Title: Delicious Distraction


Rating: Mature

Genre: Lemon

Time Period: Post Resident Evil: Degeneration/Pre Resident Evil 5

Pairing: Leon S. Kennedy x Ada Wong

Summary: A certain Asian beauty of espionage sneaks into Leon S. Kennedy's apartment and one thing leads to another. The name 'Siya' is pronounced 'sigh-ya'.

P.S I'm in need of a beta who likes to read a lot of Leon/Ada goodness. XD

The smell of the apartment is of vague disuse.

I run my fingers along the empty counter-top. What dishes there are, are stacked neatly on an assortment of shelves behind a cabinet door which is partially open. A thin layer of dust has collected along its hinges and across every surface of furniture. I can't resist a slight smirk; Leon himself wouldn't have chosen such a place. It's too high-class for him. It's my kind of class. I inspect my fingertips. No doubt Leon's superiors had picked out such a lavish residence. And, from the looks of it, Leon didn't have any company to keep this place up.

Isn't that a pity…

Orange rays of vanishing sunlight stain the white floor and navy rugs turning them a stygian black. All throughout the apartment are different shades of blue. I close my eyes and savor the abnormal tranquility of the place. Despite the obvious neglect of it, there is still a freshness about it. As if I could simply walk about naked and not have to worry about my appearance, my flesh. This place felt homely. The sensation causes a warm shiver to course down my spine and along my limbs. I push the it away and venture into the hallway. There are three doors, one to the left, one to the right, and one all the way to the end of the hall. Leon's bedroom.

Out of all the rooms of the apartment, aside from the bathroom, the bedroom shows obvious signs of human life. I carefully push the door open and find Leon spread eagle on his bed, the pillow over his face and his sheets coiled tightly around his lower body. I raise an eyebrow and stand there for a moment, drinking in the glistening sheen of sweat on his skin and the way his head dangled just off the bed. His superiors have been working him hard these last few months. I step into the room, avoiding his pile of dirty clothes. On its summit is a silk pair of black boxers. I lick my lips and my hands clench at the thought of the swarthy color against his pale skin. My own skin tingles in excitement. Subtract the boxers altogether. Concentrate. You came here to do one thing. No touching. Just looking.

I step carefully over to the bed and pull the pillow away from his face. His hair is a halo of rich light brown spikes about his head and his eyes are moving restlessly behind his lids. Dreaming... I lean down and brush a wayward strand of hair from his face. He grunts sleepily and kicks at the sheets down passed his thighs. The blood rushes to my face and I feel my nipples harden at the very sight of him.

So the government agent still sleeps in the nude. How quaint. I grin as my eyes follow the smooth happy trail down the lower part of his abdomen.

The agent had always been a pleasant distraction. Back in Spain, Leon S. Kennedy never failed to prove my belief in his skills. Granted, the Organization knows of his worth as well. That had been one determining factor in keeping him alive. The other had been my simple and dangerous infatuation with the witty government lapdog. Due to his strong belief in loyalty, honor, and respect, he wouldn't want to imagine the crookedness of his own superiors.

"Mmm..." Leon moans and smacks his lips.

I smile at how cute he appears. He's a heavy sleeper and, lately, work has been keeping him very busy. He won't be waking for a little while. I warily take a seat beside him and, to my relief, the bed doesn't creak. His brows knit together and he mumbles something.

I bite my lower lip. The warm, smooth texture of his skin looks so welcoming to the touch. Leon may be a heavy sleeper, but I still wouldn't risk it. Or would I? A quiet voice whispers from the deep depths of my mind. What would happen if Leon did wake up? I tug at the black choker around my neck-the only piece of jewelry I wear... A gift from a person I'm too guilty to remember, but too selfish to forget. I push the thought from my mind.

The hell with it... Rising cautiously from the bed, I creep over to the drawer where he keeps his handcuffs. I rummage around quietly until I find them. I hold them up in the dying sunlight, inspecting them carefully. They'd hold...

I sneak back over and watch him for a moment before I hook one of the cuffs over his right wrist which is dangling carelessly off the bed. Moving slowly, I raise his hand over his head toward the headboard. He stirs slightly, but does not wake. I breathe a sigh of relief and remove the pillow from his face. Leon abruptly turns on his side, sliding his left hand underneath his cheek. I roll my eyes. I just had to wonder didn't I? My eyes travel over his smooth, toned muscles. I'm already here... even if here is a little foolish.

