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xx Delicious Distraction PT. o2

Follow her lead, huh?

I twirl the cuffs on my index finger. "Come out, come out wherever you are..."

Ada. Spy. Deceiver... Siya... flawed and selfish human being. I step out into the hallway and shiver; the air is cold. At least I can think a little straighter. The image of Siya sitting atop me, her breasts gently hopping about her chest with every downward thrust of her hips fills my mind... only somewhat straighter.

The living area is dead silent and choked by shadows. The sun has finally slipped behind the horizon. I step into the middle of the room, arms crossed. A thought suddenly makes me excitement sink. If she bailed on me... I glance back to the bedroom and find her pile of clothes still there. Relief and what had left of my erection comes back. I begin searching the room, but turn up empty-handed. Damn, that woman knows how to tease!

I venture into the bathroom. No double agent... Kitchen? Nothing. I circle back and make sure she hasn't tried to sneak back into my bedroom and snatch her clothes to make a quick get-away. After a few minutes, I go back into the living area.

"So, is Siya your real name, or is that another one of your lies?" I'm not surprised with the silence.

I've never expected her to be dumb enough to bite that bait. The woman is as elusive as a jaguar and twice as cunning. I walk over to the glass doors leading to the balcony and gaze out at the glowing lights of the city, rich, polluted gold. "I'm just curious," I push the doors open. " How are you still alive after crossing one of the most dangerous men on the planet?"

The air is hot and sticky outside. I move toward the railing, my senses on high alert. This is one hell of a shot. The only place I hadn't looked is the rafters overhead. The ceiling itself is about thirty feet high. Siya could easily find concealment. The shadows up there are as thick as molasses. She wouldn't be able to resist this, though. I grin to myself. Whether she felt it's necessary, or simply enjoyed giving me near-death experiences, this is a guaranteed way to get her attention.

There is a very soft thump a few feet behind me, practically silent. I react instinctively, about-facing and just catching the glint of one of my kitchen knives. Clever girl. I snatch her wrist immediately, diverting away from her playful attack and she gifts me with her own retaliation, swinging her elbow out behind her and catching my temple. The blow is half-hearted and doesn't really phase me. I quickly wrap my free hand around her waist and snap one of the cuffs on her wrist. The silkiness of her skin against my own... warm... so smooth. I lick my way up her neck and she grabs a handful of my hair with her free hand. She pulls just hard enough for me to acknowledge the slight sting of pain that tingles underneath my scalp.

Then, I feel her body move beneath mine. She's centering herself, preparing to throw me over her. Before she can react, I've side-stepped her maneuver and pulled her hand away from my hair. I squeeze down on her wrist and she smirks. As I go to cuff her other hand, she swings the blade toward my throat. I feel the rush of air and leap back.

"Jeez, woman!" My voice doesn't sound the slightest bit annoyed. In fact, I sound exhilarated.

She places the tip of the knife on her lower lip and gazes teasingly at me. "Well, it looks like we are at a bit of an impasse."

I laugh. "We've been at a stalemate since you first shot at me back in the RPD basement."

She cocks an eyebrow and her eyes flicker excitedly. "Still as sharp as ever."

"Thanks." I reply; she's trying to distract me.

We stare at one another for a moment longer. Then, her eyes travel down to my erection. The way her lips curl suggestively. The way her tongue runs over her teeth. God! Then, her eyes take on a devilish gleam. She's about to run from me. I've seen that look before—the slight darkening and sparkle of her eyes, the subtle twitch and smirk of her lips. Oh, no you don't. You're not running from me.

We are moving at the same time—Siya to the right and me to the left. She swipes the blade at me and I easily knock it from her hand. She wanted me to do that. I move beside her and attempt to take her legs out from under her, but she dances around my attack, somehow ripping her cuffed hand free. I'm on her before she can get away. Our bodies collide and we tumble over onto one of the plush couches surrounding the coffee table.

"Caught you," I breathe heavily as I take both her wrists in one hand.

She smirks. "I know..."

Her form is so soft beneath mine. And, she's totally in control... Figures... "You love toying with me, don't you?"

She looks up at me innocently. "Toy with you? Never."

Cocky little... Jeez, that turned me on. "Don't play coy with me." I growl into her ear as I latch the other cuff on her wrist.

She bites the nape of my neck, making her scorching hot skin even more apparent. "Don't deny that you love these little games, handsome." She licks her lips. "The sad thing is... is that you won't take what's given to you. You have to capture it. Hence, our current situation."

"I can take you right now." I whisper aggressively.

She cocks an eyebrow. "Then what are you waiting for, Mr. Kennedy?"

