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Sesshoumaru: ...


Screams and shouts were ringing out all around Kaede's village. A certain Hanyo decided it would be hilarious if he put on a demon mask and ran around scaring little kids while chasing them. However, one person didn't find it funny at all.

"Inuyasha! Sit Boy!"

"Gaaah! Ooof!"

"What the hell did you do that for!?" Inuyasha jumped to his feet, glaring at Kagome, now very pissed that his fun had been ruined.

"You can't just go around scaring little kid just because you're bored!" She screamed back.

"...why not?"

"Inuyasha! SIT!"


It had been like that all morning, Shippo teasing Inuyasha, Inuyasha chasing him and his friend around, and Kagome, not wanting Inuyasha to cause any more trouble, decided that the group should leave the village early. After all, they did have sacred jewel shards to find, and so they set off.

They had been walking for a few hours now, and Inuyasha had seemed to calm down a little, which to most people would be considered a miracle. Things were now back to normal. Inuyasha leading in front, Kagome carrying Shippo, Kirara meowing occasionally and finally Miroku molesting Sango's butt in the back.

"You perverted monk!"

"Oow, forgive me, my hand is cursed."

Kagome let out a sigh. Well as normal as thing could get around here anyway. Inuyasha suddenly stopped, causing the group to stop as well, giving him a curious look.

"Inuyasha? what's wrong?" Miroku asked walking up to him.

"It's Sesshoumaru!" he growled as he reached for his Tessaiga "and he's headed this way."

Not a second after Inuyasha said that, Ah-Uh burst out from behind the trees, carrying a screaming Jaken holding on for dear life. However something wasn't right, neither Rin nor Sesshoumaru were with them. Ah-Un landed gracefully in front of the group, while Jaken fell off him and landed on his head. Oh how he hated to ride that creature.

"What do you want ya little green imp!?" Inuyasha demanded, releasing his Tessaiga and walking over to Jaken. The group following closely behind.

"How dare you!? I am not an Imp! I am a kappa!" he screeched, jumping up and down.

"Yea yea whatever! Now whadda want?" Inuyasha asked now looking down at the small green creature.

"S-Something terrible has happened!" Jaken screeched. "Sesshoumaru-Sama has fallen unconscious! And he won't wake up!" Jaken Screeched again.

"Oh no, that's terrible!" Kagome cried, hurting Inuyasha ears in the process. "What exactly happed?" Miroku asked, walking up beside Inuyasha.

"I'll tell you on the way, we can't waste another second! Sesshoumaru and Rin's lives are in danger every second Sesshoumaru-sama is unconscious! " Jaken yelped.

"Wow wow hold up, who said we would help?" Inuyasha said bluntly. "Inuyasha he's your brother! The lest you could do is help him!" Kagome yelled at him, grabbing and pulling his ear. "humph, I'll pass thanks" was his reply. "Inuyasha!" His eyes got wide as he turned to look at Kagome, already knowing what was coming. "SIT BOY!"

Ah-Un flew through the trees at a unbelievable speed, with Kirara flying up next to him. Kagome, Sango, and Miroku were riding on Kirara, while Jaken, shippo, and Inuyasha rode on Ah-Un. On the way, Jaken had explained everything to them, from entering the field of flowers, to Sesshoumaru collapsing on the ground suddenly. After a few or so minutes they reached the edge of a never ending flowered clearing, and saw Sesshoumaru and Rin under a shady tree. Ah-Un landed, and Kirara landed shortly after.

"Jaken-sama!" Rin cried, eyes full of tears. "Sesshoumaru-sama still hasn't woken up!" she cried. Inuyasha, Kagome, Jaken, and the rest, climbed off of the creatures they've been riding and ran over to Sesshoumaru and Rin. Sesshoumaru was lying motionless on his back, breathing heavily. His head had been propped up on his fur, and his face was rather pale. Clutched tightly in his hand, was a single sky blue flower.

"Here, lets me see." Kagome ran over, and knelt next to Sesshoumaru, placing the back of her hand on his head, and pulled back with a gasp. "He's burning up!"

