My name is Isabella Swan, I'm 16 years old and have runaway from the only home I had left. I didn't want to end up like my mother; Renee, i'm sure she knew that Phil was doing was wrong but she wouldn't listen to me or herself. I'd had enough, I couldn't just watch her crumble like that and if she wouldn't leave him then it was me who had to leave. She chose her new husband over her daughter. Classic, and it's not like I have a father to go running to either. No, My dad; Charlie died when I was 13 he was the chief of police in Forks Washington. After his death Renee moved on with her life not thinking about how much I was hurting inside. She remarried not a year later, to Phil, A pro baseball player with a temper we only first saw a month after they got married. Soon enough though he started to hit her and whenever I could I tried to help my mother get away from him by putting myself in his way. It was only after he would apologise profusely to her that she would remind herself of how much she loved him and that he was only doing it because he wasn't completely 'there' at the time.

And two weeks ago she got out of hospital after Phil pushed her down the stairs, hitting her head at the bottom. I told her we had to get out before he killed her, but she said she was going nowhere and if I wanted to go then I should. That's what I did, I left. As I packed a bag full of money and some necessities I could silently hear my mother crying in the bathroom and to know she had not decided to beg me to stay and help her get out, she stayed with Phil.

My bag wasn't big, but it was okay to 'travel' with I suppose although it was only like a bigger style of handbag. I had enough money to last me a years worth of food and clothes. So I had nowhere to go and the only place I have ever wanted to go back to was Chicago. Charlie had taken me and Renee there when I was younger, I loved the city, the bright lights. So that's where I was headed. Chicago.

I caught a train in the middle of the night and watched out the window as I left Arizona for good, never to return. I felt as if my heart was going to brake as I watched though, to know that my own mother had chosen her husband over her daughter saddened me, she hadn't loved me enough to tell me she wanted me to stay, No instead as I left the house she hugged me lightly and said "Goodbye" Not an I love you or please don't go or even please visit. I got Goodbye. I had fallen asleep on the train not realising and woke up when someone sat down beside me. I opened my eyes sleepily and smiled slightly at the stranger. The woman smiled back at me before digging through her bag for a book. It wasn't something I would read but I suppose it's whatever you like is what you read. I leant me head back on the seat and drifted into another dream that i'm sure I wouldn't remember when I woke.

"Miss?" "Miss?!" I heard, slowly I opened my eyes and saw a petite woman standing beside me with a smile. "We're in Chicago, you have to get off of the train now" She said softly. I nodded my head and gathered my things thanking her. I got off of the train and stepped onto the platform. I didn't know where I should go now, so I decided I would try find somewhere to stay for a while. I could stay in a horrible, cheap hotel for awhile. I didn't really see a problem with it. As long as I had somewhere to sleep I would be fine.

I walked along streets looking for hotels that looked 'cheap' enough for me to stay in. eventually after an extremely long walk I found one. The front didn't look the nicest in fact it had less to be desired. I opened the door and walked in thinking I would be stepping into a death trap when actually inside wasn't too bad. I looked around for a second before noticing a check in desk, I approached the desk and asked the man behind if there were any rooms in my price range and in fact there were. I knew I would have to find a job soon in order to pay for food and rent. The man from behind the desk who I had now noticed was actually wearing a name tag which read Sam lead me up to a room, opening the door for me like a gentlemen before showing me around the rooms. The room itself was actually a lot better than I thought it would have been. Okay there wasn't much space but that was obvious with the price. I turned around to thank Sam and get a key for the room. He handed me the key and I put it safely in my bag. Sam left the room which left me to ponder what I should do. "hmm" I thought, looking around the room. I emptied my bag on the bed first folding up the very few clothes I had brought with me. Second Putting in the bathroom all the 'bathroom' and 'personal' things I brought with me. There wasn't much I could do now so I put my clothes, underwear and pyjama's in a cupboard after I had changed into some pyjama's. I put on a cover for the duvet and pillows and laid in the bed with the small Television on. I was exhausted still, even after the whole time of sleeping on the train. The bed wasn't very soft but it was comfortable. I slowly closed my eyes and let sleep overtake me.

