Of Wizards and Winchesters

Chp. 3

When Harry woke up he was in his bedroom, which was strange since he distinctly didn't remember going to bed. When he made to stand several areas of his body hurt, hurt in such a specific way that flashes of; Deatheaters, cutting curses, torture, and War, bombarded his mind so it wasn't all that surprising that when someone entered his bedroom Harry automatically reacted by shoving them against the wall physically, his magic had been so noticeably depleted that physical violence was his only choice in defending himself.

The new arrival was strong though, not like the wizards Harry knew, the man, for only a man could be so broad shouldered, shoved him, tripping him up and Harry soon found himself on the floor looking up at jade green eyes, a stubbled chin, and spiky blonde-brown hair. "Whoa, dude. Calm down," His voice was deep and had a slight southern drawl. Harry refused to surrender, still only seeing the tortures, The War, death. With preternatural speed he had honed as a seeker Harry rolled the two of them sprung to his feet and made a break for the the door, since that was the closest exit, only to run into another stranger this one far taller and with long brown hair and kind hazle-green eyes.

"Hey," the taller man said and then there were arms around Harry's biceps and he felt too confined too closed-in there was no air in the room and he had to get out but there was nowhere to go.

"Harry?" A soft voice called from down the hall. All three occupants of the room swiveled to see a sleepy eyed, 6 year old, with dark purple hair and monkey pajamas.

Harry was still breathing heavily and his eyes were wide with fright and he didn't seem to know who the kid was. Teddy seeing his guardian so distressed dropped the stuffed wolf he had been holding and rushed to Harry's side ignoring the unusual guests. "Harry, it's okay. It's Teddy. Remember? My Dad was Moony. Remember? The War has been over a long time. You beat him remember?"

The kid seemed to know instantly how to calm the distressed man as he spoke on and on of things neither Winchester could understand. What did come across though was that episodes like this were not uncommon and happened so frequently a six year old knew how to fix it. Sam had released Harry as soon as the kid had come over to them and Harry was now kneeling with his arms wrapped around the kid like he were a lifeline. Dean distinctly remembered doing that with John after particularly brutal hunts when he was a kid, Dean averted his gaze so that no one would see the tears gathering in his eyes.

"Teddy," Harry whispered as he drew back. "Sorry kiddo. I had a rough night," Harry gave a self deprecating smile as he cradled the kids face in his hands.

"Your hurt," Teddy said simply his hair changing from violet to magenta in less than a second. The change startled the brothers but they didn't comment.

Harry noticed their tensing though and his eyes widened. "Hey why don't you go down and watch some TV? Anything you want."

"You don't let me watch TV until after breakfast," Teddy said simply looking at Harry suspiciously. This kid was a sharp one.

"Yeah well I need to talk to these gentlemen and it's an adult conversation. I'll give you the run down after I'm done alright?" Harry seemed to be pleading.

"Alright as long as you have them fix you up," Teddy said walking down the hall.

"I'm fi…" Harry cut himself off as Teddy glared and his hair turned deep red. "Yeah alright I'll get them to help."

"You better or I'm going to tell Grandma Weasely about the time you went after that poltergeist in Sacramento," Harry looked indignant and spluttered but Teddy was already gone.

There was a lengthy silence before Dean spoke. "I get the feeling that kid is too smart for his own good."

"You have no idea," Harry said running his hands through his sleep mussed hair. Harry sighed and looked at the two practical strangers in his house. "Alright I need to get breakfast ready so let's do this whole…" Harry waved his hands in a confusing pattern. "thing, in my kitchen. I think better when I'm cooking anyway."

Sam shared a significant look with Dean and then they both nodded. "Sounds good to us, though the kid was right you need to get your bandages changed."

Harry noticed for the first time that the various lacerations had been patched up while he was sleeping. "Ahh…Yeah. Just…bathroom."