I want her so bad its driving me insane. She's lying beneath me, ready and willing to give me what I've been craving since she'd pressed that gun into my back. But, I want to control her... My free hand tiptoes up her side making her shiver.

"You're still controlling me."

She presses her parted lips to mine and wiggles her hips deliciously. "See? You have to be in control. That's your problem, handsome."

"Look who's talking." I hiss as I push her legs open with my knees.

Her eyes flutter. "Don't fool yourself. You won't do it unless you actually take control over me."

Before I can reply, she turns her body and uses her feet to thrust me off of her. My head connects with the coffee table. Son of a... She's taken off toward the bedroom... for the cuff keys. I jump to my feet and chase after her. I crash into her just as she's grabbing the keys off the dresser. We both fall unceremoniously onto the bed.

All that talk had been a distraction, per the usual. I'd say she liked playing with fire just a little too much, like a butterfly too curious about a spider's web.

Her body shifts beneath mine and I nibble along her shoulder blade. She arches her back. The heat of her skin is delectably debilitating. I curl my ankles around hers making it harder for her to move. This causes one of my thighs to brush up against her sex. She is hot, moist, and welcoming. I abruptly feel light-headed as more blood rushes to my lower center. My stomach muscles tighten and images of her giving into me as I take her, keening my name, fills my mind.

"Make your move spy." I breathe huskily onto the nape of her neck.

She glares at me from the corner of her eye. "After you, special agent Kennedy."

I nip her shoulder. " I thought you owned me tonight."

She tosses her head arrogantly. "I've always owned you, handsome."

I suckle on her earlobe earning a slight tremor down her spine. "Is that so?" I whisper as I slip my hand down the inside of her thigh.

Her entire body arches and her muscles stiffen as I come in contact with her wet entry, my middle and index finger rubbing softly against the smooth folds. "The night is still young, rookie." She makes an effort to speak fluently, but she can't hide the edge of unbridled desire in her tone.

"Yes it is." I reply unevenly. I want to feel her hot tight walls again; I need to... and she needs it, too.

She moans eagerly as I lick along her neck, her hips wriggling beneath me. I pull her hands above her head as I tease the sensitive bud of her sex with my thumb and her breath hitches.

"Leon!" The response is earnest, dazed, and a bit irritated.

"You don't like being under a man's thumb so-to-speak." I smirk against her hair. "You are mine now, Ada." The name is a primal growl deep in my throat.

I feel her press her body closer to me, the softness of her thighs brushing my length. I groan and bury my face into the nape of her neck, my mouth quickly finding the warm flesh just above her collar bone. She trembles beneath me, her hands working to get free.

This woman is something I've craved for years now. When finding out she was alive just before my mission in Spain, I didn't know what to think. But... she is mine. She always has been. Somehow, I've always known that Siya... is mine. My Ada...mine alone...

That realization is more arousing than any sexual thought or endeavor I've ever committed. She is mine. All of her. Mine. "You're mine," I growl again, this time more possessively. "All of you. All mine."

"So enthusiastic," she purrs, trying to ignore my wicked ministrations.

I bite down hard on her neck and shove the two fingers into her none too gently. She tries to hold back a strangled moan of bliss. "A bit more than enthusiastic, actually," I grin impishly. "I have to say I'm not the only one."

"Cocky as ever... Pride goeth before the fall, Mr. Kennedy." she cranes her neck to gaze at me, her eyes darkened by desire; the sparkle in them... provocative... thrilling.

I begin to circle my two fingers around her walls leisurely, while still focusing my thumb on the bundle of sensitive nerves that evokes a needy moan from her throat. "Still gotta make you scream my name, though."

Before she can speak, I rise to my knees whilst pulling her up with me. Her cuffed hands are motionless in my grip, but I know better. I raise them high above her head and she purposely presses the curve of her butt into me. Woman! My erection is held hostage between her damp inner thighs. The hostage isn't complaining, either.

"You're just asking for trouble." I exhale roughly as I remove my fingers from her silky heat and grab her hip.

I can almost see the slight pout of her lips, but her face is turned away. "Trouble and I have a mutual understanding."

"Oh?" I kiss along her shoulder.

She watches me intensely, her chin held high. "Liking the control, cowboy?"

I place her hands on her stomach with my grip still firmly on the cuffs and tilt her chin with my other hand. "Just as much as you're liking it."

Her eyes catch fire, two burning flames beckoning me... Such a subtle way to turn the tables. She's good at that—winning over a situation by making someone believe they are in the driver's seat. When, in all honesty, she's taking them for a ride. Reverse psychology always works. That's one thing I've learned from her. "I do hope you stroke a woman better than you do your own ego." She deadpans.

I capture her lips in a heated kiss and pull away; she leans into me, her mouth hungry for more. "I think I've been doing pretty good so far."