Dancing my fingers along his side, I cause him to grunt and roll back over. I gingerly take the other hand and get it ready for the hand cuffs. The headboard has a nice center post that is designed within the headboard itself. He couldn't just life the cuffs over the post. He'd have to break through two-inch thick wood. Good luck with that one, Mr. Kennedy.

I loop the cuffs around the post and lock in his left wrist. He restlessly tries to turn back on his side, but can only turn halfway. I stand back and gaze at him for a few moments, admiring his disheveled appearance. I normally don't go for such a look, but Leon is the exception. The sheets are tangled like a hungry constrictor around his legs and his hair is an uneven mess about his head. My fingertips are beginning to itch with the need to touch his skin. His natural musk intoxicates me.

for the past eight years, I wouldn't let myself admit to it. Even now, I won't. Physical attraction is only natural... and not as dangerous. I walk my middle and index fingers along his shoulder and down his chest. Anything more... my fingers venture down past his naval... would prove fatal...

He twitches and groans softly.

Leon S. Kennedy is nothing more than a delicious distraction. That's all. I lean down and inhale his scent hungrily. Just a means to an end... At least, that's what I've been trying to convince myself. Even if I'd been ordered to dispose of Leon by the Organization, I wouldn't have.

"You saved my life." I whisper into his ear.

His breathing pattern immediately changes and I feel him tense as his eyes snap open, dusky blue... smooth... inviting.

"Ada?" He mutters in surprise, his voice thick with sleep.

You're the only one to call me that.

"Hey there, handsome."

His eyes widen when he realizes I'm not an illusion or dream. "Ada..." he blurts out again, and then realizes his predicament.

"That's my name; don't wear it out."

He frowns up at me, but that doesn't conceal the bright flicker of interest in his eyes. He clears his throat. "Why are you here?"

I run my fingers along his inner thigh and sigh breathlessly. "Ooh, I was just in the neighborhood and I thought I'd stop by."

"Yeah, and I'm Patrick Swayze." He scoffs, trying to ignore my hand as it crept ever closer to more sensitive areas.

I chuckle and begin to massage small circles along his skin, adding just a bit more pressure. His jaw clenches and his eyes are beginning to haze over with lust. A delightful heat is beginning to gather underneath my exploring fingertips.

"Why-" he pauses to gain control of his voice. "Why'd you show up like this?"

I lick my lips thoughtfully and drag my nails very lightly along his skin before lowering my face to his. There's only centimeters between us. "I was a little... hungry, I guess."

His lashes flutter and his eyes roll back. "Hungry f-for... w-what?"

"Mmmm... I was hoping you could help me answer that question." I purr as I playfully lick his lower lip.

He immediately goes in for a kiss and I back away, my smile seductive. He glares at me and tugs at the hand cuffs. I walk my fingers along his happy trail and on down. He sucks in a surprised gasp and I feel him hardening beneath my touch. I lick along his collar bone, causing him to groan, and my heartbeat skyrockets. His skin is radiating a pleasantly alluring warmth.

"I don't follow a lady's lead." He growls and pulls more persistently at the handcuffs.

"You'll follow mine, handsome."

His eyes, a strange and lovely navy in the dark, glitter challengingly at me. "Don't count on it."

I skim my fingers across his weeping tip and he bucks on impulse. "Count on it."

He sets his jaw determinedly. "Try me."

"I intend to, handsome." I breathe into his ear and nibble lightly on his lobe.

He squirms helplessly beneath my teasing and I crawl onto the bed to straddle him. He opens his mouth to speak and I immediately silence him with a kiss. He growls possessively and I hear the cuffs rattling against the wood. The sound itself is exhilarating. I have my very own Leon S. Kennedy hand-cuffed, naked, and thoroughly aroused. What more could a girl want? I run my tongue along his lower lip and nibble lightly. A shiver courses down my spine as i fell his hardness rub against the silk of my pants.

"Cock tease!" He groans.

I grin and suckle along his neck before biting down and grinding my hips into his. "If... I am upsetting you, I can leave." I make a move to do so.

"No!" He shouts huskily.

I sit back and bite my lip, my expression thoughtful. "Are you sure?"

Leon stares pointedly at me. "I don't know, Ada. What do you think?"

