Hey! Back again! The only thing that I own is the story plot…everything else goes to Richelle Mead. So, this is other peoples point of views on Rose's death. Or did she die…? Read to find out! :D

Lissa POV

I was walking back from seeing Aaron and thinking about the mistake that killed me. The Queen said if I ever wanted to even think about becoming part of the royal court I had to drop Rose. I didn't want to but it was the only choice. I didn't want to see her depressed like this but I couldn't stand her letting me down. I really wanted to let her down gently but I couldn't.

"Really Rose? Your wondering why I'm ignoring you? When you came back your all sobby sob and I can't be expected to be seen with a depressed blood whore. As far as I'm concerned our friendship is done." Were my awful words to her. After that I made it a point to try and avoid her as much as possible. I didn't want word getting around to Tatiana.

I had almost reached my dorm when I heard a scream. I looked up to see Rose crying and I faintly heard her scream "This time its for me" or something along those lines right before she jumped. Because of the pills I am taking there would be no way I would ever be able to heal her so my first instinct was to run to her and cell anyone for help.

I approached her very cautiously because I didn't want to hurt her. After assessing the situation and realizing she had no pulse I called Adrian and Alberta. What I now notice was the piece of paper in her hands. In her sloppy writing with tear stains all over it she had written;

"Lissa, I could never be good enough for you. I'm gone so you don't have to worry. Adrian, I was never healthy for you. Mom, I am now no disappointment. I am dead. When I get to Hell hopefully Dimitri will be there for me. You guys tried to help me. It wasn't you, it was me. This was for me. Not anyone else. Me. Not Mori. 'Mori come first' not this time. I'll say hi to Mason for all of you. I'm sorry,


I lay crying over her dead body when Adrian comes along with half the guardians and doctors. There is no hope. She is dead, I cry. She is wrong, another thing I cried. She is the best friend in the world. I am the one to blame. I look up to the sky, praying. "Dear God, Rose did nothing but good. Yes, in some ways it was a little naughty or not so rule abiding but she is…was wonderful. Please, let her be my guardian Angel. I loved her with all of my heart. And it has truly hurt me to have treated her this way. Thank you."

Adrian POV

Just by looking at her body I knew even if she survived it wouldn't be good. Oh, god, I wish she survives. She never really knew how much I loved her. From the outside you could see me making my little jokes about her but on the inside when she left for Dimitri I drank myself to sickness. But, of course being the Queens great-nephew I told everyone I had the flu.

After the doctors pronounced her dead Lissa and I fell into each other. We ride to the local hospital where they were going to do a autopsy and see what really killed her, when suddenly a small feint sound came from her. I was the first to get to her and realize it was her heart beating. She must've been in a coma. I told the doctors and they started examining her body again. They said it was a miracle she is breathing on her own. We soon arrived at the ER and she underwent surgery to heal her internal bleedings. We were asked to leave the room.

"Adrian, Lissa, what is going on? I got a call from the academy saying Rose is hurt very badly." Janie Hathaway came running in and up to us as Lissa immediately hugged her best friends mother. Her hard guardian shell exterior was broken and she looked like a nervous wreck. "It couldn't have been Strigoi, she would be at the school ward. What is it? Is my baby ok?" Wow. She just called Rose her baby. I, nor Lissa have heard those words come out of her mouth. I looked to Lissa, I didn't want to explain what happened.

"Well, Janie, Rose has been awful upset lately and she finally had enough. She tried to jump off the roof and kill herself. I found this letter in her hands when I heard her scream and fall. She was pronounced… dead…but as we were arriving to the ER she started getting a steady heartbeat. She is in surgery now." Lissa quietly told Janie. "Oh, no my baby! No, no, no this can not be happening. Do either of you know why?" She said crying. Lissa handed over the piece of paper. You could suddenly see the soft subtle tears turn into horrible sobs from Janie. I couldn't take it. I had to get away. For everyone. They don't need to see a grown man cry and I couldn't stand them seeing it. Plus, I have to do my hardest to get into her dreams. She needs to see that there are people who love and care about her. I looked to Lissa, "I'm gonna go and try to see her. I have to leave I'm sorry… call me when she wakes up" If she wakes up I thought to myself but didn't dare say. It hung in the air enough.

When I finally found a nurse and she told me where the mediation room was I went directly there. Not wasting time I went into her head.