Harry led them through the long hallway to the last door on the left. Once inside Harry sat on the toilet as Sam took out the bandages and antiseptic. Dean asked Harry to remove his shirt. "We tried stitching you up but they just dissolved a few minutes after we put them in," Dean said as he started removing the old bandages.

"Yeah, magically induced, so muggle methods don't work, beyond basic bandaging." Harry commented refusing to look at the brothers as he was stripped bare in front of them.

"Muggle?" Sam asked handing his brother a rag to dab up the little rivulets of blood running down Harry's chest.

"It's what my people call non-magical people," Harry hissed slightly as Dean pressed against a particularly deep cut.

"Sorry," Dean said as he continued on without looking away from his task. "And what kind of thing are you? You mentioned you weren't a Demon-Deal Witch but we haven't met any other kind."

Harry laughed half heartedly "I'm a wizard. I was born with my magic. Though last night I nearly became one of those demon deal witches."

"How's that?" Sam was bandaging Harry's arm while Dean was wrapping his chest.

"I was about to kill him, by using the one spell that would have sent me straight to hell when I died. That's the price you pay when you send someone else there by force. Two for one deal that one, though I guess it is if you don't use it more than once."

There was silence for a moment as Dean and Sam finished up with him. Without anything else to do Harry put his shirt back on and led the way down the hall and stairs to the combination kitchen dinning room.

The room was large and well light and furnished with very new looking appliances. This was Harry's sanctuary most of the time. Just after he got over one of his…episodes, he would always cook. Even as a child, cooking had been the one thing the Dursley's left him alone to do. Just for the fact that they were smart enough to see that distractions got their food burned or horribly mangled in some way.

Harry ignored everything in favor of washing his hands and beginning on the feast he planned to prepare, since he had guests he could actually cook without thought to leftovers or wasted portions. Several minutes later all 4 burners plus the oven were on and cooking some kind of food while Harry was preparing a fruit salad. Calmer now that he had food to prepare and somewhere to keep his eyes while he spoke Harry began the arduous task of finding out exactly what had happened after he passed out.

"What happened to Lenore?" Harry asked slicing up a banana and tossing it into the large bowl before squeezing a lemon over the top of it.

"She left, after you healed her, said to tell you she would call," Sam replied slightly in awe at how good of a multi-tasker Harry had to be in order to cook so many dishes at once.

"Gordon?" Harry stirred the scrambled eggs and flipped the bacon and sausage then flipped a finished pancake onto a plate and starting another.

"We left him tied up on the floor. We didn't know how long those magical ropes would last so we put on a few ourselves. We plan on letting someone know he's there after a few days," Harry could hear Dean smirking.

"Good," Harry said distractedly as he processed all that. Lenore was safe, Gordon, not dead but subdued for now.

"So, you said you were born with your power, were your parents like you?" Harry flipped the pancake and sighed.

"Both my parents were like me," at the word 'were' Sam and Dean shared a look. "There is a whole community of Wizards over in England and one in Salem," Harry didn't want to go into too much detail but he got the impression these two wouldn't leave until they knew how 'good' he was. "We tend to keep a low profile."

"So you're what? Not evil?" Dean asked bluntly.

Harry laughed, but it wasn't a happy sound. "I try not to be," Harry said giving a self deprecating look to the hunters before turning off the oven and taking out the biscuits he had been baking and set them on a rack to cool. "My people are just as evil or good as any Muggle can be. We're as fallible as any other human in existence."

"Is Teddy like you are? We couldn't help but overhear some of the things he said; you're not his father so…" It was obvious that Sam was trying not to offend him or anything and was really embarrassed at having heard the private conversation.

"Yeah his parents were wizards to. They died when he was a month old, I'm his godfather," Harry started piling a platter with bacon and sausage. Then realized he hadn't really introduced himself in all the chaos of the morning, along with the fact that he had no idea how he got home.

Placing the platter on the table he started loading up another with eggs. "How did I get back here by the way?"

"I asked about you at the bar and got your address," Dean said un-repentantly snatching up a sausage form the plate, earning him a glare from his brother.

