Dear Loyal Readers/ fanfictions who just started to read this,

I'm so sorry people I going to have to discontinue this story until further notice. I know you probably all really hate me, but I can't find any of my hard-drafts,(I'm not discontinuing my HP fanfic, I know where all my hard-drafts are for that it is just typing up and putting the dialouge in the right place), I have also lost some of my fanfiction writing muse when my brother died, I've been having a lot of trouble picking up a pencil just to write about the good memories about him and all the things that we did together, and it is not helping with my imagination to write up fanfiction. So as soon as I am able to finish writing about my brother I'm going to try to revise this whole fanfic, but don't put to much hope into it happening anytime soon.


The Number 1 Hero America