Anime: Inuyasha

Parring: Inuyasha/Sesshoumaru
And possibly some Naraku/Sesshoumaru

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Rin hummed silently to herself as she skipped closely behind her silver haired lord. She had been singing loudly a moment ago, until Jaken had yelled at her in his annoyingly ear splitting voice that she was giving him a headache. "Mean old master Jaken" she thought, not knowing she had spoken out loud until it was too late.

"Why you insolent little heathen!" he screeched. "How dare you speak to me in such a way! Why I oughta- Gah!" He was abruptly cut off by a flying rock making contact with his head.

"Excellent aim Sesshomaru-Sama!" Rin giggled, skipping over to his side. "hn" was his only reply. Rin giggled again, giving him a big toothy grin.

That's how things usually happened every day, Rin would accidently upset Jaken, Jaken would yell at her, and Sesshoumaru would silence him with one of him famous flying rock attacks.

Rin giggled and looked up at the sky through the leaves of the forest trees. They had been walking along a thick forest path for a few days now. Though Rin did not mind, as she got to see many cute and strange animals hiding in the thick wood, before they scented her lord's powerful demonic aura and ran off. However when it came to strange animals, Ah-Un won first prize.

Rin looked up when she saw that the forest was ending up ahead, though she could not make out what was beyond that point. "Sesshoumaru-sama! Where are we go-" she stopped mid sentence when a sweet smell caught her nose. She stopped dead in her tracks, causing Jaken to bump into her. Sesshoumaru also stopped and turned to look at her, only to see her face was almost gone behind, what he thought was the biggest smile he has ever seen.

"FLOWERS!" Rin shouted, and took off like a bullet towards the clearing. "Ri-Riiin" Jaken shouted, "Where are you going you incolen- Gah!" another rock was pelted at the back of his head.

"Shut up Jaken" Sesshoumaru said in an icy tone, then made his way towards the clearing that Rin had ran to.

Rin made her way past the trees and into the clearing, following the sweet smell of flowers. The forest had been quite dark, and she had be slightly blinded by the bright sunlight upon leaving the forest. Rin waited a bit for her eyes to adjust, and when they did you would not of been able to see her face behind her smile.

There were green grasslands in all directions, shady trees scattered all over, with mountains far off in the distance, so tall that they disappeared past the clouds. A river off to the side with crystal clear waters, stretched far past the mountains, but that's not what Rin was so happy about. For as far as the eye could see, flowers of all kinds and colors covered everything. White and pink flowers and flower buds painted the trees, completely masking the green leaves underneath. Rin was completely breathless, she was is such awe that she had not noticed Sesshoumaru walk up behind her until she saw his shadow.

"Sesshoumaru-Sama! look at all the pretty flowers!" she beamed at him. "Can Rin go and pick some flowers Sesshoumaru-sama?" she ask, with eyes so big that Sesshoumaru could of sworn they would fall off her face.

"Hn, do as you wish Rin" he told her, and in a flash she had turned and ran into the field of endless flowers laughing and giggling, not noticing her lord's faint smile.

A few minutes later Jaken burst through the forest "Sesshoumaru-Saaamaa! Riiin! Where are you!?" He stopped when he noticed Rin picking flowers far out in the field, and ran towards her as fast as his little legs could take him.

"Rin where have you been!?" he shouted running up to her.

"Oh, hi master Jaken! Rin is picking flowers for Sesshoumaru-sama!" she giggled, holding out a flower necklace she had just made.

"Wha- Why would he want flowers you stupid girl! You are such a naive chil-GAH!" Yet another rock slammed into his head.

"Another excellent throw Sesshoumaru-Sama!" Rin called out. Dizzy, Jaken looked up to see his lord sitting under a tree not far from where him and Rin were, another rock clutched in his hand.

"Oh mi-lord! I hadn't seen you, if I knew you were there I would not of said that to Rin, n-not that I say things like that behind your back, mi-lord! I would never disrespect one as powerful as you, except Inuyasha of Corse, N-NOT THAT INUYASHA IS MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU MI-LORD!...He merely has the Tessaiga that your father gave to him and not to yo-GAH!"

Another rock slammed him in the head, this time much harder than the other two, and promptly knocked him out. Rin could do nothing but giggle at Jaken. "He should really learn to keep him mouth shut" she thought to herself. She then stood up and skipped over to her lord, humming one of her songs.

"Sesshoumaru-Sama! Sesshoumaru-Sama!" she sung as she made her way over to him. He turned to look at her as she approached him. "Sesshoumaru-sama! Rin made a flower necklace for you!" she beamed. He looked at her for a while before leaning down. Rin smiled and slipped it over his head and let it come to rest on his shoulders. She then giggled and skipped away to pick more flowers, not hearing her lord let out a long sigh.

