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After she fell asleep the doctor said we should let her rest and leave. I had to stay with her but there was no possible way she was going to let me. Dang strict rules. "Come on Adrian, we can go out to eat and hang out when she sleeps. I told the doctor to let us know the second she wakes up." Lissa said. Well, I guess she has a point. We should get our minds off her. Before leaving I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. "Rosemarie Hathaway, I love you and I know I will see you again," you could hear the 'I hope' in the air, "but I still have to say this, if you died on me I would never forgive myself. I'll be back to see you when you wake up." Then we left not knowing how long it would be until I saw those wonderful brown eyes again.


What was this place? It wasn't a dream. At least it wasn't one of mine. "Adrian?" I called out I knew he was hear somewhere, "No, my Roza, It's me. Dimitri." As he said this he stepped out of the shadows. I cried in joy, "Dimitri! Are you coming back with me?" I knew he wouldn't but a girl could try couldn't she? "Actually, your coming back with me." He said with sadness in his eyes, "But, I killed you. Your not Strigoi anymore. How could I unless…" The realization hit me. I was going to die. Soon. "No, I need to say goodbye, please let me do that then I will join you." I begged with tears streaming down my face. "Don't worry Roza, this is why I'm here. I was told to let you know you have a week precisely to tell those you love goodbye. You will be able to normally function so what you do with the last days of your life are you own decisions." He hugged me and wiped the tears off my face. "Roza, it is time for you to go. You're waking up." He let me go, "I guess I'll see you in a week." I told him, "Yes, then we will be together forever. You and me. You will love it here. We can even start a family if you wish." He smiled as I faded and woke up.


We were in the middle of watching a movie when the phone rang. "Hello?" I answered. "Yes, Lissa? This is Rose's doctor. She wants to see all of you. She just woke up." Yes! She's up! Finally it took a while. "Ok, we'll be right there." After shutting the phone I told everyone what was going on. "What are we waiting for? Lets go.. NOW!" Adrian said impatiently.

When we arrived in Rose's room she saw us and got tears on her face instantly. "Hey guys. Um.. I don't really know how to say this but.. Um.. When I was in a coma I talked to someone." She said, all eyes went to Adrian who in turn shook his head saying he had no clue. What is going on? Who talked to her? "Well, I talked to Dimitri's sprit. The reason I called everyone here is because he told me something." It was then I noticed Abe and Janie were here, "He said I had a week then I would be joining him. I have… a.. week to… live." She said with sobs falling down her face. "Well, we know so if it is even real cant we find another way to prevent it?" I was going ballistic. She is my best friend and we just made up. I can't loose her so fast again. She hung her head, "If it was only that easy. I love you guys and I want to spend as much time with you as possible. I just need to figure a couple things out." She said as she got off the bed. I immedatly ran over and grabbed her in a hug. "I'm soo sorry about the way I've been acting Rose. If I would have known what you were thinking of doing… I would have never listened to the queen. I felt so horrible saying those things but the queen said it was the only way…" I trailed off. "Its ok Liss. I forgive you. You are the best sister and friend a person could ever have. Take care of Adrian for me. I'll see you when you're ready. And, Liss, please look at me," I looked at her tear stained face, "Don't make that too early like I am. I'm counting on you to be the strong link ok? For my mom and Adrian and everyone else." I nodded my head and started crying even harder. When I pulled away I realized everyone else left to give us time together. "Hey, Liss? Can you help me with something before I.. um.. Go?" She said with the good ole Rose Hathaway smirk. "Oh, god, I'm scared. What is it?" She told me the plan and I all but peed myself. "You are really luck you don't have time after you do this right? Kirova is going to crucify you." I laughed. "Yea, yea, just wait till I get done with that I'm moving on up to the queen. MUAHAHAHA." She said evilly as we left the room.

When we found who we were looking for Rose was all ready. She looked fabulous in a form fitting dress that allowed her to move around in it. "Ok, Liss you ready?" Yep. I nodded, "Ok… and rolling.. Now." Rose said as she walked up to Jesse Zelkos.


