Defeated Evil

AN: Hello, everyone, this is Defeated Evil: Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Poems. For those who read my first batch of character poems, this will be similar except it's about all the bad guys from the series. The main difference will be that most of the poems will be in third person point of view and only the major villains (Bakura, Pegasus, Dartz, etc.) will be in first person. Also I had a poll up where I asked about whether or not people cared about me mixing the canons (manga and anime) and since the voters seemed to express liking me to mix the canons, I will do it. So this first poem is about Ushio, who appears in chapter one of the first manga volume. Enjoy!

The Hall Monitor, Ushio

He prowls Domino High

For the weak and the dupes

To be able to turn a quick yen.

Thinking he could take advantage

Of the boy named Yugi Muto,

But his luck turned sour

After demanding

Several thousands of yen

From the boy

To pay for his so-called "service."

For his bad luck was

Yugi had finished the puzzle,

The Millennium Puzzle

And inherited the shadow games

That came from Egypt

To punish Ushio

Through a shadow game.

Only Ushio would see money

Not the leaves

The next morning

After that shadow game.