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"The Power of Love"

Chapter 16: Salvation

Trixie Tang was floating near what used to be Fairy World. Her mission was to free the fairies trapped by the Eliminators, and light up the white wand.

"Let's do this!" she said holding her wand at the prison wall.

She created a blast of magic that hit the wall, causing it to crumble. Just then the guards showed up. She created several more blasts that knocked them out. As the fairies were freed they were each given a wand taken from the third cave. She went up to the statue and fired one last blast of magic, lighting up the wand.

"Timmy, I'm done on this end! The fairies will be heading to the atmosphere to remove the metal. How are things on your end?" Trixie spoke through the two-way.

Meanwhile, Timmy is in Dimmsdale where the metallic slaves are stuffing the planet with thousands of bombs.

"If he thinks he's gonna blow up the planet, he's insane!" Timmy said.

Timmy looked up and saw the Destructinator with Jorgen and flew up there.

"Timmy! Don't come any closer! It's a Trap!" Jorgen yelled.

Just then, a chair appeared binding him in it!

"Worst...Chosen One...EVER!" Jorgen said.

"Can this get any worse?" Timmy said.

Just then, the Darkness appeared.

"OF COURSE!" Timmy yelled.

"Darkness, I have captured the Chosen One, now take him as your heart!" the Destructinator said.

"Not without his princess!" the Darkness shot a bolt of lightning out of the eye. Timmy took the time to break free of his chair.

"Hey, Destructo-dork! Catch me if you can!" Timmy said flying off into deep space with the Destructinator in pursuit.

When he reached the Earth's atmosphere, he nearly crashed into the robot! He then got on his two way to respond to Trixie.

"I'm done on my end too. It's now up to the fairies." Timmy said.

Within the Earth's orbit, every fairy blasted into the metal causing it to peel off and vanish. Then they all looked throught the world to find the third wand. However, they couldn't find it.

Trixie poofed next to Timmy when the Destructinator showed up.

"You may have gotten rid of the metal, but you can't get rid of me!" it said.

-To Be Continued-

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