I can't believe I'm about to do this. "Hey, hot stuff. You looking for a thrill?" Jesse asked cockily. Don't fight Rose, wait. "Well, it depends. How much are you considering? Five? Nine?" The look in his eyes were priceless. "D-d-d-dolars?" he asked, "No, hundred. But I promise you… it will be worth your while." I gave him a seducing look. "Um… oh uh.. Kay?" He stammered out. "Finally Hathaway comes to her senses. Bout time you hit this." Ah, the old Jesse is back. "Lets go babe," I said pulling him to my dorm.

"You ready for this?" Jesse asked when he was only in his boxers. Dang. He. Is scrimpy! No abs what so ever! "Just a minuet love. I have to go freshen up then I want you to be ready for me…" I had to choke out these next words. "In all your glory," He looked anxious as he said yes. About five minuets later I came out. Sure enough he was there with just a pillow covering him. "Now, your turn Rose." He said reaching for my dress. "No you don't." I said as I flipped him over and started punching him. "This…" punch, "Is…." punch "For…. All the times you…..hit…..on….me!" Four more punches later he was speechless. "Have this be a lesson to you Mr. Zelkos, Don't mess with the girls." As I was leaving I grabbed his clothes and fled.

"ROSE! I cannot believe you just did that! Good thing the doctor told Kirova what was going on with you so you didn't get in trouble." Liss ran up to me. At first I was mad beyond belief but then I got used to it. "As long as I'm the same old Rose just above the rules." I laughed. "Hey, did you get the video?" I asked her. "Yes! It is going to go viral in like twenty seconds! We started the countdown as she loaded it and sent it to every student in the school.

After that happened I felt on top of the world. So, what do you do when your on top of the world? Find your boyfriend and tell him how much you love him before you die. But, right before that is go tell your teacher what an ass he is in front of his class. "Liss, I know the video was only for that but do you think as one last request you could make a documentary of my last week?" She shook her head and I gave her the rolling cue. "Ok, good. Now, to see my favorite teacher. Mr. Stan Alto." We walked up to his closed classroom door but before I did that I turned to the camera, "If your watching this Stan. I want to let you know this is one of my favorite parts about my 'Things to do before I Die.' list." We entered the class not even knocking. "Miss Hathaway and Miss Dragomire, Shouldn't you two be in your classes? Which, Rose, this one is. Take a seat… NOW." he demanded once I refused to sit. "Stan," I started before he had a chance to yell at me again, "I have a feeling I may be leaving the Academy soon so I just wanted to say one last thing to you before I leave. You're an ass who doesn't deserve to teach. All you did was put the students down and none of us appreciate it. Am I right?" I looked to the class who were either laughing or cowering in their seats afraid to answer. "See? Well, my point is made. Good day Stan ole buddy… not…" I snorted as Lissa and I booked it out of the room.


Rose is so crazy! I can't believe the stuff she's doing. I asked her what the next thing on her list is but she just said this is her alone time with Adrian. I can respect that. So, I took the camera and went to do some own filmage of my own. "Hey, um my friend Rose Hathaway is moving soon and I want to make a fair well video for her. Is there anything you want to say to her?" I asked a novice in her class coming from Stans class. "Yes, she is kickass and the coolest girl around. I didn't know she was leaving us but I'm sure its for the best. I'll miss you Rose! Remember me when you get famous!" The novice smiled, Ellie I think her name is. Well, onto my next interviewees.


I have to do this. I have to spend at least this time with Adrian. I can't just leave him. Beep. Beep. "Hey, Rosie?" It was him. "Yes, Addie. I'm almost at your room. I have a surprise for you babe." I hurried faster now as I hung up. When I reached his room I didn't even need to knock he was there waiting for me. "Yes, babe? Surprise me?" I smiled. This is such a difference between now and a couple days ago.