Her eyes flutter. "You love prolonging the moment, don't you?"

"The capture of you?" I ask as I let my hand drift from her chin down to her right breast. My fingers work gingerly along the soft skin and she arches into my touch, her eyes falling closed. I grin. "Definitely."

Her eyes crack open and she scowls playfully at me, a wicked smile on her face. "I let you have me, remember?"

"Yeah, but this time..." I pull her as close to me as I can, my breathing ragged and hot. "I'm taking you for a ride."

A strange electricity zings beneath my skin, coursing madly through my veins. She feels so perfect curving into my body. Her satin black hair just brushing my collar bone... Her heartbeat thudding wildly against my chest... Her scent, vaguely sweet with a strong hint of something forbidden... something... primal.

"Still just a rookie..." she purrs.

Yeah... that's what you'll be saying in the next five minutes.

I begin a soft trail of kisses down her spine and push her shoulders forward, my hand falling away from the cuffs and settling firmly on her hip. She won't run from me, not now. I watch as she arcs her back and places her hands below her, the smooth shadows clinging to the effortless curvature of her form. I skim my other hand down her side, following the shape of her torso, until it comes to her opposite hip.

She glances back at me, her expression shrouded by the darkness of the room. I lick my lips. "Still trying to deny that you like having me in control? You know it turns you on."

Her thighs squeeze my shaft gently and I bite back a moan. I can see the ghost of a smirk teasing her lips. "What are you waiting for then, handsome?"

I didn't need anymore invitation than that. The heat of her skin is staggering. I breathe in the scent of her arousal deep into my lungs and position my erection just before her core. She is beautiful. She is perfect. She is mine. Our eyes never break contact as I slowly glide my shaft into her smooth, tight heat. I give her a moment to adjust to new angle of penetration before I lean down and whisper into her ear. "I've been waiting for you to stop running."

She is about to retort, but I quickly pull back and thrust into her fully. She turns her head away, my name an endless note of urgent passion from her lips. I want to hear her say it again. I need to hear her say it again. No... I want to hear her scream it... unabashed and full of utter need. My hands move along her body feverishly as I tease her with strong shallow thrusts. Her hands ball into fists, nails biting at the sheets. I continue this way for a few moments, baiting her with the mounting promise of uncontainable bliss.

"Teasing is normally my job." She says breathlessly as my hand skims over the rosy crown of one of her breasts.

"Really? Who's the tease now?" I chuckle as my other hand creeps along the apex of her thighs to the swollen nub of her sex; she bites back a sound of pleasure as my fingers move along the heated skin. "How am I'm doing? Do you think I could land a lucrative job in the teasing business?"

I feel her clench around me unexpectedly and I ground out a moan. I won't give her what she wants, though. Not yet...

"It's... possible..." She answers with some effort, fiercely trying to hide the blatant need in her voice.

"Hmmm..." I lean down, my tongue painting a hot line to her neck; she quivers uncontrollably, her face turned away. "How bad do you want... No... How bad do you need me, Siya? My Ada..." the tail end of the question is a territorial growl.

This makes her finally lock eyes with me. "What did I tell you about pride, handsome?"

I raise an eyebrow. My thrusts are still shallow and keeping us just on the verge. I grin wickedly and slam into her. She keens in surprise and I pull her body closely to me. "Denial is not just a river in Egypt, sweetheart."

She peers back at me, her expression a jumble of racing emotions. "No."

I place open-mouth kisses on her shoulder blade as my fingers twirl little patterns along her thighs. "So?"

Her eyes appear dazed and she clenches her jaw. "It would seem we both like playing with fire."

I laugh and keep a firm grip on her as I carefully lay back on the pillows, making sure to keep us connected, while this time allowing her the top position. She glances back at me and I wink at her. She smirks impishly and wriggles her hips. My hands hold possessively to her sides and my eyes fall closed. God, woman! That's when she places her cuffed hands atop one of mine. The gesture is tender and intimate, and it causes me to open my eyes. She is looking back at me, watching me with a quiet expression, the desire evident but held in check. The way she's watching me...

... so open...

I am about to say something when she shakes her head. My next thoughts are cut short and overshadowed by an immediate wave of pleasure as she effortlessly rotates to face me. The feel of her walls against my pulsing member, the feel of all of her as she swivels around... I snarl hungrily and pull her into a searing kiss before rolling on top of her. The action isn't exactly something she expects, but she doesn't protest.

I gave her the upper-hand willingly... and she gave it back. "Still not going to admit it?" I breathe into her ear, our bodies zinging with building elation.

She moans earnestly. "Never..."

