Chapter 3

A Bad Time for Swimming

The next day Tamaki decided it had been to long since the last Host Club vacation and surprised them with another trip to the Otori Group Resort they had visited before and temporarily lost Hani. He looked around noting the changes. He opted to go swimming without the float tube and was the first in.

He was just starting to relax when the usual comotion broke out bythe changing room over Haruhi wearing a femenin swimsuit or a shirt and shorts. Hani just tuned it out agreeing that a vacation was just what he needed. Besides, Tama-chan would win the argument like last time, which was a good thing. Haruhi was madeningly beautiful dressed as a boy, in a bikini, he wasn't sure his swimming trunks would keep the secret of his feelings.

He had found that every time they dressed her as a girl, he had to go to the bathroom and take care of it before the others noticed, and he wouldn't be so lucky in the pool. A sudden spalsh made him open his eyes. To his surprise, Haru-chan was treding water over to him.

He saw her new bikini from the Hitachin twins collection and felt himself go red in the checks and start throbing down below, but there was no escaping her in the water. So he tried to act normal.

"Hi Haru-chan!" He willed himself to be as light and child like as possible, making the small flowers appear and sparkle around his head, like normal he hoped. She smiled, and he felt his heart skip several beats. he felt the heat rising to his cheeks again and did his best to relax so the heat wouldn't become visable.

She got over to him and treaded the water effortlessly. "Your not going to wear your inner tube today Hani-Senpai?"

He couldn't help but feel slightly embarassed at the note of concern in her voice. He knew that the concern was not that he needed the tube like a child, but that he was letting his child act fall off for a moment. She's still thinking about what happened yesterday. She's afraid it might be another sign I'm not myself.

He thought about his answer for a moment. "I needed to really relax today, keeping the cute act up would make it hard to really relax." He looked up at the glass ceiling and smiled. "I'll admit that I do some of the child stuff because I want to, it feels good not to be like Kyoya, always worried about something, but a lot of the child stuff is just being cute for others."

He found that even though this was no secret to those around him, actually saying it made him feel a little better. Haru-chan wasn't like the others so it was easier to say it to her, he knew that she actually understood it.

"It is different to do somethings because you're comfortable doing them and putting up the full act for the benefit of others." She said thinking of her act as a boy for the Host Club. She looked at him and smiled. "That's why I decided to wear the bikini today, instead of letting Tamaki-Senpai talk me into the shorts and shirt. Normally, I'd prefer swimming in trunks and a T-shirt, but being forced into the boy mode so much, it feels good to actually be a girl for a change."

He found that with her mentioning the bikini, he had an excuse to better look at her in it and found the throbbing in his pants getting worse, but Haru-chan wasn't looking into the water at his body, just his eyes. so he kept trying to act natural.

"That bikini really does look nice on you Haru-chan, I'm glad you decided to wear it." He really wasn't, wishing his arousal with her would go down, but he knew that it wouldn't without a trip to the restroom. The thought made a question to his mind, that startled him. "Haru-chan?"

She looked at him and waited for the question.

"How does nobody know your a girl at school? Don't you run into other girls at the bathroom?" She sank a bit as the surprise of the question made her stop tredding water for a second.

"Well since I joined the Host Club and got the makeover into a boy, I've just been using the boy's bathroom. It was the only way to maintain the act, especially after the trouble we went to in order to make sure the physical exams wouldn't give me away."

He found himself strangly aroused by the idea that any of the times he had needed to run to the restroom, he could have been thinking about Haruhi while she sat just a few inches away and he could have seen her. He needed to go now or there would be evidence of his arousal floating in the pool soon.

"I'll be right back. All this talk of bathroom's has made me have to go." He swam away slightly ashamed of his inability to control himself. Without Taka-chan around to keep him ocuppied, Haru-chan had chosen a bad time for swimming.

As he sat on the toilet stroking himself idley, he wondered if he could even make Haruhi happy. he looked down and wondered mildly if he was normal sized in his pant's or proportionate to his small body. Am I to small to please? Or am I normal? He wasn't sure, but thought he might be small here like everywhere else on his body. he knew that normally people had hair down there, but he didn't. Was that a sign that he was as much a child in his pants as everywhere else.

As the orgasim rocked his slight frame, he wondered if that would even mater to Haruhi. She wasn't like the other girls, he hoped. The other girls were unwilling to even date him because of how taboo it was to do a child, even if he wasn't a child, that's what they saw and gently let him down.