Chapter 7

Life for Loves Sake

Haruhi woke early the next morning and considered breakfast. Her eyes however were drawn to the sleeping Hani. She had gently picked him up and threw the blankets over him before climbing under them herself, and now all that could be seen of her tiny lover was his disheveled hair resting softly on her chest. She could feel his knees however and his feet, where the ball he had curled up into made contact with her.

Like this she could see exactly what she wanted from her lover. The perfect mixture of man and boy, someone who could make her happy and still be a friend to play with and enjoy being around. She had always found his child like act a bit much, but as she watched him breath she knew that she could like both halves of the whole that was her Hani, no her Honey. A man sweater than sugar and a boy smarter than his act.

She slowly and carefully slid out from under her lover and rested his head on the pillow. She stood and reached for her panties, then decided against it. With some breakfast they could maybe go for a second tumble before heading off to Hani's place. He would need to get his school uniform at the very least.

She padded silently out to the kitchen smiling dremily, in her minds eye she entertained images of taking a shower here with her lover. She pulled a frying pan down and began mixing batter for pancakes. She stopped and frowned at the batter.

She realized she had never seen her little man eat anything but a full cake. Than she smiled and grabbed a couple of chocolate chips and some strawberries which she prepared and added to the batter. She smiled wider and began to pour some of the batter into the frying pan.

As the batter began to cook she mulled over the words Hani had tried to say to her last night. A shiver went down her bare spine as she recalled them.

When the sun goes out,

and the world becomes dark.

Cold grasps the land,

and all that is dies.

He had tried to continue, but had muttered a few words before drifting off to sleep. Though the words were ominious, she felt that he been attempting to say something important to him, possibly something he even considered to be romantic. She tried to think if she might know the rest, but it was toally new to her ears.

She flipped the pancake and set the thought aside, turning instead to the events of the night before. She had no feeling of regret for her actions with Hani. As she thought over it, she realized that he was the only person she didn't mind being around as much. Sure the child act could be a little overwhelming, but at least it was an act.

The others weren't acting. They were every bit as selfish and needy and in Tamaki's case plain out idiotdic. She slid the first pancake onto the plate and poured fresh batter into the pan. Sure she felt a deep friendship with the others, but like all friendships it was a fair amount of work, unlike being with Hani.

She was just putting the fourth waffle on a plate, that shoud take at least the edge off his hunger, and starting her own pancakes when she heard the door to her bedroom open again. It wasn't alot, she knew the sounds of her home well, but enough that Hani could peek out and see her. She continued to make the pancakes, pretending not to notice.

Suddenly the thought crossed her mind that Hani might not wanther to call him that anymore now that they were closer. She called back over her shoulder without looking, officially indicating he had been busted.

"Hani-Senpai? Do you even like beeing called Hani? Or is that just the nickname everyone gave you because of your looks?"

There was a moment of silence then the sound of the door opening the rest of the way. He walked into the kitchen naked as she was.

"Well it started as a nickname and I used to hate it. But since I've meet you, Every time you say it my heart soars, I know you say 'Hani-Senpai' every time but all I hear when you say it is Honey. And not H-A-N-I, but actually H-O-N-E-Y. Before yesterday I only dreamed of you accepting me, and part of that dream was hearing you calling me Honey."

He blushed slightly embarrassed at this fact. "It kind of makes me sound as bad as Tamaki, doesn't it?" She set his plate down and lifted his chin with her finger. "Nothing could sound less like Tamaki, because he would never be honest enough to tell me that." She kissed him briefly on the lips making him start to get aroused than released him with a smile.

She took on a false adult to child tone. "Eat your breakfast and be a good boy, an you might get a reward." Picking up on the joke, he easily slipped into his child routine like pulling on his underwear. "Yea, REWARD!" and proceeded to make a pretend dive into the pancakes actually getting syrup on one of his personality flowers.

Haruhi deftly snagged it from its place floating over his head while he laughed and slowly licked the syrup from the petal before gently placing it back in orbit around his head. He watched her do this and desperately wanted that toungue where it had been performing its magic last night. He slowly ae the pancakes so that Haruhi could finish making hers and eat with him.

As she slipped the second pancake onto her own plate and sat down the lines Honey had been trying to recite rose to her mind again and she asked him. His face became serious, and he turned red with embarrassment. He didn't remember trying to say them but recognized them immediately from a secret notebook he had kept of poetry he had written for her but had never thought he would ever show her.

"It's from a poem I wrote. Actually I woke up early one morning after a dream about you, and I used the poetry and other stuff to help me relieve myself of my secret feelings toward you." He stayed quiet hoping she wouldn't ask him. She had to know, though an presed him for the rest.

"I dremt that you and I had essentially had the same night together we shared last night. Only afterwards I didn't fall asleep on you, in the dream We stayed awake holding each other tight and snuggling. The holding eachother part was my favorite part of the dream because in other dreams, we did it and then I woke up. But this dream was special to me, because it was the first time I realized I wanted more with you than just sex. but it wasn't a very good poem." And so he recited:

"I feel your warmth and you feel mine,

Will we stand the tests of time?

When the sun goes out,

and the world becomes dark.

Cold grasps the land,

and all that is dies.

But I will hold you like this,

if you will only let me.

And archeologists of the future,

will find us and know,

that ours is a love to transend time."

His cheeks filled with more color, to hide his embarrassment over his poor attempt at poetry he scooped the two empty plates from the table and placed them in the sink. He waited for her to laugh at him, or make a joke about how lame a poem it actually was.

He nearly jumped from his skin as her hands took him from behind and turned him to face her. He was alarmed to see tears in her eyes. He had a moment to think, was it that bad? before she pulled him suddenly into her holding him tightly, forcing the air from his lungs and nearly strangling him.

The embrace was so tight his knees gave way and they feel to the cold floor, their naked bodies smashed together by the force of her hug. Slowly stars began to appear in front of his eyes, and he started trying to signal Haruhi it was time to let go.

Her grip slackened but didn't completely release and as feeling returned to his body, he felt the wetness on his shoulder. He reached his arms around Haruhi, attempting to comfort her, but unsure how to do so. It was difficult to comfort her when he didn't know what was wrong.

"Honey?" She wispered, intentionally making it clear that she was saying what he had always chosen to hear. "Nn?" He intoned comfortingly. "You may."

This was an unexpected comment, and he wasn't sure what to make of it as she pulled her head back and deeply kissed him. She repeated herself and finished the thought. "You may. Hold me, now and forever. Let the archeologists of the furture be warned they will find us together, in love for ever."