The 11th Sailor Scout

Memory Loss ,A New Home And Meeting A New Family

"Um yes we've found the body of a girl age 6-7 wearing , a dress has a blow to the head" a police officer said into his phone

"Little girl can you tell me who you are?" He asked her

"I don't know" she answered looking at her hands confused

That night at Tokyo City Hospital:

"Permanent huh amnesia poor kid not only do we not know who she but she doesn't who she herself is" the officer said sympathetically looking at the now sleeping girl

"That's right, permanent amnesia she will never be able to her memories back probably because of the blow to the head the best we can do is put her in an orphanage..." The doctor said looking note pad

That's fine looks like I've got some arrangements to make but for now we've got to think of a name for her we cant exactly leave her name less" He told the doctor

Just then the girl woke up and looked as she had heard the whole conversation and asked " Ayame can I use that name''

"Um sure that name is ok now were going to have to put you in an orphanage do you understand .Ayame nodded " Alright then lets get going" He said taking out his car keys

Two Weeks Later:

Ayame was adopted by a woman named Mrs. Tuskino

"So Ayame they told me you have no memory of your past is that true?" Mrs. Tuskino asked her

"It's true they found me in an ally way ,the doctor told me I'll never be able to get them back" Ayame explained

"Well that's alright at least you can make new memories with your new family well here we are your new home" Mrs. Tuskino said happily

"Yeah" Ayame said under her breath

Inside The Tuskino House Hold

After Mrs . Tuskino gave Ayame a tour of the house they sat down for snacks waiting for everyone to get home

Mrs. Tuskino looked at her watch and said to herself' " Looks every one will be here soon"

" Who'll be here soon" Ayame asked

" Oh just your father your cousin Rini and siblings Sammy and Serena " she explained

Just then one of the spoken children Serena walked.

"Mom I'm home" Serena shouted as she walked in

"Welcome home dear" Mrs Tuskino answered as Serena walked into the kitchen

"Um whose this?" Serena asked confused

"Oh Serena this is Ayame your new adopted sister

" What" Serena shouted after a long silence

Authors notes: For those of you wondering why I wrote this I was bored one day so my older sister asked me to come up with a story for this series well there you go

~ DetectiveKid95 ~