose to let him know my true feeling for him, too risky! Cant hesitate like this, think Sasuke, THINK! Hurry up god damn it, before he sees that your thinking and that your sad, think of a come back, NOW!' Sasuke thought to himself trying really hard to keep a cold and apathetic mask on.

"Because what huh? You think I don't know what Sakura feels for me? What her plans with me are? You don't think that I don't hate this fucking situation? WELL FUCK YOU NARUTO, FUCK YOU!" the raven teen screamed from the other side of the bed towards the blond idiot that just stared at him with wide eyes and him mouth wide open.

'God how cute and adorable he looks like that, I just wish that we weren't in this situation, that we were different people, maybe if we were things wouldn't have to be this hard…' Sasuke thought to himself with a slightly sad expression on his face.

"I didn't choose for all this to happen" the blond 17 year old kid said quietly to himself.

That must have been then worst thing to say in a moment like that because after he said that it seemed as if Sasuke changed drastically, for the normal and not caring teen to an angry, hurt and crazy heartbroken fan.

"WHAT? SO NOW IT'S MY ENTIRE FAULT? YOU KNOW WHAT? GET OUT OF THIS FUCKING APARTMENT" the 17 year old raven screamed as he felt tears starting to for and threatening to fall any minute now.

He was an Uchiha, he couldn't cry, couldn't let people see him cry. An Uchiha CANT show any emotions, these were the top rules in his clan. He had never "broken" one of these rules and he sure as hell wasn't going to start now. What was he to do now? Wait for the blond to leave so then, maybe, we would be able to break down.

That was the true curse of an Uchiha, the always and under every circumstances not show emotion, waiting for the moment where they could. But what good does it do to open up and show what your feeling if there isn't anybody there to help nor understand you?

He didn't make the rules, sure his parent and family member where all dead now, but he had to follow these "rules". He couldn't just break them and forget in a second the way his parents had brought him up. No way was that going to happen.

Naruto, still shocked by Sasuke reaction, collected slowly his clothes that were spread throughout the room, got dressed and made his way to leave.

As he reached the door, stopping and looking back at sasuke he whispered "I'm sorry" and left without any hesitation.

Now that the only person he loved had left him the room instantly seemed to become dull and dark, cold and lonely, a place where nobody would want to stay alone without anybody by their side.

His room was normally dark, but when alone it was worse, sending a vibe that was hard to live with.

Painted a grey sandy colour the room had little furniture.

A bed, desk, chair, and other things. There were no pictures on the wall except one, a picture of him on the back of his big brother Itachi with a wide smile on his face making the peace sign with his hands. Also his brother seemed happy though in the picture he had a very reserved smile.

'How could he do this to me? After years of leading me on, after 2 years of sharing something together, he chickened out!' Sasuke thought to himself as he fell the floor crying.

Sasuke was a rich 19 year old boy who everyone wanted to know, be friends with (or even more then friends). He had it all, friends, money, cars, beauty, a perfect girlfriend. His life seemed perfect, a life which everyone envied. Yet he considered himself one of the loneliest guys out there, one of the saddest and unhappiest teenagers a person could ever runs across.

About 1.80 and rather skinny yet with a tonic and muscular body, he had pail soft skin. With black/blue hair, black coil eyes that were very sharp, plump pink lips that stood out from the pail face, he was one of the most handsomest guys in all of Konoha, and well Konoha wasn't one of the smallest city in all of Japan let just say.

The young Uchiha had been going out with the lovely Sakura Haruno for 3 years now and she was madly in love with him. Already thinking about marriage and having kids with him, she devoted all of herself to loving this one teen.

Obviously she wasn't just any ordinary girl; in fact she was from the Haruno clan which was one of the richest and strongest clans of Konoha after the Uchiha clan and the Hyuga clan.

Pink bubblegum hair, green eyes, lightly tanned skin; she was very beautiful and was envied by most girls her age who always dreamed to be like her for she mostly had it all.

How was he thought to make all Sakura's dreams come true if he didn't love her? How could he if he always thought about a certain blond haired guy?

It wasn't his fault if that one day, tired, vulnerable, led on by only his instincts, he messed up and ended venting out all the love that he felt for Naruto, starting the spoiled routine that now was the heart of his days.


What evil and horrible and complicated word that is.

Damn that wonderful and fulfilling night. Damn Sakura for having stressed him so much to make him leave the party she had thrown for him making him bring himself to some unknown pub. And most of all, damn Naruto for being everything he's ever dreamed.


"Fine then, if you going to be a chicken ass then go fuck yourself" screamed Sakura to Sasuke ending a long and heavily verbal fight between the two during the night.

