A month later

It was a Friday night, and Alexandra Pond was getting ready for a party.

"Mum!" she shouted. "call Rory to pick me up, im ready."

"okay sweetie,"

Alex walked down the stairs in a black dress, a very short black dress.

Alex walked into the kitchen, to see her father, in a tweed jacket and blue bowtie, reading the newspaper. He put down the paper to look at her.

"your not going out in that!"

"ohhh, thanks, I was expecting a Oh Alex you look lovely. Obviously you lot do compliments differently."

"I know how to give a compliment, that dress is nice, but to short and its time lords not 'you lot"

He stood up.

"come with me."

"where are we going Rory will be here soon." The walked out into the garden towards the TARDIS.

He opened the TARDIS doors.

"there's a wardrobe room in there, where whatever you want."


"what does that even mean" He tuned to realise his daughter was no longer by his side.]

"where?" this place is massive.

"upstairs, on the right"

"got it"

The doctor saw Amy wander down the garden path.

"where's Alexandra, Rory's here?"

"she's getting changed,"

"dad, why do you have so many women's clothes!?" Amex was behind her father,

She stepped forward in a black dress, a little longer than the last, and a sequin jacket.

"wow, doctor. The TARDIS improved on the wardrobe."

"its Vivienne Westwood, mum!" Alex screamed.

Amy looked puzzled.

"since when did the TARDIS start stocking designer labels."

"since you left, I think she was trying to entice you back."

After the party

"Mum, Dad. I'm home!"

She peered around the living room door. Her mum was sat watching 90210.

"was it good,"

"amazing, everyone loved the dress."

"put it back wont you. Think you dads in there anyway,"

"okay," she skipped to the back door bare foot, high heels in her hand.

She out her heels on when she got to the back door and wandered towards the TARDIS.

"thanks Dad," she saw him on the floor sonic screwdriver in his mouth. Obviously doing something to the TARDIS.

"keep it."


"yeah, I wont miss it" She bend down and kissed her dad on the cheek.

She looked at all the controls, when something caught her eye. A picture, a picture of a stone angel.

"dad? Have you been taking pictures of our neighbours gardens?"

The doctor stood up.

"no, I may be alien, but im not a stalker." He laughed, "why?"

Alex had the picture in her hand and she showed him, "what's this?"

"a weeping angel. Evil things, cant move if you look at it though," he made his tone light, he didn't want to scare her. "why ?"

"well my friend has a statue just like this in her back garden."