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Outtake: Loki

Loki was something of an expert on souls, being able to see the true intent behind every mortals action was useful in learning the ins and outs of the bright little things that made mortals what they were. The Winchester's for example were young but full to bursting with light. Made to be everyday hero's. Saving one person at a time over their lifetime, hundreds or even thousands all the better for their efforts. Not to say that they didn't sin, that there wasn't darkness in there, but every human had them and it seemed to make the two of them shine all the brighter for it. He always thought that they didn't deserve the fate that awaited them in the not to distant future, but he wasn't one to interfere.

Harry though was a totally different story. Old in more ways than any mortal could know. He'd seen the after life at least twice before and he'd faced war more times that some pagan Gods had. Loki knew because he recognized that soul. It took a while to realize that it was Her. But after the realization hit him it was hard to see how he'd missed it.

Strong, kind, brave, self-sacrificing leader of a war that could have ripped apart whole countries.

There was no mistaking it. Joan de Arc. The Lady he had once whispered the secrets of the universe to so long ago.

She didn't have real magic back then, but she did have an angel whispering in her ear that helped her slay her enemies. So many similarities between them. Not to mention the feelings that Loki had for the soul encapsulated within all that mortal flesh.

It was probably a mistake to touch Harry the way he had. Pressing the place he had touched the first mortals to guide them back to heaven. The same place he had touched Her just before he was told to retreat, to allow the burning, allow her martyrdom.

It was strange that they should meet again when the soul knew him but the flesh didn't. Odd to know that she was the reason he had walked away from his past and the reason he was pulled into all of it again. Fitting almost.

Loki sighed as his thoughts spiraling around in melancholic spirals. He usually didn't indulge in the angst that attached itself to thoughts of the past but Harry seemed to have that effect on people, if the Winchesters were anything to go by.