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MarioDS01: Thanks again for your comment. I've got chapters done up to the Prison Break in Part 2. I thought for every Chosen One, there is a Princess of Heart, and that's Trixie Tang. I've been to my city's Wal-Mart (The only place that could possibly have DVD's of Nickelodeon shows in Kennett, MO.), and they don't have Wishology in stock, so they only possible choice might be Youtube. com. I kind of thought that Jorgen's fairy escape plan was kind of stupid; you'll see what I mean in an upcoming chapter.

oftendragox: Thanks for your review. Like I said before, I've written down only the parts I could remember, but "Wishology" is very interesting. They're one of my favourite "Fairly Oddparents" movies.

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dbzgtfan2004: Thanks for your review. I too am a supporter of Timmy and Trixie. I also think that "Wishology" was a great movie series. I *LOVED* the kiss Timmy and Trixie had in Part 2.

"The Power of Love"

Chapter 3: A Modern-Day Bonnie and Clyde

Meanwhile, a kid just woke up wondering what the Tooth Fairy left, but instead of finding 25ยข, he found Timmy and Trixie under his pillow. The kid screamed and went to his dad, a police officer, to tell him about the two "Quarter Theives." When the officer got there, Timmy and Trixie had ran off.

"So what did Jorgen mean by 'sealed with a KISS?'" Trixie said.

Timmy thought hard about the riddle. "Perhaps it's hidden within Auguste Rodin's "The Kiss."

"To the museum!" Trixie said.

At the museum, Timmy and Trixie discovered "The Kiss." Trixie gave the sculpture her best kick, which destroyed it. Unfortunately, the wand was not inside.

"Darn it!" Timmy said searching through the rubble.

"There they are! Those quarter-stealing, sculpture-smashing hooligans!" a police officer said.

"Great! We're trapped! What are we going to do?" Trixie said.

Timmy spotted the paintings of the Mona Lisa and Van Gogh's self portrait.

"Follow my lead!" Timmy said.

Outside, the police had the museum surrounded. Just then Timmy and Trixie came out of the building wearing the paintings as masks. The police officers stupidly let them go and left.

"Well, that plan was a bust!" Trixie said.

"So what else does 'sealed with a KISS' could be?" Timmy asked.

"Timmy, look!" Trixie said.

Timmy looked up and saw the billboard about the music festival his parents were going to.

"Music Festival in Las Vegas with Special Musical Guest: KISS!" Timmy read the billboard.

"Look in Paul Stanley's hands!" Trixie said.

Timmy looked and saw a white star-shaped guitar in the man's hands.

"That must be the White Wand!" Timmy said.

"So THAT'S what 'sealed with a KISS' meant: The White Wand is in the possesion of the band, KISS!" Trixie said.

"Alright then, let's go to Las Vegas!" Timmy said.

"Hold it! You two are coming with us!" said two men in black.

-To Be Continued-

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