Time: Wednesday, 21 April 2010

"Is it possible to separate a integrated soul from its fossil source? asked Vesparia inquisitively as she glanced at the mediator Moukai Basset, "I mean, is it even plausible? I mean, we are dealing with dark forces here, extremely complicated procedures." she noted without a hint of bliss in her voice. Moukai's voice in contrast sounded boisterous and upbeat despite the sour tone he inhibited. Vesparia took an incredulous glance, her desperate voice trembled slightly, "But say, the soul implied was a Pokémon, an extinct Pokémon to be more exact. One that existed previously but is now circling the confined Cinnabar Islands as I speak, patrolling its territories. Would it be... safe, with that youngster over there? The one that claimed that the Sliph Corporations had redefined the Master ball, would it be strong enough to withhold the aerial beast? It's currently the master of its sky domain," Vesparia wrung her hands.
"They could always make more master-balls," Moukai said, "There's no guarantee that the prototype would work."

"But still," Vesparia glanced at the shadowy Trainer, "She's so... Young, almost inexperienced. If she didn't have an entire legion of Pokémon to back her up," Moukai grimaced, "Well then Sahara Demure, you up for it? Remember, if we did not have the Aerodactyl under your control, no jurisdiction can deflect the consequences of a primal... Chainsaw creature upon our wild Kanto Pokémon. It'll be like letting a Persian amongst the Pidgeys, pardon the expression." Moukai added, chuckling at his own joke. The stern girl nodded, as she prepared to challenge the savage Aerodactyl, however that very choice made in desperate situations - it would have a closure of unprecedented carnage. From that moment on Kanto's very landscape never had any secure surroundings, no Pokémon could hide from the terror of awaiting bloodied jaws ready to gape... No city safe from its wrathful vengeance. Welcome to SERRATED...