"So, let me get this straight... There wasn't a missing-nin?" Tsunade asked, eyeing the group. They'd hurried home in their Alice in Wonderland clothes, carrying their original clothes that Konohamaru had kept hidden.

"Yes, ma'am," Kiara and Sakura answered simultaneously, sighing. Kaze was ignoring Tsunade, massaging her still-stinging forhead.

"And it was all a joke set up by these three?" Tsunade continued, waving at the three captives on the floor in front of her. Kiara, Kaze, Sakura, and Ino had all hit Naruto and Konohamaru as soon as the jutsu had been released and they regained use of their chakra, so the two boys were still unconscious, lying on the floor. Iruka hadn't been harmed, but the other teachers had tied him up and gagged him.

"Yes, ma'am," the two girls replied with another sigh.

"As an April Fool's joke?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"And you still have on the clothes because...?" Tsunade finally asked, eyeing Sakura and Kiara's dresses and Kaze's stomach.

"Apparently, their real," Kaze muttered, finally pulling the rabbit tail from her backside and the ears from her head. "They'd somehow made the jutsu physically change our clothes and temporarily add animal body parts by using these cosplay items," Kaze explained, showing the items to Tsunade. She eyed the, but didn't touch them.

"And you intend to keep the clothes?" Tsunade asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No way!" Kiara and Sakura yelled. Tsunade looked behind Kaze, who nodded secretly.

"You also have pictures of everyone in their outfits, right?" Tsunade asked, directing her question to Kaze.

Kaze nodded, but Kiara answered verbally, "There are a lot more pictures that I'd expected, but they are all currently hidden between mine and Kaze's computers."

"Good," Tsunade said, nodding. "I want copies of them all." Kiara and Sakura tripped and fell to the ground on their way out at that, while Kaze pulled out a stack she'd hidden in her jacket and handed them to Tsunade.