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Ships: Howl/Harry, Ron/Hermione


She turned, a bit of a surprised and yet satisfied look on her face. "Standing up to the Witch of the Waste, now that's plucky."

Gasping as her words sunk in, Harry spoke, "The Witch of the Waste?" Hearing a familiar sound, he turned to see two more of those things from earlier, albeit more dressed up. Harry turned back towards the inside, hoping to get away that way, but…

The Witch had grown bigger, and slightly transparent. With a woosh, she passed over and what felt like through Harry, leaving him crumpled slightly on the floor, his breathing ragged. "The best part of that spell is that you can't tell anyone. Send my regards to Howl." The door shut behind her, leaving Harry on the floor, listening to his uneven breaths. Howl? How did he know that guy?


The train rolled by, again. As like every morning. However, this was a bit different than normal. Molly Weasley burst into the workshop. "I'm back!" she announced, displaying her wares.



"Mrs. Weasley!" The three cries came from Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, and Cho Chang. Molly Weasley smiled at them all in turn, the girls she had taken especially under her wing. However, she frowned slightly, as she noticed one very important face missing.

"Where's Harry?" she asked, worried. The woman had taken the boy under her care, although, legally, the Dursleys still took care of him. They were perfectly happy with the solution, however, as it meant they didn't have to have the one dubbed "boy" around their house, yet they still looked good in the eyes of the law. Oh, how Molly loathed them.

Ginny bit her lip, feeling her mother's worry. Of course, the girl was worried for her adopted brother, too. "He hasn't come downstairs yet. I don't know why." Normally, Harry was one of the first ones up, unless he had stayed up late last night. Which was likely, as he had often done that.

Molly's frown deepened. "I wonder what's wrong…"


"Harry! Harry!" Molly's voice floated into the room, accompanied by hard knocking at the door. "Why haven't you come down yet?"

The boy in question, hidden fully underneath his covers, bit his lip. What should he do? "Um… I'm not feeling good," he said, in a purposefully raspy voice. "Don't come in!"

The knocks paused, before the trembling vibrations of Mrs. Weasley's voice rang out once more. "A-Are you sure you're okay?"

By her voice, it was all too clear that she was worried about Harry. It made the boy feel all the more guilty for lying to her, but he couldn't tell her! Like, he literally couldn't! Every time he tried to say what had happened, his mouth seized up and refused to make the proper sounds. It was a nightmare, honestly!

Returning his attention to the real world, Harry shook his head, though he knew she couldn't see him. "I'm fine, don't worry," he told her once more in that falsely raspy voice. A clearly audible sigh came through the door, and he could almost imagine the red-headed woman shaking her head in exasperation and disapproval.

"Fine, fine," she told him, her tut-tutting making the image all the more real. "I'll come up with some soup later, okay?" With that, Harry heard the clacking of her heels against the wooden floor, slowly fading as she walked down the steps, away from him.

Thank goodness. She was gone. Now feeling safe, Harry threw off the covers, slipping off of the bed, and then standing before the mirror. He looked almost normal, except…

His lips seemed fuller, more… kissable, he guessed you'd say. His hair was more silky and smooth, reaching down even farther than it had before. Emerald eyes seemed even brighter, cloaked under thick and luxurious eyelashes as they were now. And then… there were the more obvious differences. Two lumps in the middle of his chest. Harry squeezed them. Yep, they were still real. Unfortunately.

More feminine curves, and then an… empty spot between his legs. Harry winced as he thought about that. It made him feel like he'd been castrated, without the pain. Not particularly pleasant to think about.

Sighing, Harry ran a hand through his now not-so-messy hair. What was he going to do? The Dursleys were definitely out. They'd just think he was even more of a 'freak', which Harry never understood in the first place. Mrs. Weasley… He loved the woman and all, but he wouldn't be able to handle it, not from her. She'd fuss, and do her best to find any way possible to erase the curse while taking care of him. Plus, he wouldn't be able to explain about it.

Hmm… He could go to Hermione, and Ron! Hermione would definitely be smart enough to figure out what was going on, even without him being able to talk about it, and Ron would be able to help with Mrs. Weasley, him being her son and all. He still couldn't stay there, though. Just a quick stop by, get Hermione informed, and that would be all.

Harry's eyes widened as an idea came to him. Howl! The witch had wanted him to 'send her regards'! Could Howl maybe help lift the curse? After all, he WAS a wizard, no matter what Hermione said about stealing girls' hearts. And he was more partial to boys, wasn't he? That was what made it all more scandalous, but hey, at least he was a girl now! Howl wouldn't want to be stealing his heart AS much.

