AN: I'm sorry I haven't updated this in such a long time. Oh well, there is a poll up on my profile about Death-T. I will have an author note at the bottom of the poem explaining the poem better.

A Death Match at Kaiba Manor

Picked up by a servant of Kaiba,

Yugi and Jou head to the manor

Only to have a Russian Roulette dinner

With young Mokaba Kaiba!

Spin and spin,

What stops in front of them,

They must eat.


Mokaba is not playing fair.

Jou falls to the "prize" the poison!

Now the spirit appears

To do battle with Mokaba once again.

The push of the syrup bottle

And Mokaba controls the poisoned dish.

Of course, the spirit of the puzzle catches on

And destroys it before winning the game

And saving Jou.

AN: The poll on my profile is just to get how you feel because I don't know if one huge poem detailing the whole Death-T arc would work or not.