I must admit, I have not actually read all the way through the Alice in Wonderland books, but I have watched the (old) animated movie, where the Cheshire Cat was pink and purple.

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"Are you kidding me?" An extremely busty, short young woman screeched. "You've sent teams out there for the past three months, and still no reply?"

"Relax, Kiara-chan!" An even bustier older woman commanded.

The young woman, Kiara, took a deep breath, closing her blue eyes for a moment. She shook out her brown hair in irritation. "I'm sorry, Tsunade-sama," she muttered, looking away from her superior. She tugged on the tie loosely tied around the collar of her white button up shirt and straightened her black vest.

Tsunade sighed, adjusting her bust in her tightly fit top. "I understand your frustration, Kiara-chan," she began. "And I realize I should have sent your team to begin with, but there were so many missions piling up that requested your team specifically, I started sending others."

"How many did you send before us?" Kiara asked, taking a calming breath.

"Four teams of four each," Tsunade answered calmly.

Kiara's eyes widened, almost popping out of her head and her mouth dropped open. "WHAT?" She screeched. Tsunade covered her ears, wincing. "HOW COULD YOU SEND FOUR SUPERFLUOUS TEAMS?" Kiara scolded, trying not to rip her own hair out.

"Wow, big word, Kia-chan," a young woman called from the window. Kiara looked up to see her best friend, Kaze, lounging on the windowsill, smirking at her. "What's going on?" Kaze asked, her green eyes filled with amusement. "I could hear you from our house."

"And I could hear you from mine," a young man said, popping up on the other side of Kaze's lap.

"How'd you get up here, Sai?" Kaze asked, frowning at the black haired man. Sai looked up at her with emotionless black eyes before climbing over her lap like a long, pale spider.

"I saw you scaling the wall when I came to see what Kaira-chan was howling about and decided to follow," Sai answered, straightening his cut off shirt, which showed his stomach and lacked a sleeve, with gloved hands, both gloves showing just his first finger and thumb.

Kiara frowned at her male teammate as he fake-smiled at her. "Don't call me that," she ordered just as Kaze hit him. Kiara studied her best friend, noticing her outfit again that day. Kaze was wearing black jeans, which were long enough to cover her long legs completely, and Kiara wondered where she had gotten them made. Kaze also had on a black jean jacket with belts and pockets randomly placed across it and, at the moment, it was completely unbuttoned, showing a belt hanging loosely from the right side of her waist to past her left hip and a simple black tank top. Without seeing them, Kiara knew Kaze was wearing her favorite black boots with belts, buckles, and zippers, and her wrist and ankle bands. Kiara also noticed that Kaze had her hair tied up in a high ponytail again, refusing to let her calf-length hair hang loose.

Kiara then looked down at her own clothes, ignoring Kaze and Sai's bickering as she often did and took in her own hastily donned clothes. A knee-length, pleated, black skirt with a red plaid hem matched her black vest and red plaid tie and she'd gone with safe footwear that day, simple black sandals. Kaze had picked out that specific tie, skirt, and vest, but Kiara had many outfits similar, most not quite as colorful. She'd allowed Kaze to braid a small piece of her waist-long brown hair the night before and hadn't yet pulled the tight braid out. It still looked neat that morning, so Kiara had put up with it. She looked down again, not bending over as far as she had before, and had a mild panic. Did my boobs grow more? I can't see my toes! She thought, sighing.

Kaze and Kiara both had a pair of dangly wolf earrings and a pair of dangly cat earrings, which they wore every day in their multi-pierced ears. Kiara had her ears pierced only twice, while Kaze had hers pierced a total of four times, so she had also added silver dangly hoops in her lobs and thicker black hoops in each of her cartilage piercing.

"Hey, Kia-chan!" Kaze called, standing immediately in front of her friend. "You spacing?" Kiara jumped, not expecting the close proximity, before nodding sheepishly.

"Just wondering why our Hokage sent fourteams in our place and not one sent a report recently," Kiara lied quickly.

Kaze turned quickly on Tsunade. "Who!" She commanded, now angry. Tsunade flinched before straightening.

"Did you want specific names, or just teams?" She asked, frowning. Kaze narrowed her eyes and Tsunade continued quickly. "Gai, Neji, Lee, Ten Ten, Kiba, Shino, Hinata, Kurenai, Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Sasuke... and Iruka," she said quickly. Kaze and Kiara groaned when hearing the names.

"Well, I admit you sent the best," Kaze said reluctantly as Kiara screeched, "Kiba and Iruka? You sent them?! What were you thinking?!"

Kaze's eye twitched in annoyance. "Ookami!" She snapped at Kiara. "Be calm!" Kiara flinched and fell silent, breathing deeply. "So, you decided to send us three?" Kaze asked Tsunade, waving at herself, Kiara, and Sai.

"Yes, along with Anko," Tsunade answered, waving a woman in. Kaze sighed silently, hiding her frustration.

Anko was another overly busty woman; she wore a black mini-skirt, black boots, and a sand-colored jacket, which fell to her skirt length. She had dark hair pulled back into a messy ponytail and mischievous black eyes.

"Hey, shorties!" She called, using the nickname she'd given the two girls when they were young, even though both girls were either at or had already surpassed her height.

"Hello, Anko-san!" Kiara said, feigning happiness. In truth, both girls could just barely stand the older woman. She was loud and liked to drink, even on missions, which made both girls tired.

"Here's your mission," Tsunade said, handing the report to Kaze, who memorized it before passing it on to Sai. Sai also memorized it before he passed it to Kiara. She and Anko looked it over and Anko stuffed it in her bag. "Are you all ready?" Tsunade asked, knowing full well that each team member packed bags in advance for missions such as this one. Each member nodded and Tsunade waved them away.