The boy-turned-girl's thoughts flickered to the man from yesterday. He was really quite glad that the man had come along, cause he had wanted to pummel the SHIT out of those guys! Unfortunately, the last time he had done that, he had gotten in SO much trouble, and it was only through the grace of Mrs. Weasley that he had eaten the next three weeks. No, so Harry was glad that that wizard had popped along, cause he was close to the breaking point, what with all those lewd comments.

With a sigh, Harry turned away from the mirror, casting one more glance back at his female body. But what should he wear? There would be such a scandal if he went out in boy clothes, even though some idiots didn't even notice those when they hit on him. Then again, wasn't the only reason he didn't go against the rules of society the fear of the Dursleys? They had… No, don't think about it, Harry! They can't hurt you anymore!

Throwing on a pair of blue pants and a white long-sleeved shirt, with a think tank-top underneath on account of his new-found chest, Harry opened the door, peeking around it. His spectacular view of the hallway and part of the stairs yielded no clues as to whether or not there was anyone he knew located near. He supposed that, with the way he was taking things, people he knew would see him long before he could get out of sight, and it would be really hard to explain why he was a girl all of a sudden.

Hmm… What could he use? Now surveying his closet, which was filled mostly with simple pants and shirts, Harry's eyes alighted upon a shimmering grey cloak. Hermione, for all her misgivings, had purchased it for him, claiming it to be an invisibility cloak. Apparently, it used to belong to a pair of wizards who turned traitor to the Crown, and were killed. Much like Howl, only he hadn't gotten caught yet.

Grabbing it, and throwing it around his shoulders, Harry marveled at the way his body seemed to disappear. It didn't really make his body invisible, at least, that was what 'Mione said. She said it became like some sort of lizard, one that could change the color of its skin. Harry didn't get it, but Hermione was usually right when it came to things like this.

So now to find his way to Hermione and Ron, at the bakery. Hermione worked there, obviously, and Ron was sure to be in that vicinity. Why the redhead still denied his attraction, the Boy-Turned-Girl would never know.

Slipping quietly through the door, Harry shut it gently behind him, wincing as it seemed to make an audible click. Hurrying down the stairs, the boy prayed he would not get caught.


Ronald Bilius Weasley stood in the back of the bakery, waiting impatiently for Hermione. Honestly, couldn't the girl hurry up? It shouldn't take that long to get off a shift. He sighed, running his hand through his red hair, and feeling like Harry. HE was normally the patient one, standing her waiting and sighing.

"Psst." The red-headed seventeen-year-old jumped, whirling around to try to find the source of the whispers. Hell, he could be jumpy. It WAS the middle of a fucking war, after all.

Out of nowhere, a cloth? pulled to reveal a girl that looked so much like their little Harry-chan, it was extremely uncanny and creepy. Eyes widening, Ron was about to speak up to the nervous-looking girl, before he was sort-of interrupted by Hermione. "Sorry I made you wait, there was a-" His bushy-haired friend frowned, spotting the Harry-girl, who was regarding her with hope in her emerald eyes, and turned to look at her quizzically. "Who are you?" Excellent question! Why hadn't HE thought of that?

The girl opened her mouth, hesitated, and then gave a sigh identical to the ones their little friend gave very often, downturning her head. Harry's looks. Harry's sighs. Harry's cloak. Ron's eyes widened, and before he could stop himself, the name fell from his lips. "Harry…?" Wait, who was he kidding? This girl was more likely to be Harry's long-lost twin or something.

However, the girl's head jolted upwards, and fixated on him with her wide-eyed, yet familiar, emerald gaze. "Yes…" she breathed, relief evident in every contour of her body.

Hermione's eyes grew huge, and several emotions very familiar to Ron flitted across her face: disbelief, curiousity, and thoughtfulness. Inwardly, he cringed. Oh, if that were really Harry, then he was in for a deep interrogation. However, instead of firing off questions like he expected, the brunette merely narrowed her eyes and asked a very simple question: "How do we know you're Harry?"

The Maybe!Harry looked startled, as if also expecting a different reaction from the other girl. "Umm…" Biting her lip, in a move similar to his best mate, she folded her arms across her chest, as if holding back the world. Just like Harry did, because of those idiotic abusive relatives of his.

Ron started, the evidence apparent in his eyes. NO ONE could emulate his friend THAT well! Taking a few steps, he took Definitely!Harry in his arms, holding her in a tight hug. Harry felt so… different. It felt sort of like hugging 'Mione. "I would think you had been lying about being a girl this whole time, but I've seen you naked before," he told her, pulling the now silently crying girl away from his chest. "So what the hell happened to you?" Calm, Ron, calm. You don't want to freak Harry-chan out.

"Ron!" Hermione berated him, in the same voice he heard when being scolded for his language. "How do you know it's Harry-chan?" The red-head didn't like the disbelieving side of her, but hey, no one was perfect, right?