I look down his his body, my left eyebrow raising. "I think... that these clothes are making me all itchy." I lean down and bite his neck. "I really hate that."

My shirt is over my head before he can muster a sarcastic remark and his jaw falls open. I grin mischievously at him and unhook my bra. He yanks wildly at the handcuffs. I kiss him heatedly while pressing my chest into his. As I break the kiss, he leans in and bites my neck, causing me to gasp in surprise. "Let me go, Ada."

I smirk. "Or what?"

He holds my stare. "I'll tell my superiors of your little visit."

I chuckle. "No you won't because," I pause to nuzzle his nose, "then, I'd have to leave."

His eyes flicker.

"You wouldn't want that would you?" I purr into his ear.

"I want to touch you." he snarls.

My smirk becomes a full-blown grin. "You want to be in control." With that said, I climb off of him and step away. I put my hands on my hips. "I own you tonight, handsome... and you're just going to have to accept that."

He looks over at me challengingly and pulls at the cuffs. "Nope."

I lick my lips. "Well..." I unbutton my pants and slide them down my legs. "I've never said no to a challenge."

His eyes roam over me hungrily as I kick off my shoes and finish undressing. I glance down at his arousal and catch his gaze as I travel back up his body. Lust colors his cheeks and I walk my fingers up his leg, stopping momentarily at his thigh; then, continuing up to his mouth.

"I'm gonna make you scream my name before this is over." He growls behind my fingers, his hot breath moist and inviting.

"Are you?" I inquire smugly.

He simply grins at me, cocky... eager.

"I bet you're still a rookie in the bedroom, handsome."

He scoffs. "And, what does that me you? A pro?"

"More along the lines of a natural."

"You think pretty highly of yourself."

I crawl onto the bed and remain on all fours above him."In a manner of speaking."

He stares longingly at the distance between our bodies. "Metaphorically?"

I lick along his collar bone, up his neck, and bite down on his lower lip. "I'm more of a literal kind of person."

He cocks an eyebrow. "In a manner of speaking?"

I sit back on his thighs, my sex brushing his length. He lets out a slight hiss and I chuckle. "Don't play coy, handsome. You belong to me now."

That bothers him. I can see it in the way his eyes glint defiantly and the way his muscles in his arms tense. If he were free, I don't doubt he'd try pinning me to the bed. He'd try. I kiss him roughly.

"For now..." he murmurs against my lips.

I graze my fingers along his sides and massage his tongue with my own. He shivers. A delicious anticipation thrums in my veins and I press my chest against his, being careful to keep my lower body at a teasing distance. He bucks beneath me, wanting more than anything to eliminate that distance.

"Eager little rookie, aren't we?" I smile.

"Undo these handcuffs and I'll show you rookie." He whispers into my ear, making me quiver.

"All in good time, handsome."

He bites my neck and a startled moan exits my lips. I try to retain my control as his tongue glides along my hot skin, making my toes curl. God, everything about him felt so good, tasted so good. I smirk. I've yet to taste everything. With that thought, I make a small trail of kisses down his chest, across the smooth musculature of his stomach, and stop just midway of his happy trail. He is writhing helplessly beneath me as I gaze up at him. The second he meets my eyes, I flick my tongue across his tip. He gasps and bucks his hips.

"Funny how quickly you'll follow a lady's lead when she... hits the right spot... isn't it, handsome?"


His rebuttal is cut short as I take him fully in my mouth, curling my tongue around him.

"Shit!" He groans.

I rake my teeth tenderly along him and he throws his head back, incoherent grunts pouring from his lips. I hum softly, the vibrations of my voice passing to him. He moans my name and I rub my tongue agonizingly slow up and down his shaft. He pulls against the cuffs, shallow, short breaths escaping from his open mouth.

"Easy boy. You don't want to end the ride early, do you?" I whisper, feigning disappointment.

"God dammit, woman!"

I take him into my mouth again and drag my nails down his inner thighs, careful not to put too much pressure, or too little. His back arches and my name is a primal growl from deep in his throat. The excited heat gathering in the pit of my stomach intensifies. I want him inside me so badly, but I want to make him beg first. That thought turns me on even more. I flick my tongue back and forth over his tip, making his stomach muscles tighten. My name is pure unbridled passion on his lips. I want him to say my name... my real name. I need him to. The realization is liberating and frightening.

