Piloswinewarts was like a pristine chapel that was also a castle. And it happened to be in outer space, because it was a school for young wizards and witches (but not warlocks since warlocks are bad) and the Muggles had gone to war with them long ago and destroyed the magic schools on Earth. So the wizards and witches had used their magic to go to the moon and make a safe place there for their children to learn magic. To get to the moon though, they had to use powerful magic, because they couldn't just build a space-faring machine to go there; but this powerful magic tore through the fabric of time and space and it made their world… a little different. Now the soul of every child that can use magic is tied to the soul of a supernatural creature that comes from another world: the world of wonder called Pokémon. But that's not all! Oh no, the fabric of time and space is still fragile, so travelers from other time periods and dimensions and other places in the universe can find their way to Piloswinewarts. Many of these actually also have magical powers, or something like it, because magic is different in every galaxy and every time period and every dimension, and so Piloswinewarts is hardly anything like Hogwarts used to be in ye olde Britain.

In this school, many subjects are taught to people of a great many races and kinds, but school and learning isn't everything in life. Piloswinewarts students often partake in extra-curricular activities and usually join one of the clubs that exist. The two biggest clubs are the Ice Cream and Cookie Club (though formally it is known as the Oreo Highschool Host Club, it is called the ICCC or IC3 for short) who are a bunch of cosplaying-loving guys whose only desire is to please girls, and the Sopping Original Salsa Brigade (or SOS Brigade for short, also just called the Brigade) that always jumps on new students to inform them about school customs and tries to enlist them. Sometime they scare away the guys who end up joining the IC3, but a lot of time travelers, aliens and psychic power-users (which is way different from magic) that aren't used to things there need a place to fit in and join the Brigade. They usually just hang together and do silly dances, but besides fighting the IC3 they also provide cheerleaders for the school's sports games like Quidditch, Blitzball and rancor-wrestling. In the middle of all this there's also students who hate clubs and just want to unleash their desire for violence, mainly the werewolves, vampires and the notorious villain: Lord Draconinjamech the Unmentionable.

Cue our hero entering the stage: United Kingdom. Standing in the red corner, he enters from a world that is abstract to our own, the country flag flagging along in the spacewind, his enormously thick eyebrows set into a frown as he grinned while looking around. "I knew it." He said. "Magic exist and unicorns exist." He eyed a young Pufflehuffer's Rapidash. With a great leap that put the Olympian champions to shame and not just because of the lessened gravity (because of the magic in the school the gravity is Earth-like) he landed on top of the Rapidash's back, which immediately had the Pokédaemon start to buck wildly like a rodeo bull. "YEEHAW, PILOSWINEWARTS! FUCK YEAH, HERE'S THE ROYALLY UNITED KINGDOM!" Then he was thrown off and trampled and had to be taken to the nurse's office. It had only been his first minute there. Good times.