Flipping his best mate around, hands on… Err… THEIR shoulders, Ron shot Hermione a glare worthy of Severus Snape, one of the meanest Wizards who served the Crown. "Look at her and tell me that she's not Harry!" Wasn't it obvious, just by looking at him? And Ron wasn't talking about just how he looked, but how he carried himself. Those filthy Dursleys… They did such a number on Harry, it was so obvious, even when he changed genders!

Shaking himself out of those murderous thoughts, Ron looked to see how Hermione was taking it. She looked thoughtful, as she had before, and was surreptitiously glancing up and down over Harry, who was still crying silently. Sighing suddenly, a wry smile came across her face. "Harry, you get into this most impossible situations, don't you?" A sniffle and a whimper came from their friend. "So how'd this happen?"

Letting go of Harry, Ron stepped over to where he was facing the girl, waiting for her answer. However, to both of their surprises, she grabbed her neck, and shook her head. "You… can't talk about it?" Ron guessed hesitantly, and was rewarded by a frantic nod.

Hermione shook her head. "Well, it doesn't really matter, does it?" Ron and Harry both turned to look at her like she was absolutely stupid. "Oh come on, you honestly don't see it?" She sighed heavily. "It had to be magic, as nothing else is developed enough to do something like this." Turning to Harry, she directed her fierce gaze at her. "Was it Howl?"

"No," answered Harry, choosing her words very carefully. "It was someone of the opposite gender, and they told me to send their regards to Howl. In a bad way, too." Of course little Harry-chan had to clarify something as small as that.

Ron rolled his eyes, draping his arm over Harry's shoulder. "So a witch told you to say hi to this Howl guy, whom she doesn't like." He frowned slightly. "Isn't he that wacko rebel guy who preys on innocent little boys like Harry-chan and lives in a magical pile of junk?"

"Almost, Ron" Hermione told him, with a completely straight face. "No little boys like Harry-chan. She's a girl, remember?"

"Whatever," Harry spoke up, sounding slightly annoyed. "Anyway, I was planning on visiting Howl, and seeing if he'll turn me back."

Hermione shook her head frantically. "No, Harry! He likes little boys! He'll… He'll…"she seemed at a loss for words, for once in her life, to describe the situation that she felt Harry would be falling into. "You just shouldn't go, Harry!"

Harry scowled. "Well, it's a good thing I'm not a boy, isn't it?" Wow, he was in a bad mood, wasn't he? Then again, switching genders and getting all the awful girl hormones could do that to a guy.

"Honestly, Hermione," Ron spoke up, rolling his eyes at her for the second time today. "I say it's fine. Harry-chan packs a pretty mean punch, too. Remember that brawl a week ago? He's already under threat of arrest, so I'm pretty sure he can take care of Howl, don't you?"

The only normal girl in their group sighed, realizing she was beaten. "Fine," she agreed, sounding completely unhappy about that fact, before she piped up with her condition. "But we're going with you, Harry-chan!"

"No!" Harry immediately replied, jumping out from underneath Ron's arm. "I've probably already made you a target for the mmm by coming here! I can't get you two in even more danger by letting you come along! For whatever reason, the mmm (1) has targeted me, and I don't want her to target you, too!" Great, Harry was in one of those 'saving-people' moods. That meant that no matter where on earth they went with this, he, no, she would never give into them.

"Fine," Ron replied, holding up a hand to stall Hermione's protests. "We won't go with you." The amount of relief on Harry's face made Ron feel a little guilty about making conditions for her. Just a little. Not enough to make him stop, though. "But we're writing a note for you to give to Howl that'll explain the situation, and we're going with you till the beginning of the fields. K?" Hermione looked annoyed at the last part of his sentence (2), but didn't say anything, only watching as Harry nodded dutifully, before speaking up.

"Alright, Ron, lets go write that letter!" Hermione announced gleefully, probably looking forward to the prospect of more work. Ron groaned, his shoulders slumping as he began shuffling forward. However, at that moment, his stomach let off a loud grumble, complaining its lack of food, and the red-head who's stomach was in question looked up hopefully at Hermione, who, with arms crossed, rolled her eyes, huffing slightly. "Fine, we can get lunch first," she told him, exasperated smile flickering over her face.

With a whoop of joy, Ron grabbed Harry's hand, dragging the girl along behind him as he headed straight for his favorite restaurant. Bon Appétit!


Everytime Harry said "mmm" it was because the curse wasn't allowing him to say "witch" in reference to the Witch of the Waste.

She's annoyed at Ron's lack of grammar, and for the fact that she can't bring Harry all the way up to Howl's doorstep.

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