I kiss my way back up to his ear. "My name is Siya."

As I pull back and look at him, there's a strange new light in his eyes, like a midnight tempest over an untrammeled sea. Passionate. Hungry.

"Siya," he whispers.

I close my eyes and savor the husky tenor of his voice as it wraps around my real name. His skin is so warm. I press myself against him and his kiss is debilitating—tender, fervent, and deep. I won't give in. Not yet. I'm still in control.

I grin devilishly. "Do you want me, handsome?"

He grins back, knowing full-well my little game. "Why don't you ask my little friend down there?"

I click my tongue. "Okay."

Before he can answer I'm on him again, rhythmically taking him in and out of my mouth. He bucks wildly, practically tearing at the handcuffs. The bed creaks and I giggle. The vibrations of my laugh spread over him and he groans.

"Shit," he hisses.

I pause and look up at him, my smile triumphant. "Do you want me, handsome?"

He glares down at me knowingly.

I lick up his shaft and he moans. "I'll ask you again, Leon. Do you want me?"

"Yes." he grunts.

"I'm sorry," I blow air onto his moist skin. "I couldn't hear you."

"Yes." He snaps, trying to keep what little composure he has left.

I smirk... under my thumb now, rookie. I nibble my way up to his neck. "How... bad... do you want me, Mr. Kennedy?"

He bares his teeth and his eyes flicker, but he remains quiet. Hmm... we can play that game if you like. I rub my center against his erection as I bite into his neck, but I pull away as his hips try to connect with mine.

"Damn it!"

I lick his lower lip playfully. "You've never liked being a follower, especially to a woman. But... if you want me... you'll have to... follow my lead."

He cuts his eyes at me.

"Now I'll only ask one more time. How bad do you want me?"

His eyes smolder into mine. "Bad..."

I press my chest against his. "How bad?"

"Siya!" He snarls.

I gaze at him innocently. "Yes?"

"Stop teasing me." He mutters, finally seeming to accept my lead.

"Then tell me how bad you want me."

He corners me with his eyes. "Very bad..."

I raise my eyebrows and nuzzle his nose. "Alright... What's the magic word?"

He smirks. "Fuck. Me. Now."

I sigh dramatically. "That's not a word."

His expression doesn't change. "Please..." His lips crash into mine, hot and demanding. Could it be that easy? I run my tongue along his and he breaks the kiss. "I want you. Please, Siya."

The insane heat in my lower stomach spins delightfully and I push away any further assumptions of Leon suddenly owning the situation. Moving slowly, I sit back up and position myself above his arousal. With my right hand, I guide it in. The feel of his fullness inside of me causes my heart to leap in my chest. I moan out softly, my eyes closing in pleasure. I can hear him breathing shallowly as I begin to ride him, taking it at a nice and steady pace. He wants me to move faster, harder. Not yet, cowboy.

I let my hands wonder along his toned chest. My mask is beginning to crumble. I can feel it. I'm tipping over the edge. My desire is gradually over-weighing my manipulative exterior. For a split second, I hate him for it, but it quickly fades as I hear him whisper my name desperately. I open my eyes and find him staring at me, open, unguarded. My heart suddenly feels light, weightless. I throw my head back to hide the vulnerability of my eyes.

Leon is my opposite, the lifeboat in the middle of my black ocean. I am merely the lost and self-destructive fool too obsessed with spitting in Death's face. If I ever lost him, it would obliterate what little heart I have left. I've become so dependent on him for the last decade. Slowly, the agent has wriggled his way into my mind and found a home in my soul. I belong to him just as much as he belongs to me in this moment.

"Undo these cuffs." He commands unevenly.

I abruptly crash down on him, causing him to toss his head back in utter bliss. "I'm still having fun. Aren't you having fun?" I breathe.

He tries to kiss me and I pull back before he can get close. I grind my hips roughly and he yanks relentlessly at the cuffs.


It only takes me seconds to register what has happened, but that doesn't alter the look of pure surprise on my face—eyes wide and jaw hanging open. The cylinder of wood had snapped in half and Leon is free. His eyes lock on mine and a wicked grin plays across his lips. I pounce off of him before he can grab me and I take off into the living room. As I find a hiding spot, I can hear him rummaging around in the drawer for the keys. I wonder what he's going to do if he catches me. Excitement floods my veins.