"Why?" Harry asked staring bewildered at the shorter hunter.

"As you were walking out..." Dean said through his food before swallowing. "I heard you say one of us wasn't as bad. That you could convince us of something. I was gonna pay you a visit last night, but Gordon ended up going after Lenore before I could."

"Oh," Harry said blinking as he placed the rest of the food on the table. He had thought he was being discreet but apparently peace times had dulled his skills. Harry then called for Teddy to come and eat.

"I never really properly introduced myself. My name is Harry James Potter-Black and this is Teddy Remus Lupin."

"Oh, right," Sam said extending his hand to first Harry then Teddy. "I'm Sam Winchester. This is my brother Dean," Dean didn't bother shaking their hands, since his fingers were all greasy so he just half saluted. Sam shook his head at his brother's lack of propriety and they all sat at the overloaded square kitchen table.

"Help yourselves there's plenty," Harry said unnecessarily, seeing as Dean was already stuffing his face.

"Thanks," Sam said with a smile.

"You're still hurt," Teddy observed as Harry loaded his plate.

"My reserves should be back enough for me to heal them in a few hours," Harry placed Teddy's plate back in front of him and then proceeded to fill his own.

"You shouldn't. You'll just get all sleepy again," Teddy said knowingly as he ate his pancakes.

"What do you expect me to do then Teddy?" Harry asked amused.

"Heal up the muggle way. Using your magic so much will just hurt you more."

Harry narrowed his eyes at the 6 year old but relaxed back into his chair in defeat. Teddy was right.

They all ate, making small talk, Dean getting on extremely well with Teddy making him laugh and his hair turn sunny yellow. "What's up with your hair anyway? Harry said you're…wizards or something but his hair doesn't change like yours does."

Harry was beginning to realize that Dean was one of those people who asked very personal questions without really realizing they may be insensitive. "His mother was a metamorphagus. Their able to change their physical appearance at will without a spell. Teddy is just a little young to learn to control it yet," Harry explained.

"He's a shapeshifter?!" Dean asked indignantly looking suddenly disgusted.

"If you wanted to be crude about it…" Harry started before Sam interrupted.

"He's not that kind of shapeshifter Dean," Sam said with an annoyed frown. "Isn't it obvious? He hasn't shed his skin once and he's only what? Seven?"

Harry opened his mouth, shut it again and frowned. "What?"

Both Sam and Dean looked over at Harry who had the most perplexed expression on his face they had ever seen. "You're telling me you hooked up with a coven of vegan vamps, took out a top notch hunter and you don't know what a shapeshifter is?" Dean asked pointing a piece of bacon in his direction.

"Not the muggle kind, no. All the shapeshifters I know of have magic. I had no idea that non-magical people could do such a thing."

Dean snorted and shoveled more sausage into his own mouth. Harry was glad the men seemed to like his cooking.

"So since you've already given me the third degree do you think I could ask you two a few questions?" Harry asked pulling apart a piece of toast instead of actually eating it.

"Yeah, that seems fair. What do you want to know?" Sam asked.

"How long have you two been hunters? You seem like experts so I'm assuming a few years but…"

Sam sighed and looked at Dean before replying. "All our lives. Our Dad raised us to fight the supernatural."

Harry knew there was more to that story; he could clearly see pain in their eyes. Harry had seen that look a lot in his short life. Seeing that look reminded him of the vision he had last night. So their father had died fairly recently.

Harry averted his eyes from them; he could still feel the pain of that vision, the bone deep ache that came from loosing a parent. Harry's gulp was audible as he tried to get a handle on his emotions.

"Harry?" Teddy asked placing his hand on his godfather's leg. "Why aren't you eating?"

"What?" Harry asked slightly dazed.

"You're not eating again," Teddy said pointing to the mutilated toast and nearly full plate of food.

"I…" Harry coughed uncomfortably. "I'm just not all that hungry I guess."