Sasuke needed to get away from her, again, and so he left her house during his 17 year old birthday party.

"Oh what ever woman, it seems like everyday you PMSing." sasuke said to no one in particular as he walked his way towards the closest pub he could find.

As he neared a pub he started hearing loud footsteps coming from behind towards him.

"HEY, SASUKE, WAIT UP!" screamed his best friend.

"Hurry up Dobe" Sasuke answered without looking back knowing already who it was.

His name was Naruto, around 1.78 not much shorter than sasuke. He had amazingly blond hair and the best light blue eyes anyone could ever imagine seeing on somebody. You could get lost in them with just a simple glance, and oh did they hold so much.

Some say that the eyes are the mirror of a person's soul, well in Naruto's case it was correct, perfect, made just for him.

Everything he felt, he thought, he did, was shown through his eyes. It was something that Sasuke loved most of his friend. It was one of his best traits yet also one of his worst for he wasn't able to lie, hide something and keep things secret since a person could tell right away just by looking at him.

With a very frail and feminine body structure he could easily be mistaken for a hot girl.

"Come on dude, lets get back to the party, you know that Sakura didn't mean all the mean thins she told you. I mean she freaking loves you to death." Naruto trying to convince his best friend to forgive his girlfriend and come back to the party said.

"No. I'm not going back. So you can either go back to her and be a good obedient dog like you always are with her, doing everything she tells you to do, or you can come with me and drink something at this pub" Sasuke coldly responded, secretly hoping that Naruto would chose to stay with him rather then go back to his girlfriend.

"Ok ok fine, Ill come drink something with you" Naruto said giving in the to invitation, knowing that there was no way to make sasuke change his mind, forgive Sakura and return with him the party.

As the entered the pub they noticed right away the loud techno music with people dancing without giving a shit if they bumped or spilt something on someone. They also noticed right away the strong smell of alcohol, smoke, and sweat.

Quickly making their way towards the bar counter they sat down.

"Two bears" Sasuke ordered.

"Right away" the bar tender simply responded turning towards the refrigerator.

"Sooo…..you're not thinking about dumping Sakura right?" Naruto asked as he started to drink the beer that was just put before him.

"Shut the hell up and drink" Sasuke said taking also himself a long sip from the cup that was given to him seconds after the guy gave Naruto his beer.

As time passed the two teens kept on drinking beer after beer, laughing, talking and moving with the music.

After receiving another beer and taking a long drink from it, Sasuke tried getting put putting his hands out towards Naruto.

"Come on Dobe, I like this song"

"HA! You, who can't even stay up standing straight, want to dance?" Naruto tried to say as the alcohol was having effect on him too.

"Shut up and come dance with me" Sasuke responded after taking yet another drink from the cup.

Naruto simply took sasuke's hand and got led to the middle of the dance floor where they both started dancing close and fiercely.

The place was hot and sweaty making the alcohol effect even stronger. The two drunken teens kept on dancing without noticing that they were closing the space between their bodies making them bump and grind against each other.

"Naruto, you don't know for how long I've waited and wanted this" Sasuke said under the power of the many beers that he had drunk before.

"Then how about you show me better, I cant seem to understand what you mean teme" Naruto seductively whispered in Sasuke's ear thrusting his hips forward making their groins touch and grind.

Sasuke overwhelmed by the feeling that was giving to him by the simple touching of their groins grabbed harshly Naruto's face and crashed his lips into his own.

Naruto, slightly shocked at the gesture his best friend had just done, after a couple of seconds started kissing him back with equal fierce and lust.

Sasuke licked Naruto's lower lip asking for entrance which Naruto quickly granted, giving the start and a long and painful tongue battle for dominance which obviously ended with Sasukes victory.

It seemed as though they weren't in a pub with tons of other people drinking and dancing next to them. They were in their own world and at the moment nobody or anything could have changed that.

'I can't believe that I'm kissing him' Sasuke thought to himself.

"Naruto, how about we go back to my house and have a drink or something? I'm tired of staying here" Sasuke said trying to catch his breath while caressing Naruto's cheek very lovingly.

"Yeah, Id like that" the blond in front of him responded with a low voice that could have been barely heard cause of the loud music playing.


"He said that he would like that! DAMN" Sasuke said as he took a punch at the wall leaving a small dent in it.

"He knew, its not just me who started this, what am I suppose to do if Naruto's just so…" Sasuke started saying as he threw himself onto the bed pulling up the covers.

"He said yes, he said yes" Sasuke kept on saying before falling into a deep and dreamless sleep.

It was going to be a long night he knew, and it was going to be a long day when he woke up. What was to happen to him and Naruto, well that he didn't know, all he could really do was wait and hope.

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