Honey Senpai's Secret Feelings.

By Timothy Elgin

Content WARNING: This is a love/sex story. This is a fan fiction following the relationship I wanted to see, but couldn't find anywhere.

Tags: Haruhi x Honey, Haruhi x Hunny, Haruhi x Hani.

Disclaimer: You know I don't own Ouran HSHC. I know I don't own Ouran HSHC. but I got tired of being able to find every possible match-up but these two. So you can read it(or not read it) and like it, cause I don't want to hear about it. Unless it pertains to the actual story I'm telling, got it.

Chapter 1

Mori Gone to the Kendo Nationals

Mitsukini Haninozuka, Hani-senpai(pronounced Honey) to his friends, sat quietly at the table he shared with his stuffed bunny Usa-chan in the Host Club's main room brooding. He always found himself in a slightly put out kind of mood when Taka-chan went off on his own personal business. He wondered wiether or not Takashi felt the same when he found himself left at school while Hani was away. They had always been close ever since they were little, and had actually spent more time together then apart. He toyed around with his cake not really feeling hungry for a change. He stole a quick glance across the room at her, then quickly looked away and took a inhuman sized bite out of the massive slab of cake in front of him not wanting anyone to notice his furtive glances.

Taka-chan always kept him occupied, fusing over him and treating him like a child just like everyone else. He wished Takashi were here now. It usually annoyed him slightly being treated like a child from his closest friend, but at least he would have something else to think about. It only made it worse that Taka-chan had asked Tama-chan to watch over him. It was hard to look your friend in the eye when you were thinking about the girl you knew he had a crush on. He didn't want to fight over her with him, it was bad enough seeing him getting into it with which ever twin it was had the hot's for her.

He sat back and pushed the cake away scooping Usa-chan from his seat and pulling him tight for comfort. He had half started carrying the bunny because of Tamaki's giving him the realization of true strength being who you were regardless of what others thought about him, but in truth, Usa-chan had somehow evaded the boxes where he had put all his other childish thing's. When no one had been around, he would lock the door too his room and hold Usa-chan tight curled up on his bed and radiate in the comfort the small bunny had always given him since his grandmother had given it to him when he was little. The other half of the reason he knew was becuse he had beleived that his cuteness would one day win him the heart of someone who would love him the way he was.

He startled from his thoughts as Tama-chan pulled up the seat next to him. He glanced up at Tama-chan and inwardly frowned. Everything about him was large from Hani's perspective. He almost hated Tamaki for it. He knew the small flowers that blosomed around him were nothing compared to the field of roses that seemed to spring up behind Tama-chan everytime he bared his heart to those around him. He could never hope to stand out near Tama-chan, and he wasn't sure he wanted to. He suddenly felt a wave of anger wash over him and squeezed Usa-chan tighter, afraid if he let go he might hurt Tama-chan just for liking the same girl.

"Your not finished with your cake yet, is everything alright Hani-Senpai?" Tama-chan asked concerned. Hani looked at him again and felt his fight or flight instinct come over him. He chose to run.

He burst through the door into the corridor beyond as tears burned in his eyes. He had been taught never to run, but Haruhi would never respect him again if he atacked Tama-chan for no reason, or worse because of his reason.

Tamaki sat looking bewildered for a moment in the cloud of stired up dust from Hani-Senpai's sudden departure, as guests and hosts alike looked at him unsure of what he had done wrong. He looked at Kyoya for the best course of action from his far more rational friend.

"Haruhi! Go find Hani-Senpai and see if you can find out whats wrong." Kyoya said

"Me? I'm not sure I'm the best choice for this." She said startled, "You guy's know him better."

"Yes but you have a soothing personality, people want to talk to you because your a person they feel they can trust and make them feel better." The twin's spouted out in their creepy stereo mode of talking, saying the same thing from different sides of a person.

Haruhi got to her feet, made her apologies to her guests and left in search of Hani.