Teddy scowled. "You didn't eat dinner last night. So you should eat breakfast. Grandma Molly said you had to eat right to stay healthy."

Harry looked nervously between their guests and Teddy. "I know that kiddo but…" Harry took a deep breath. "I…something happened that is…I mean something happened to…" There were tears in Harry's eyes now; he had been trying desperately to hold back the anguish he had been feeling. He thought naively that after the war that neither of them would have to deal with the death of someone close to them again. "The coven was attacked. That guy I've been following…he killed Conrad, Tina, and Lucas," Harry ignored the fact that Dean had technically killed Conrad because Dean had only been following along with Gordon and just made a mistake in trusting someone.

Teddy looked disbelieving for a moment, not really understanding what Harry was trying to say, Dean and Sam had gone very still, Dean had stopped eating and Sam looked slightly pale. It seemed to Harry that maybe they hadn't realized that knowing the coven leader meant that he had been friends with the other vampires and not just Lenore.

After a few moments Teddy surprised them all by launching himself at Harry, landing in Harry's lap arms wrapped around Harry's neck legs sprawled out, Teddy's hair now a somber black. "S'not your fault," the child murmured into Harry's neck.

The tears Harry had been holding back started falling down his cheeks and a broken sob bubbled up from his chest as he squeezed his godson back. Harry always regretted bringing his godson up to be so in tune with Harry's own emotions, moods, and problems. Felt he was somehow cheating him out of a normal childhood.

It took a moment for the two of them to separate from one another, Harry ruffling black locks until they turned a lighter brown.

"Thanks little guy," Harry muttered to him with a grateful smile. Dean coughed uncomfortably and wouldn't look at them. "You finished eating Teddy?"

"Yeah, should I go get ready for Aunty Fluer's?" Teddy said with a kind of sad smile on his face.

"Oh Merlin! I totally forgot that you had a play date with Victorie today. Your grandma is going to kill me if we're late again!" Harry said fretfully standing from the table.

Teddy laughed, all thought of grief pushed aside for now until they could deal with it in private.

"Well, since you two will be busy, we better go," Sam said standing from the table at the same time that Dean did. Harry looked them over and got a very determined look in his eye.

"I'll walk you out. Teddy you go up and get your bag ready. 3 toys, a change of clothes and that gift you wanted to give to Grandpa Arthur," Harry said as Teddy shot out the door and up the stairs to his room.

"You don't have to walk us out, really," Sam tried to protest but Harry just glared at him.

"I want to make sure that you understand that I don't blame you for what happened. You were just doing your jobs and got caught in something that was very unpleasant. Trust me I know how it goes."

Dean just grunted as he walked out the door. "Yeah, I know that but try convincing Dean when he just realized not every monster out there is really a monster."

With a huff Harry chased after the older man and gripped his shoulder. Dean looked at him over his shoulder but didn't fully turn around. "When I was in school I was fighting a war and I always thought that I knew who the evil ones were. That everyone that was fighting on my side was good and the one's fighting against me was evil. I learned the hard way that the people I thought of as inherently evil were just people who had made bad decisions, people who had kids and lives and loved ones. But in the end, I did what I had to, to save lives. That is all you were doing. And all you could ever hope to do. Nothing more, nothing less."

After Harry's little speech Dean turned fully to face him and they locked gazes. Their eyes were what set them apart from the normal people out there, the same eyes that Sam had, eyes that saw the darkness and fought against it no matter the personal sacrifice.

"Hey, Harry," Sam said breaking the staring contest. "If you ever need to get a hold of us, just call this number," Sam held out a card that said Detective Conroy and was embossed with the FBI logo on the right. "Ask for Bobby Singer and he'll be able to get a hold of us."

"Yeah sure, I might just send you a message here and there even," Harry smirked. "Don't be shooting any owls if their holding a letter in their beak."

Harry just laughed at the bewildered looks they gave him and waved them off so he could hopefully not be late for that play date.