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Leah's POV:

I watched everybody talking and laughing with each other, every body was happy with their families and their kids. But I was stuck alone, this black hole inside my chest.

In the Cullen's house stuck to the shadows in the far corner, Fate is a bitch to me and well never let me be happy there was always something blocking my path. Like a war we had to fight in even thought it wasn't our problem or the devil's baby being born. There is a saying ' people who you love the most can hurt you more than you ever know' I learned the hard way not to give someone fully you're heart.

I had imprinted and you'll never guess who! My alpha himself, I didn't mean to, it just happened but when I was going to tell him Jacob had told me he imprinted on their little devil child and I wasn't going to get my heart broken a second time for someone who didn't want me.

It has now been 7 years and I haven't said a word to anybody about this, not even to the mind rapist himself knows about it, It's just Seth that knows.

So hear I am at there engagement party pretending to be happy for them while I die inside. Renessmee had grown up to be a beautiful woman, why wouldn't anyone want her? I am stuck forever in a 19-year old body because of this curse that was cast upon me. It was the reason my father had a heart attack and died the reason Sam left me for Emily and now the reason Jacob has left me for a half- breed .

As I made my way though the shadows I try not to make my self noticeable, I didn't want to talk to anyone right now. I knew Dr. Cullen had kept some of his venom in his study for research purposes and I was ready to leave this world. I knew it was selfish of me for leaving Seth and my mom like that but there is just some much a person ( or wolf) can take before you're pushed over the edge. as I almost made it to the stair case someone shouted my name

as I turned around it was Sam. The feeling in my stomach wasn't one I liked

" Hey lee-lee I need to talk to you real quick" he said not meeting my eyes

" what do you want Sam" I sad in a dead tone. I didn't have anything left in me, nothing to give me hope that things well turn out right.

" uh well... um um Emily well she going to have a baby" he whispered at the end " and I was wondering you know sense we've put the past in the past that you would be there for her when the birth comes" Was He SHITTING ME!

" HELL NO!" I screamed in his face I felt my self start to shake hard and ran up the stairs and into the study I pulled out all the drowns until I found what I was looking for. I popped and twisted the cap and drank the venom that would send me straight to my grave.

I felt myself drop to the floor spamming out... I hear a shout and run and heard a bunch of screams that seemed so far away.

Blood made its way out of my throat making me gasp for air before my lugs statrted filling up too. I could feel myself slipping away with every slow heart beat that passed. I closed my eyes and waited, waited to be with my dad once again