2 weeks later

I walked to the coffee shop in town after I got off from work. I had found work in a book shop, that was hiring. The pay was really good which I was pleased about.

The coffee shop wasn't usually a place that was full of people, it was one of those places were you could sit and relax with either tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Personally I get hot chocolate, because by time I usually get home i'm tired or bored and if I have coffee or tea I will be awake most of the night and I know that from experience. I opened the door and walked through while it made a little dinging sound, I saw Angela one of my new friends sitting with her boyfriend Ben. Angela worked with me sometimes and to be honest was the only person I could trust here. I didn't know anybody really and some of the people I had met just made you think 'if you tell them something, they are going to tell everyone else and then it will eventually get back to you' And I don't like people who are like that.

I walked to the counter In the shop and ordered a hot chocolate with extra cream and marshmallows when out of the corner of my eye I saw three men looking at me. I let it go and paid for my hot chocolate before going to sit at a table, I decided not to bother Angela because she doesn't get much time with Ben as he works away so I thought if I went over there it might make it awkward. Although I had met Ben and he was very nice and sweet, I thought it rude to just invite myself into their conversations.

I sat reading a magazine, still feeling like I was being watched. I looked up and noticed the three men were still watching me but were talking while they did. One of them was very muscular and had Curly brown hair, the other two weren't as buff as the first guy but I could tell just with them sitting there that they are all tall. One had blonde hair and had muscles but not nearly as big as the first guy, he was also pale. The other one...I had never seen anyone more like him before, it was like an angel was sent down from heaven just to torture me by saying look but you can't touch. His hair was bronze and in a messy disarray like sex hair, he had muscles but they weren't huge and you could definatly see them through his top. His eyes even from here seemed like they could draw me in and if he had asked me to kill myself there and then i'm sure I would have if he had just looked at me with those eyes.

I remembered that I was probably staring and smiled slightly at the one with Bronze hair, they all looked to be in their twenties. I turned back to my magazine and finished my drink. I left the coffee shop soon after I had finished my drink and started to walk home, I wasn't going to pay a ridiculous price for a taxi when I could just walk for free and that way it also tires me out so I can go to bed and not have to ponder on what I should do to entertain myself.

It started to get dark as I walked home, I had to walk past pubs which I didn't like as the many drunk men outside would start to harass me thankfully thought they were to drunk to try and walk quicker to catch up with me.

It had gotten darker now and I hadn't been watching where I was going and had gotten myself lost. I looked at street signs hoping I would remember one and it would lead me to the street my hotel was in. I walked past a pub, cringing as I got cat called. In the corner of my eye I saw a man stand and it looked as though he was watching me, I carried on walking when I was pulled into a dark alley.

"AHHH!" I screamed as a man with too much stubble and colon pushed me against a wall. I carried on screaming before he put his hand over my mouth to muffle my screams, he pulled at my t-shirt and slipped his hand onto my waist. Oh No! I thought. I closed my eyes knowing I wasn't strong enough to fight back as he was literally like 4 times taller and wider than me. Then all of a sudden he wasn't there, I opened my eyes and saw that someone had pinned him to the ground and was hitting him. He hit my attacker straight in the jaw, the shock knocked him out cold. His body lay on the floor of the alley now bruised and bleeding.

"Hckhmm, Are you okay miss?" My saviour asked me. I nodded slightly and walked slowly toward where there was more light. The man followed me, making sure I was okay. I turned around and gasped. It was the man from the coffee shop.

"Remember me?" He asked. I nodded silently as he laughed. "You are okay though,right?" He asked again, I was about to nod my head again before remembering I was lost. I shook my head and looked around me.

"I'm lost, I've only lived in Chicago for two weeks" I said, he nodded and asked what the name of my street was called. Damn It! I didn't look at the street sign at all. I didn't know the name of the street or anything. I only knew the name of the hotel.

