Chapter 2

Hani's Favorite Place.

After about twenty minutes of searching she found him, though she wasn't quite sure how he got there, nor how she should reach him out on the roof of the clock tower. She considered calling out to the small child-like friend siting with his knee's to his chin, then worried he might run again decided to grab the ledge of the roof and pull herself up.

He was sitting with his back facing her, and had he not been in tears with the frustration of having these mixed feelings, he probably would have noticed her huffing and puffing herself over the edge of the roof. She got shakily to her feet and thanked her good fortune it was a sunny day and the lightning couldn't get her up here today. she started the steep climb up the roof and for the second time today Hani found himself startled by the approach of someone he was thinking about.

He wiped his eyes on his sleeve and was just about to scold her for being crazy enough to get on the roof when a strong gust of wind made her well aware of the stupidity of braving the roof. the wind caught her slight frame and the open jacet of her uniform where the buttons had come loose during her attempt to climb over the ledge, acting rather like a kite and pulling her off balance.

Hani again allowed his instincts to carry him through the situation, jumping down the slope of the roof toward Haruhi, landing as completely on his heels as the roof would allow, and grabbing her tightly around the waist to him, righting her balance as it hit the tipping point, starting to send her head first down the roof toward the five story drop to the ground.

"Are you crazy Haru-chan!" Again tears formed in his eyes making him feel slightly ashamed of himself for looking like such a child in front of her. He carefully walked her to the tip of the roof where he had been sitting with Usa-chan, and helped her sit down safely before doing the same and picking Usa-chan back up.

She was shaken from her near fall, but was in no mood for any of it. "Me crazy? I came up here to see you! Your the one whose been acting wierd lately!" At this he felt his cheeks go red with shame, but she continued, "well wierder than normal at least, I mean it's normal for you to act like a child to an extent but storming off when people want to help you, and hiding in a dangerous place and flipping out when other people come to find out what's wrong is a bit more than your normal, and it isn't even cute!."

He felt like he might show up on satilite detection grids his cheeks were burning so red with the shame and embarassment.

"Now your going to tell me what's wrong Hani-Senpai, and we're not moving until you feel better."

He felt the tears in his eyes again as he realized that even if the others had asked her to check on him, she had gotten on the roof because she wanted to help him. He felt even worse for having called her crazy, and then worse than even that as he remembered his feelings for her and that being why she'd had to do something crazy to reach him.

He knew that his acting so much like a child didn't make her feel for him the way he felt for her, but she always managed to treat him like an adult when they were alone like this even when Taka-chan was around, he still thought of that as being alone with her.

He took a deep breath and started, "You always treat me like an adult, you will never know how much I appreciate that, but I can't talk about it. I..." He thought about his next words carefully. "I respect Tama-chan to much."

She looked at him in surprise. Tamaki? What did he do to Hani-Senpai? He continued.

"It's not anything he did." He could practicly see the thought that had crossed her mind. "It's more me wanting to do things, thinking and feeling things, that would make an enemy of Tama-chan and I don't want that, but what I do want is so strong that it's hard to even look him in the eye and not tell him, to scream it out and beat him up to take him out of the equation so I can get what I want."

He smiled inwardly satisfied that his answer would tell Haruhi what she needed to know without giving away his feelings for her and how that was the the subject of what would break poor Tama-chan's heart.

"Tama-chan is great, and he'd probably take himself out of the equation without a fight, but I don't want him to be out of the equation because I know its important to him too and I'm afraid he would give it up for me just because everyone is nice to me like that because all they see is the child I look like. Or worse he'd give me what I want because he's always afraid of my fighting skill's. I don't want to be given things like what I'm talking about for those reasons. It isn't fair to him, or me."

He looked sadly off into the distence for a moment then stood up and offered Haruhi his hand. "Let's get back inside."