Can't Put It In

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"Damn!" Len cursed. he's been trying to put it in but he just can't.

"Are you sure about this?" he again asked Hino.

Hino nodded and smiled apologetically

"It just won't!" Len again groaned.

he is Len Tsukimori, a great violinist and this kind of things should be as easy as chicken for him.

"Please try again?" hino gave her puppy eyes on him.

Len sighed and brushed his hair with his hands. He has never done this in his whole life.

"Ow!" Hino grunted as Len stopped and looked at her.


"It hurts!" She said and smiles after

"Did you get it in?" Hino asked.

"not yet", he stopped and then looked at her with sweat rolling down.

"You know we could just stop this" He suggested as Hino grunted and shook her head.

"But" She pleaded.

"Fine. Did you ask any other guy to do this?" len asked as she shook her head.

"There are lots of guys out there so many willing to do these for you" Len said as he tried again.

"But-come one Tsukimori-kun, it will pay off later when you put it in already." She smiled and went on with her job.

We've been in this clinic room for about an hour and yet we could not put it in!

If only this is not about hino's concern.

I heard her grunt and groan as she tried again.

"What is this for anyway?" I asked. I have removed my blazer becuse oit was freaking hot.

Sweat and sweat ame rolling down to my polo as Hino opened the fan.

"As long as I know, everyone in the concours will do this"

He meant EVERYONE? Even the first years?!

I thought of giving up.

"Come on, Tsukimori-kun. Tsuchiara-kun did it when he was with Minami-chan" I told Tsukimori-kun.

"Jeez" He grunted and started putting it in.

"YES!" he shouted and started laughing.

"You did it?!"

"Yes!" Tsukimori kun looks like a child that had gone to a ride in an amusement park.

"Now, all we have to do is sew all the way till we reach this point!" I smiled.

Indeed, putting in the thread into the hole of the needle is really hard.

We are trying to sew the banner saying "happy birthday sensei" It is just for Kanayan's birthday.


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