Miroku walked over to Sesshoumaru and felt his head as well, he nodded.

"We should take him back to the village and try to get his fever down."

Sango nodded, "Yea, that's a good idea Miroku."

All the while, Inuyasha just stood there looking down at Sesshoumaru, he couldn't help staring at him, the way he was so pale, the way he was breathing so heavily, his long silver hair, how soft his lips were.

"WAAAH!" Inuyasha screamed and jerked back so hard that he fell. What the hell was he thinking that for!? "What's it matter if his lips are soft!?" he screamed in his head, "wh-why the hell would I even think something that!?" he continued, cursing himself. Until he got the feeling he was being watched.

Inuyasha looked up to see that everyone was staring at him like he had just screamed at the top of his lungs...oh wait, he did.

"Inuyasha? Are you okay?" Kagome asked standing up.

Inuyasha just scoffed and stood up.

"Of Corse I'm okay!? Why wouldn't I be!?"

The group, after giving him second glances, turned their attention back to Sesshoumaru.

Inuyasha inwardly cursed himself again.

Miroku stood up and look at everyone.

"Alright let's get moving, "Inuyasha, come here." Miroku turned to look at Inuyasha, motioning for him to come over.

Inuyasha sighed and walked over to the purvey monk who called him.

"Yea what is it Miroku?"

"Inuyasha were leaving now, Kagome, Rin, and Jaken are taking Ah-Un, while Sango, Shippo, and I will be taking Kirara."

Inuyasha had no idea while Miroku was telling him this, he could really care less who rode on who...until it hit him.

"Wha- hay what about me and him!?" he yelled while pointing at Sesshoumaru.

Miroku turned and gave him an evil smile that sent chills down his spine.

"Isn't obvious Inuyasha?"

Kirara and Ah-Un sped towards Kaede's village at blinding speed.

"ya know Miroku, Inuyasha is going to kill you when he get his hands on you." Sango turned to Miroku as she spoke.

"Yea I know, but it's worth it" he replied to her, grinning evilly.

Not too far behind Kirara and Ah-Un, Inuyasha was struggling to keep up with them as he ran, carrying an unconscious Sesshoumaru on his back.

"Damn that Miroku! Damn them all to hell! I'm going to kill all of them for this!" Inuyasha screamed.

Inuyasha was pissed off beyond words, although he wasn't going to avoid using them. Making him carry Sesshoumaru, he couldn't believe it! He was going to make them all pay dearly!

Inuyasha was distracted from his thoughts by a soft moaning. He turned to look at Sesshoumaru, who was beginning to stir a bit.

"Great" he thought "That's all I need!"

He knew Sesshomaru was going to let him have it if he woke up and found himself being carried by non-other than his half-brother hanyo!

"Heh, just my luck he does wake up." Inuyasha scoffed.

No sooner did Inuyasha finish his sentence, Sesshoumaru's eyes slowly began to open.

Note to self, don't speak out loud. The God Irony will hear you.

"Sesshoumaru, you okay?" Inuyasha turned to look at his brother, slowing his pace a little, but still running quite fast.

Sesshomaru blinked slowly a few times, and then slowly look up at Inuyasha.


"Oh great" Inuyasha thought "here it comes"

To much of Inuyasha's suprise, Sesshoumaru blinked slowly one more time, then closed his eyes and lowered his head, resting it on his hanyo brother's shoulder.

Inuyasha slowed to a complete stop, not taking his eyes off his brother.


He felt soft, yet heavy breathing on his neck, and he knew Sesshoumaru had passed out again. Still, his eyes remained on his brother, unable to look away. Unable to take his eyes off his beautiful silver hair, his crescent moon marking, his closed eyes, his lips.

"NYAAA!" Inuyasha shook his head violently. There it was again, why the hell was he thinking like that!? "BAKA BAKA BAKA!" He screamed in his head.

Inuyasha took one more long glance at his brother, then took off towards the village. Trying his best to forget what just happened, finding it easier said than done.

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