I can't be tamed by Miley Cyrus

For those who don't know me, I can get a bit crazy
Have to get my way, 24 hours a day
'Cause I'm hot like that
Every guy everywhere just gives me mad attention
Like I'm under inspection, I always get the 10s
'Cause I'm built like that


Leah's POV:

As I was think about all the things that were wrong with my life I realized that Sam and Emily wanted me to be happy for them. Hell no I wasn't, There was no way in hell I was going to stick around to see them cooing over they baby I could conceive this was cruel punishment already. Alice would like to speak to you leah, if you don't mind" damn it mind reader can't I get any peace around here?

He chuckled " No"

I said and open my eyes I heard a few gaps from everyone

" what the hell is wrong with you guys I just open my eyes that's it nothing special" I looked at them with an eye brow raised

"Leah your eyes" edward whisper

" What! What's wrong with my eyes?" I said panicking 'please god no please not let them be redi can't handle being a monster

Edward raised a eyebrow at me I just shook my head at him

" You're eyes have seemed to change color while you were under, they're very, well let me put it this way extoic" he said

my mouth took the shape on a 'O'

Alice came dancing in with a full length mirror, I got out of the bed and I got a few more gasps

Now it was my turn to look at myself, my jaw dropped when I say myself. 'I had one killer body that could give barbie a run for her money' I chuckled at the though

I was a few inche taller now, around 5'11 and my hips just a little bit wider giving out an hourglass figure. My breast bigger and hair,wavy and down to my waist, my my lips fuller giving them more of a pout. And long eye lashes that you would think there fake.

I turned around to look at everybody and was surprised to see the council and the pack imprints and the cullens and some others I didn't know.

"Now would ya look at me now" I said laughing.

" I hate asking for favors but I wouldn't do it if it wasn't an emergency, If I can borrow a car to head to California that would be fuckin great" I thought to Edward, He nodded his head as a sign that he heard me.

"We have somethings to discuss on the matter of your change Leah Clearwater" Old Quil said from rolled my eyes

"This is crazy we can't just let her still be apart of the pack! Is she even a wolf anymore with all the leech venom running through her veins?" an old fart said from the group

' What business did he have asking if I was still wolf! I was sick of always proving something to someone'

"I don't see why she couldn't shift into her wolf, the venom didn't kill it. In fact I think it made her wolf a lot stronger then it was before" Said Dr. Drac..

I saw from the corner of my eye Edward rolling his eyes at my nickname for his dad.

' what' I thought ' it's fitting'

"Well go on then girl, show us you are still part of this tribes roots." said Noah. I growled at him snapping my teeth

" I'm sick of this!, and you know what I don't have to show jack shit to you guys because the way I see it only my alpha has the right to order me around" and just as that came out of my mouth I wish I could've taken it back.

" Jacob if you would please" Said Old Quil.

I turned to Jacob willing him to not do this.

" Leah I'm afarid...