It'd been three days since the doctor left Amy. Three days since he had succumbed to his feelings for her. He sat in the TARDIS contemplating the last few days. The feelings he had, he had feelings for Rose, but this was new. He had never met anyone like Amy Pond before. He had seen her as a little girl and now she was a woman. A beautiful ginger haired woman. The woman he loved. He sat with his head in his hands, he must return. He must get her back.

On earth.

Amelia Pond looked out of the kitchen window into the darkness of her back yard. She was washing the dishes, looking up into the sky occasionally. Hoping to see him, her raggedy doctor. At that moment she realised how normal she had become, washing dishes, ironing. No adventures, nothing. Occasionally she thought about the doctor and how long it had been since she saw him. Whether he cared.

"MUM!" a fifteen year old girl came crashing through the front door.

She was gorgeous, brown hair with peach lips, but she had the exact same eyes as her mother and her freckles. Amy paused for a second, then turned to face her daughter.

"oh hello dear, your back early."

"oh yeah I know, Rory was on about work and stuff."

"for god's sake Alexandra, it wouldn't hurt you once in a while to call him Dad!"

But the girl was already out of the room hanging her coat up in the hall. She was humming as she walked back into the kitchen.

"but he's not, he even said so. He's more of a step-dad." she tilted her head to the side. "well more of an ex-step-dad" she had a slanted, almost cheeky smile.

It reminded her so much of him. The raggedy doctor.

"oh he did, did he?" Amy's tone was brisk and annoyed.

"yeah, he said. Ohh c'mon mum, we always get into this argument. I know, why cant we just talk about it. Why cant you tell me who my dad is!?" Alexandra had the same harsh tone as her mother.

"he may as well be your father, He bought you up. He lived with you for all of your life."

"till you got divorced" the girl muttered.

"ohhh, one day ill explain and its not today" Amy smiled and kissed her daughter on the forehead. "anyways do you want some tea, I doubt your da- Rory would have done any."

Alexandra half smiled again at her mother's slip up.

"erm yeah, I'm gunna pop in the bath so no rush, I'm filthy went dog walking" she was about to leave the room when her mum burst out laughing.

"dog walking! Rory got a dog?"

"no, his new girl friend has" she turned on her heels to leave when her mother spat.

"GIRLFRIEND?! Alexandra, why didn't you say anything"

"didn't think I need to" she took a few steps to wards the door before turning around to add "oh and mum how many times, its just Alex okay?"

Amy tuned back towards the sink and smiled to her self. She looked into the sky one last time. She froze. She could have sworn she just saw a blue box.


He could feel his hearts beating in his chest, they were beating so hard he was afraid they'd burst out of his chest. His palms were sweaty, he had no idea what to say. Whether he should apologize. Maybe he should, he wasn't exactly nice the night he dropped Amy home. Poor girl must have been confused. He was. One minute he tells her he loves her, next he leaves her. The TARDIS was in Leadworth and he almost didn't dare to get out but he knew he had to.

He stepped out into a field

"little bit off weren't you?" he looked at the TARDIS and laughed.

Nervous laughter.

He fixed his bowtie and proceeded into the village. It was around lunchtime on a Tuesday and he could already see things had changed. The were a few familiar faces but they looked much older. Then he had an awful feeling in his gut, he was late. He decided to cut to the chase and head for Amy's house, apologize and she'd want to come travelling again. That was the plan.

The doctor couldn't help looking around though, he loved this village. Everything reminded him of the first night he met Amelia pond. As he was walking briskly towards her house he saw someone. A girl.

But it wasn't the girl he was interested in, it was the man he was talking to. Rory.

He hid behind a wall, flicked a few switches on his sonic screwdriver and proceeded to listen in on Rory and the child's conversation.

"ahh Rory!" she pleaded.

"I'm sorry Alex I'm not doing it, your mother would murder me."

"ohh come off it, your practically my dad, Mum wont mind."

"she will, Alexandra I'm not calling in sick for you, so you can have the rest of the day off. You only have what two lessons left after lunch?"


"well just go enjoy your lunch break, and we wont mention this to your mum."

"okay.. Can I have a tenner then?"

"oh Alex, how about five?" he moaned. Usual Rory the doctor thought.

"that will do, ill have the other five Friday"

The doctor peered from behind the wall. He saw Rory chuckle to himself and walk off with a Labrador , and a young girl with brown silky hair walk off to greet a group of friends.

The doctor was confused, who was the girl? Why was she so close with Rory?

The words she said repeated in his mind over and over…

"your practically my dad,"

Amy Pond sat watching pointless day time tv when she heard a knock at the door. She had spent the day doing housework, cleaning her daughters room she was that bored. The knock at the door was getting faster and harder.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Her mouth dropped when she saw who was stood on her door step.