Of Wizards and Winchesters

Chp. 1

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Warning: Just to warn you. I am a Slash fan so, if their ends up being a pairing in this fiction, that it will end up being between two males. Though as of 10,000 words into this fiction there are no specific pairings or slash.

After the short time that Harry had to celebrate the final death of Voldemort he had thought, with a naiveté uncharacteristic of a war hero, that he would finally be able to be happy. Marry Ginny, become an Auror with Ron, have lots of kids, have a family and a normal life, at least for a wizard. Unfortunately, happiness was a long time in coming.

The first indication of this was the way Ginny had become so distant with Harry. Like her love for him had changed. Now she seemed all doe eyed for Neville, the hero who had slain the last Horcrux so gallantly, while Harry had been thought dead. So, even though he had promised to come back to her, she was already over him and onto other pursuits. Though he felt saddened by the loss he did not begrudge her the happiness she so obviously felt over being with Neville.

Then he found out that Ron didn't want to be an Auror, which was fine since it was Ron's choice, but then the Head of the Auror department, and any other official in the ministry now looked at him with distrust and fear. Many of them thought of him as the most powerful wizard in existence now, which was true, but they assumed that it meant he was Dark or at least Darker than most other witches and Wizards, so his application had been turned down time and again.

So now Harry was at square one, no girlfriend, no job, no prospects, and the wizarding community was slowly starting to turn their backs on him.

Then there had been the bitter sweet moment that he realized that he didn't need a witch to have a child of his own, not since he was the only living connection little Teddy Lupin had to family. So Harry and Teddy were a family now, and the Wizarding world thought them both freaks of nature, despite Harry ridding the world of a Dark Lord it hadn't changed much.

The day Harry decided to leave England was the day that The Ministry of Magic attempted to take Teddy away from him. 3 Auror, 2 Ministry officials, and a handful of reporters showed up at the Burrow one bright summer day. Harry and Teddy had been staying there for a few weeks at the insistence of Molly Weasley who had "More than enough room," Until Harry could find a place of his own to stay.

Molly answered the door. "May I help you?" she asked far more polite and soft spoken after the death of one of her children.

"We are here to speak with Lord Potter-Black about his ward," a tall severe looking man said.

"Of course, come in. Harry is just upstairs playing with Teddy, I'll go fetch him while you all take a seat," Molly indicated the room behind her before walking up the long fights of stairs. The officials sat on the chairs that sat opposite a low table in the center of the room, while the three Aurors stood about the room in defensive positions.

When Harry can walking down the stairs with a 4 month old Teddy cradled in his arms. The child had bright pink hair at the moment and was staring adoringly up at his Godfather. "Why are you here?" Harry asked, well used to these Ministry inquires over the last 3 months. Each visit became more and more frustrating as the Ministry asked over and over about reparations for damages caused by the final battle or for him to take care of rouge Deatheaters, even though they didn't want Harry trained as an Auror and refused to compensate him for his assistance.

"Please have a seat Mr. Potter there is something of dire import we must discuss with you," a petite witch with ebony hair and olive skin asked as she waved her hand at the sofa.

Harry looked around the room, noticing the three Aurors instantly but did as he was told anyway. It wouldn't do to jump to conclusions. "That would be Lord Potter," Harry said just to be cruel "What is this all about?" Harry asked as he settled Teddy onto his left arm instead of his right. So that if need be he could reach his wand and maneuver more easily.

"We have come to detain your ward because of his lineage, Mr. Potter, The Minister of Magic has just signed the bill that requires the imprisonment of all werewolves and their progeny given their status as…" the second official, a tall black man with blue eyes, started sating before Harry interrupted.

"There is no way you are taking Teddy from me," Harry was calm and cool on the exterior but his eyes were burning with rage.

"I'm afraid you have no choice M…Lord Potter," The woman said.

"You would have to pry him from my cold dead fingers first miss," all three Aurors pulled out their wands and were leveling them on Harry.

"Don't make this difficult, he is only a werewolf after all, no need for all this drama," the Auror by the door said with a sneer at the word Werewolf.

Harry surprised them all by growling much like Remus would have done when anyone would threaten his family. "You will not lay one hand on my Godson," the words were pressed out between clenched teeth.

"So be it," another Auror said and then several things happened at once, the Aurors all waved their wands and muttered binding spells, the Ministry officials ducked behind their chairs wide eyed, obviously not anticipating a struggle, and Harry pulled out the elder wand from the holster up his sleeve dodging the first two stunners and reflecting the last back at it's caster.