Maybe she doesn't take what's just given to her, either. I pull back and grin at her while finding a more intense rhythm; our hips meet aggressively now. I feel her tightening around me. My muscles sing with the impatient anticipation for completion and she arches into me, throwing her head back. I graze my teeth along her offered chest and her breath hitches as she settles her arms around my neck, her hands pulling at my hair. My kisses are feverish as I find my way back to her lips. "Liar..." I say in-between my assault. "You'll admit it... and I'll get to watch you admit it."

"No..." is all she can muster as she writhes beneath me.

"Well..." I slow the pace and she instantly glares at me, her expression torn between displeasure and annoyance. "If you are going to play that way..." I kiss her affectionately and she bites down hard on my lower lip. "Ouch!" It actually felt pretty damn good... but I just want to pretend it hurt.

By the look on her face, she knows better. "I thought you weren't a rookie, Leon."

"And, I thought you owned me tonight." I reply.

"We've already gone over this." She huffs.

She's really annoyed... even impatient... How un-Ada-like... Hmmm... I take one of my hands and slide it down her stomach to her inner thigh, my touch light. Her scowl could be ranked as intimidating, but I find it undeniably cute and enticing. The way her lower lip juts out in a novel and adorable pout and how her brows are pulled low over her scorching eyes... I am in control... She wants my touch to bring friction, to provoke that delicious heat gathered at her core.

My hand gradually moves over her sensitive nub and she bites her lip eagerly. "Admit it, Siya..." I whisper huskily.

She pulls my face close to hers, her eyes like two flickering embers of rapture. "You want me to scream it, handsome?" The words are laced with utter need.

I shiver in excitement, my heart pounding in my chest. "Yes."

She smirks and drags her tongue along my mouth, inviting me in for another kiss. I feel her fingers tug relentlessly at my hair and I capture her lips possessively. Her legs wrap around my waist, ankles hooking at my back, and arms sliding over my shoulders. I hiss sharply as her nails bite into my skin. She smiles triumphantly and I take her lower lip between my teeth, teasing, nibbling, sucking. Her hips slam into me and I exhale a primal snarl, savoring her clinging warmth, wet and hungry around me.

"Leon." she mewls, her tone no-longer carrying that snide and sure arrogance. Just raw need. "Please..."

It's nearly enough to send me over the edge. I lock eyes with her and find only the gaze of an affectionate lover staring back. No games. No betrayals... for now.

Neither of us is interested in keeping the pace steady any more, both of us hungry for the building climax. The heat and friction is heady and overwhelming. Her cuffed hands dig into my back as I thrust into her fast, rough, feeding the fiery promise of blissful release. The pleasure wraps around me, surging through my veins with renewed fervor.

Eyelashes flutter as her eyes roll back, body arching into mine. "Oh, God... Leon!"

I bury my face into the pillow next hers, the soft whisper her of silken tresses tickling my cheek. "Siya..."

She quivers at the sound of my heated reply and her legs tighten around my waist. "Faster!"

I obey her command and my hands ball into fists as I feel her clenching tighter, her slick hot walls enveloping me and sending me to the brink. My name is an insistent and earthy chant from her blushing lips. Such a beautiful sound. I bite down onto the soft nape of her neck made sensitive by arousal and she keens uncontrollably, her plea echoing off the walls of the room. Mine.

Time is seeming to slow, languidly moving along past us, and I desperately capture her lips, drinking in her wanton cries. My hands are moving beneath her, arms circling around her in a covetous embrace. She breaks first, calling my name with ambrosial satisfaction and it sends me careening out of control. I muffle my euphoric groan into the pillow by her shoulder as I breach the pinnacle of my own orgasm. The devastating heat moves over me like a tidal wave and I crush her against my chest, my body basking in ecstasy. She immediately begins placing light kisses along my shoulder, her hands working through my hair, comforting.

I then collapse boneless atop her and she is only too happy to hold me close. For a few moments, both of us just stare at one another, our breathing heavy and sated, or bodies trembling and content. Her gaze is wholly vulnerable, the clandestine affection I normally find in her furtive and misleading glances now unveiled and sincere. I can feel her dancing heartbeat against my tingling skin, her own flesh blanketed in a matching sheen of sweat. I smile softly at her and she reaches up to nuzzle my nose.

My fingers skim her cheek, her jaw, her mouth. My Ada. A part of my past I could never let go, and, even if I could, would I? No... I have a thing for damaged, complicated, and independent women. Sure, saving the damsel in distress is rewarding, but nothing can compare to this.

After a few moments, she leisurely unhooks her ankles from around my waist and I help her ease her quivering legs down to the bed. She gazes up at me, a feline smirk playing across her lips.

I grin wolfishly back at her. "Told you I'd make you scream my name."