Life took a turn on this fateful day,

All we do now is cry, hope, and pray.

The day that Seung Cho did something so horrid, so cruel,

The day that he wanted to shoot down his whole school.

The day that Virginia Tech suspected nothing out of place,

The day those students saw Cho's murderous, determined face.

The day where you couldn't run, couldn't hide,

The day that you couldn't stop him, even if you dared to try.

The day that Seung Cho murdered a mass of thirty-two,

The day of your nightmares, you would never believe true.

The day that the mourning had affected us all,

The day that Seung Cho thought he would stand tall.

The day where Cho shot himself, cold in the head,

The day a mass murderer fell to the ground, dead.

The day that everyone said, was so frightening, so scary,

The day that everything was but ordinary.

The day that everyone in school were still crying help,

The day that thousands of students got shock in their shell,

This was also the day that Seung Cho went to Hell.

This was the day filled with sorrow and regret,

This is the day that we'll never forget.

-April 16, 2007-