"I don't know the name of the street but I know the name of my hotel" I said. He nodded his head and asked for the name.

"St. Marcus" I told him, his facial expression changed to confusion.

"I've never heard of that hotel before" He said.

"Crap!" I said, Now I have nowhere to sleep, along with no clothes.

"Hey, my flat is just around here you could stay there" He suggested. I looked him over silently scrutinizing whether or not I thought he was going to try something. "I promise I won't do anything, such a pretty and gorgeous thing like you should never be harmed" He said, okay so he was a sweet talker and I was falling for it.

"But I-" I started to say before I was stopped, he held up his finger.

"there is a spare bedroom, you can sleep in and I won't accept a no from you" He said. I sighed and reluctantly nodded my head. He started to walk down the street as I followed. It was really dark now and the only light we had were street lights and that of the moon. The man took hold of my hand as we saw a group of men coming down the street, he pulled me to his side slightly and I could smell his aroma. It was fabulous, I loved his smell. The group of men passed us and even though they saw I had a man's arms around me still found it appropriate to cat call. We passed them not saying anything. We eventually walked through a door and it led us into a very expensive looking suite, well expensive for me. It was modern and designed very well.

"This is my home or flat, whatever you would like to call it" He said, taking his coat and shoes off before coming over and taking my coat from me. I thanked him and looked around.

"What's your name?" He asked. I hadn't realised I had zoned out and was staring at nothing of importance.

"Um, Isabella, but I prefer Bella" I said in a small voice. I was pretty shy towards new people and to be honest I was in a flat with a man I don't know. He stood next to me and nodded before he held my hand and pulled me over to one of the couches and sitting me down. He introduced himself as Edward Cullen before rushing away and saying he would be back in a second. And literally he was back very fast, with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He sat back down next to me and handed me one of the glasses. He popped open the lid to the wine and pored himself some before turning to me intending to pour me some.

"Um, I can't drink" I said, shyly. He quirked an eyebrow before a look of recognition was on his face.

"Your pregnant?" He said, although I think it was supposed to be a question. He had gotten the wrong idea completely there.

"No no no!" I said. He was still looking at me. "I'm only 16" A look of relief had now shown on his face but it was then covered by shock.

"Your only 16?" He asked. I nodded. He looked lost for words.

"Well, you can have some anyway...it wont kill you I used to have the odd glass at your age" He said. I shrugged my shoulders and nodded indicating him to put some in my glass. He smiled at me and lent back with his glass of wine in hand.

"So 16, huh?" He said. I nodded around my glass.

"how old are you?" I asked. He was looking straight into my eyes as we spoke.

"24" I nodded my head and took another sip of my drink. We spoke about random things afterwards like what things we like and what we don't like.

"So why do your parents let you out this late at night?" He asked, suddenly. I didn't want to answer this question.

"um, I don't live with my parents" I said, He nodded.

"Ahh, wanted to get away from them early..That's what I did although my mother is always ringing to see how I am" He chuckled.

"Um no...um well, it's very very complicated" I stuttered. He nodded his head slowly realising this must be a sore spot. He yawned at the same time I did and we both laughed.

"Guess we should head off to bed, the bed in the spare room is already made and I will get you something to change into" He said, standing up and helping me up too. He ran quickly into a room and came back out with a t-shirt and sweats.

"You may need to tie the sweats at the front because there mine so...but if there's anything else you need please don't hesitate to ask me. The bedroom is here" He said as he walked me over to another room, opening the door for me. "And I hope you sleep well"

"Thank you" I said turning around to face him. He nodded his head once and lent forwards placing a kiss on my cheek before he smiled and padded off towards his own bedroom. My mouth was open wide as I thought about what he just did, but the worse thing was that I wanted him to do more. I wanted him to actually kiss me. I loved his company, he was sweet and looked at my eyes and not my chest or any other part of my body.

Oh Great, I have a crush on a 24 year old that is letting me sleep in his flat. This can't possibly end well.