'One down two to go,' Harry thought as Teddy started fussing in his arms. The child seemed to sense his guardian's distress. Harry sent off a few spells of his own, one silent stunner and a blasting hex. Spells started flying around the room in earnest as Teddy started wailing, catching the attention of the other residents of the house. It took no time for the others to enter the fray. Now the numbers were five to two, not counting the ministry officials who were next to useless in a fire fight.

The last of the Aurors was subdued and the ministry officials stunned as well within a few short minutes with none of the Weasley's being harmed. "Merlin, is Teddy alright?" Molly exclaimed as the other crowded around Harry and the newborn.

"He's fine but he won't be for long if he stays in England," Harry said sadly as he rocked and cooed at Teddy trying desperately to calm the small bundle with, now, deep blue hair.

"They've finally done it then, they passed the anti werewolf law?" Ron asked looking shaken at the thought.

Harry looked up and remembered Bill and his encounter with Greyback months before. "Bill should be fine Ron. He has the Goblins on his side," Harry said, trying to convince himself as much as his best friend.

George, who seemed to have gotten more level-headed and serious since Fred's death was the one who brought up the issue Ron had tried to avoid. "We need to get you and Teddy out of here Harry, out of Europe all together. Somewhere they won't think to look, or if they do they won't be able to do much about it."

Teddy finally calmed and Harry found himself walking to the stairs and up to the room he had been staying in, Percy's old one. "I've been thinking about this since they mentioned the bill and I think that the safest place, relatively speaking, would be America. There isn't much of a magical government there, only the one colony in Salem and they have next to nothing in common with the Ministry here. I could floo there and gain citizenship with both the muggle and magical government without much hassle."

Everyone followed Harry up the stairs and into his room so the place was somewhat crowded when he began to magically pack his and Teddy's belongings. "Harry, dear, you're not really going to leave are you?" this was said by Mrs. Weasley; the woman who had seen the dead body of her own child and many more of her friends over the last few months.

Harry set the now dozing Teddy into his crib, being careful to avoid the various floating clothes and personal items that were packing themselves into a bottomless luggage case. Then he turned on the only mother figure he had known and saw her eyes tearing up.

"I can't think of anyone but Teddy now Mrs. Weasley. He's my responsibility now. I have to do everything I can to protect him," Molly nodded in understanding, though her eyes were slowly filling with tears.

"You keep in touch mate, give us updates on Teddy whenever you can even if we can't write back we want to hear from you," Ron said grasping his best friends shoulder.

"You keep that little guy safe," Ginny said as she held onto her weeping mother.

George looked from Harry to the luggage and said. "You don't deserve all the things they've put you through Harry. You saved the world, you saved my little sister. No matter what anyone says you are my brother and I only want you to be happy. Go to America and be Happy Harry, that's all that matters." George surprised everyone by hugging Harry enthusiastically before holding him at arms length. "Take care, Harry."

Harry was the one with tears in his eyes now as he looked on his honorary family. "Thank Mr. Weasley, Bill, Charlie, and Percy for being so great these last few months won't you?"

"O…Of course I will dear," Mrs. Weasley's voice hitched a little as she spoke.

The bags were almost packed by now, only a few stray items floating about in the air toward their locations. "I'll send pictures and write all that I can. I'll have to send them through Gringotts but you know how the goblins are with confidential information. I won't be telling you any specifics just in case though," Harry said picking up his now fully packed luggage bag and placing it on the floor so the wheels were on the floor and the handle was extended, then he placed the baby bag over his shoulder as he picked up baby Teddy.

"Get a hold of Draco right after I leave He's an expert at mental magic and he owes me a life debt. He'll be able to wipe all memory of you from the ministry's goons so you won't have too much to worry about from them. Tell him this will wipe our debt clear and he'll never have to hear from me again. Alright?" Harry asked as he prepared to leave.

"Yeah, you got it Harry," Ron said, though he hated Malfoy he knew they had no choice, none of them had the requisite skills to keep all this quite.

"Just stay out of his way when he's here and everything will be dealt with and you probably won't even see him leave. Keep safe all of you. If need be bad mouth me to the press. I don't want any of you to have to get hurt because of me," They were all descending the stairs now single file.

"Right like we're going to condone everything the press says about you. We'll be fine, just like we have always been. Now get you arse moving Potter before we have to send you out ourselves," George said, a small bit of the mischievous smirk he had before Fred died back on his face.

Standing there, on the edge of the wards Harry felt like he were on a precipice, between one life and the next. Little Teddy was squirming in his arms as the cool September air brushed his now honey locks around his sleeping face.

"I love you guys," were Harry's final words as he apparated Teddy and himself away.