Rin giggled running over to the river, in search of more flowers to give to her lord. Her eyes brightened at the sight of flowers she had never seen before growing near the edge of the river, and seeing how this is Rin, it's quite rare for her not to recognize a flower. She ran up to the edge of the river and bent down over the new flowers, her eyes beaming. The stems were a dark blue, with dark blue green leaves. The petals were slightly bigger than her hand, and were a beautiful sky blue color. With thin bright yellow pollen stalks sticking out far from the center.

"Wow! There so pretty!" was all she could think to say, and with that she reached out to pick one.

Sesshoumaru let out a rare sigh as he looked at the flowers around his neck, trying with all his might not to sneeze. To a human like Rin, flowers have a wonderful sweet smell to them. However, to a demon the sweet smell is unbearably strong, especially to Sesshoumaru, who is at the moment, surrounded by them. Sesshoumaru let out a quiet sneeze, unable to hold it back anymore.

"uugh...damn flowers" he groaned quietly. He hated it there, there were too many flowers! But he didn't want to disappoint Rin, after all they had been walking constantly for three days in that forest, stopping only at night so Rin could rest, and as much as the flowers were giving him a headache, he did rather enjoy it when she brought him some, and he just couldn't bring himself to tell Rin not to bring him anymore. He knew it would hurt her feelings, and he simply couldn't stand the sight of her crying. "heh...she making me soft" he thought to himself, letting his lips come to a small smile. However it vanished it an instant when a whiny voice nearly made his ears bleed.

"Ooooh Sesshoumaruuuuu-sama!"

"uuugh" Sesshomaru moaned quietly. "What is it Jaken?" he looked at the small kappa that had just ran up to him.

"Mi-lord, have you seen Rin? I cannot seem to find her."

"I suspect she is out picking flowers, Jaken."

As if on cue, Sesshoumaru caught sight of Rin running towards him from the other end of the clearing, clutching something in her hands. "siiigh" he thought to himself, "more flowers."

"Sesshoumaru-Sama! Sesshoumaru-sama" Rin called out, finally making it to him from the other side of the clearing. "Look at these Sesshoumaru-sama!" She beamed at him, holding out one of the strange new flowers she had found. She had only picked three, because there weren't that many there to begin with, but that was okay, because there was one for her, one for Jaken, and one for Sesshoumaru-Sama!

Sesshoumaru looked down at the flower she held out to him, then after a few moments, reached out and gently took it from her. Rin giggled and handed one to Jaken, who merely took it mumbling something about how she can be so happy over a stupid flower.

Rin brought the flower up to her nose and took a big whiff of it, then giggled and spun around in a few circles. Sesshoumaru watched her in amusement, hiding the smile on his face all too well. Jaken merely scoffed and plopped down on the ground staring at the flower he had no use for.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" she giggled, having trouble keeping her balance after she was done spinning. "This is the sweetest flower I've ever smelled!" she giggled again. "Why don't you smell it? I know you'll like it!" having lost all control of her amusing giggle fits.

"Why you insolent little child!" came Jaken's screech. "Why on earth would he want t-"

"Jaken! Enough!"

"Y-Yes mi-lord." coward Jaken.

Sesshoumaru glanced at the flower in his hand, and then to Rin, who's big sparkly eyes could easily blind one who was not prepared for them. He inwardly sighed "The things I do for this child" he thought, bringing the flower up to his nose. Relunticly, and inwardly cursing himself for the strong sent he was about to let infiltrate his nose, took a whiff of the flower.

"Oh!" Seshoumaru's eyes widened a bit and had let out a rare act of surprise, causing Jaken to nearly faint. Rin merely giggled.

"Does it smell good mi-lord?" she asked innocently.

"Hai...Rin" was his reply. He was quite shocked, the flower didn't bother his sensitive nose in the least, and it did in fact, smell very pleasant. He looked at Rin, who was smiling at him with her usual big smile, how that simple act had made her so happy was beyond him, but he so enjoyed seeing her smile. He just couldn't help himself, she had indeed, made him soft. He turned to her, and gave her, a gentle endearing smile, which in turn, made her smile and eyes grow even bigger. Jaken just fainted.

He brought the flower back up to him and sniffed it again, how strange that it did not bother him. While the sent was nice, it did however, have strangeness about it. He took another sniff, and his eyes shot open wide.

"Sesshoumaru-Sama?" ask Rin. Her lord's sudden movement and look on his face worried her a bit.

"Sesshoumaru-Sama?" she asked again, but there was no answer. Sesshoumaru merely stared ahead with the same expression on his face.

"Sesshoumaru-Sama? What's wron- SESSHOUMARU-SAMA!" Rin screamed as she watched her lord collapse to the ground, eyes shut tight.

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